7 Discovery

    After going through another Realm shattering revelation at the power of the system he walked over to the tree and forcefully pulled the spear out of the tree, breaking it in half by accident. Aloph collected the remains and walked back over to the log to sit down. "I wonder If I can repair it?" As if to answer his question he was greeted with crafting menu. In the menu, there was a new option, "repair". He clicked on the option but was greeted with red text saying; "Must select an item." Listening to the command, he picked up the broken pieces of the spear and once again clicked on the repair option.

    [Repair Rudimentary Spear?]

    [Y Or N?]

    Aloph clicked yes.

    Suddenly, a light began to envelop the spear and within a second the light disappeared and left in its departure was the fully repaired spear. He grabbed onto the spear to feel it and it was exactly the same before it broke. "Amazing. This system can do pretty much anything!" Aloph exclaimed. He set down the spear and started to build several more rudimentary spears by hand as to collect the Exp. In total, he got 50 exp from crafting the spears and adding the exp he got from activating the system, he now had 80 exp. "20 to go." He said as he picked up the spears and headed deeper into the forest, searching for prey and exp...

    In a house in the farming village there stood a family gathered around the dining table with solemn faces. There were four people. Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter. Originally they had another son, but he had sadly died last week. That child's name was Cedric, it meant kind and loved. Everyone loved their son, everyone would always praise him for doing even simple work. He may have done very simple jobs, but he worked hard despite his age and sickness. Cedric, despite being loved by all was apparently hated by the Heavens and a curse was put on him. He would die at the age of ten, nothing could stop that from happening. Cedric died and the whole village mourned him and joined his family in burying their son.

    However, today the family had heard a rumor that their son, Cedric was up and walking again. They had gone to his grave up on the hill to confirm, and much to their surprise, the grave was empty, disturbed soil everywhere. They had returned to their home and gathered in the dining room. The mother was the first one to speak. "Is Cedric alive? I mean, that couple did say they saw our son.." The mother said in a quiet, yet rushed tone. Everyone in the room shared the same hope as the mother. They wanted to see Cedric again, but the Father had to be the voice of reason even if he didn't enjoy it. "It's impossible for him to be alive. We already asked several cultivators from the Capital if they could cure him of his curse and they all said the same thing, 'impossible!'. If they couldn't rid him of the cure then they most likely can't revive the dead." What the father said was reasonable, but even he didn't want to believe his own explanation. He wanted to see his dead son again, to hold him in his arms, to teach his son the ways of life. He just wanted his son to have lived a happy life...
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