1 Stars.

    The universe is Massive, and it is even more with the continuous expansion, however, even with that fact, it is still small, it is it still one of many, and it is not the only one on continuous expansion.

    True God, that was his name all his life, of course, it is on another language, Zhenshen, full name was Xiaolong Zhenshen, but that is already the past, he was now nameless, and since he has never again talked with other people, at least, the last time he talked with other people was more than thousands fo eons ago.

    Is not that he got in a deep slumber, is just that he was talking with the universe, now you may be asking yourself, What the actual F**k, this guy just told us he has never again talked with other people, yet he has been talking with the universe? yes, I said that, however, when I said he was talking with the universe, I was meaning another thing. Our Main Character Fused with a Piece of the Universe Core, thus he gained many things, the power to control the laws, the ability to know everything, the senses to see everything, between other benefits, this was still when the universe was relatively small, and some of these benefits were cut by himself, wanting to live somewhat peacefully, and since then, the universe talked to him, he knew many thing from the words of the universe, and he understood the aftermath of most things, for example, he was told that the consequence of uniting with that Universe Core's Piece was equivalent of becoming a half of the universe, just that he still had his body, and if he wanted, he could unblock his senses to know and see everything, yet, he didn't want, he just traveled, and eventually got bored.

    He meditated, he saw, he even created, his boredom eventually disappeared.

    "It's been a while since we walked", a funny voice, without gender distinction neither tone distinction, was heard on the mind of a certain floating person in the middle of space.

    "Yes, that's true", answered the person, this person was wearing a pair of tattered grey pants, and his dark hair was tied on a horsetail, his eyes were closed and he was breathing calmly, his body was fully marked, perfect like a Marmol statue, and a particular scar was going from the center of his chest, passing through the shoulders and arriving the shoulder blades, his hands were behind his head sustaining it like if he were laying up, one of his legs was above the other, and his body was all relaxed, his eyes were closed and a nonchalant expression was on it.

    "Shall we start a leisure stroll?", the voice sounded again, and this time it laughed a little.

    "Yes, this should be entertaining enough", the person opened his eyes, and an orange glow covered them, giving a mystic sensation, he "got up" and looked at the surroundings.

    "I should update you", the voice told calmly.

    "Okay, tell me the news of the universe", he said, amused.

    "Well, this funny, but the cultivation systems have started to expand to even bigger starfields and star neighborhoods, on a quarter of the worlds of those starfields and star neighborhoods the technology developed enough to reach geared artifacts, steamed artifacts, and electrical artifacts, oh and the universal systems' number reached the twelfth milestone an eon ago, shall we visit it and get a celebration party?".

    "It sounds like fun, but I want to start a trip to its starfield, would that be ok?", asked the person looking around, "Hmm, found it".

    "Yeah, I think that's a good way to celebrate the creation of the twelfth Solar system with the size of a thousand starfields".

    Nextly, the orange eyed man disappeared out of sight.


    A thousand light years far from there, a Star of the size of A thousand Red Hypergiants was stepped on, the perpetrator of this step disappeared quickly, and the star's surface formed the shape of a 7 sized foot, a thousand eons from now, an advanced civilization will find the discovery of this star and the foot's shape on its surface an astounding event, it will be special, but who will know that it was just a casual step made by a bored god.

    Thousands of Millions of billions of light years far from there, a prosperous starfield was in front of the sight of a normal looking person, well, except that he was half naked with grey tattered pants, and his chiseled muscles were coarse enough to be called a madman of training, his size was also a little abnormal, being a little more than two meters tall, but except for that, he was normal looking, looking nothing like a Legendary Immortal God. His orange eyes were swiping through everything, caressing his chin.

    "I'm unable to decide myself", said for himself.

    "Well, just go full straight line, I think that would be funny", the voice laughed, amused.

    "Hmm, I was also thinking the same, but I think it will be funnier if we add an unexistent artifact to the equation", The orange-eyed god took out of nowhere a little bracelet made of a normal piece of rope, it was attached to a weird looking metal that was in a circle shape.

    "Ooh, that looks interesting", said the voice, amused.

    "Yep, I will call it, the Randomizer", spoke the orange-eyed god, full nonchalantly.

    "Cool, activate it, I want to see the first world we'll step on", the orange-eyed god humphed.

    "You already know, be sure to not spoil me", he said touching the center of the metal.

    Suddenly an Image appeared above this metal, it was a somewhat big planet, with many continents on it, it had water so it would obviously have organic life.

    "Hmm, I hate it", the god snorted a little unsatisfied.

    The characteristics of this world were the next ones:

    - Size: 71.098 km of Radius

    - Average Quantity of Qi: Thick

    - Population: 50 trillions of humanoids, More than one Googol of Insects, 50 quadrillions of Lesser races,

    - Highest Average Cultivation Level: Immortal Rank

    - Amount of Mortals: More than half of the population.

    "Haha, it is full of mortals", laughed the voice, "You should kill some arrogant brats and have fun with some little girls, you should act like a god of death and a fortune bringer", The god laughed.

    "I had already severed the seven emotions and six desires, but I think it will add a little to the fun", he said looking at the world with a little smile. "I hope there will be any interesting treasure or being in this world", a second later, he disappeared.
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