5 Cheng... Chengshen.

    "MOTHERFUCKER!!", the voice cried utterly mad.

    "Oh, nice swear, but I will not ** her", he said calmly, still looking at Mary calmly, the insults from the voice echoed all over the Orange-eyed god's mind.

    "What-?", she moved her face confused, "What do you mean? who you will not **?", she asked once more, raising an eyebrow.

    "Nothing, no one, you don't need to be concerned", he said smiling lightly.

    "O...kay", she said with a suspicious look.

    "Let's go, I want to sleep again in a while", he said while chuckling. Mary looked at him confused, but she didn't ask, her uncle and she had just been discovered, so nothing more related to the Orange-eyed god was important to her.

    "You know, it's weird to call you like "Senior", are you sure you have not a particular name?", she asked.

    "Hmm, you call me whatever you like", he said.

    "Hmm, your eyes are orange", she said while thinking, "what if we call you Cheng?", she asked searching for his opinion.

    "It's not a bad name, I like it", he said while nodding, "Cheng, it will be", he said while shrugging his shoulders.

    "Cheng", she said while nodding.

    "...Shen", the orange-eyed god couldn't help but think on his original name, that one he was named when he was born, "Zhenshen".

    "Chengshen?", she asked confused.

    "Chengshen... that could also be...", he said while reminiscing.

    "It will be Chengshen then?", she asked interestedly. Chengshen nodded and thought for himself.

    "It's not bad".


    When they arrived at the girl's house, she arranged him a place to sleep and then left, Chengshen sat on the sofa and closed his eyes.

    He released his god's eyes and soonly enough he could see everything on this world. He focused on the continent he was at.

    The three first skies "Earth skies", were ubicated on the south pole of the nine skies world, the territories of these skies were divided on the following way:

    The first sky of the Earth Skies was named as the "Hell Sky", it consisted of just one frozen continent in which not much life was left, this continent was called "Hell", and the conditions of life were terrible, the second sky of the Earth Skies was named as the "Deva Sky", it consisted of two continents half green and half white, one was called "Hunger" and the other "Destruction", Chengsen was on the continent of destruction, on this small village whose name was "Prosper", the prosper village.

    The third sky of the Earth Skies was named as the "Dante Sky", and had four continents full of trees and peculiar forms of life, the four of them were called as "Arrogance", "White", "Black", and "Submission".

    In those three first skies, life was hard and cultivators were a rare sight, and those cultivators that appeared in front of the mortals were called "Witchers", or "Witches", depending on their gender.

    Chengshen had already been on the first sky, and it was uninteresting, even the subterranean cities were boring for him, so he left and arrived at a random place of the second sky.

    He planned to stay for a month or two before going to the next skies and then, continue his stroll to the rest of the star neighborhood.


    The next days transcurred calmly, and Chengshen got to work in various kinds of activities, his first day and work was a simple street sweeper work, in which he got to know some kids of the village, Chengshen found the kids amusing, they were just too much curiosity and no fear, they asked everything they could:

    "Is the tree-man a witcher?"

    "Where's the tree-man from?"

    Between others.

    Chengshen answered calmly every question whilst sweeping the leaves from the earth streets, his calm demeanor was a weird sight for every villager, because they felt like looking a dancing person and not a street sweeper, this was no weird thing for Chengshen, who had known the sweeping as art and no mere chore, this kind of chore as many others, was an activity that had to be made with the heart and connect with the earth, it was, on a sense, a form of meditation.

    As simple as it is, doing this chore wholeheartedly, would bring benefits, of course, that kind of benefits were no more for Chengshen, who has been alive for more than one thousand eras and has even swept through stars.

    Many people got near Chengshen and asked about why he looked like dancing, Chengshen didn't answer and instead taught them.

    Sweeping is an art for those that are willing, those that are unwilling will take a long time before ending.

    Thus, the end of the first day arrived.

    The second day's chore was wheat sowing, this chore as yesterday's street sweeping, was another kind of art, but a little more complex, as it was cultivation, it could be related to the qi cultivation of practitioners, thus the complexity. Chengshen also helped those that were assigned the same chore as him to understand the art of plant cultivation.

    The third day's chore was house building. This was also complex, but it held another relation to the cultivation of qi, and this relation was the "foundation", because, without a good foundation, the house will eventually fall down, Chengsehn helped those rookies on house-building to understand this and many other aspects of house-building.

    The fourth day's chore was training and teaching, these two things were also related to the cultivation of qi, those were more related to the spirit of a cultivator than to the act of cultivating in itself, because when one teaches or trains another person, one is able to understand their own faults.

    The fifth day...

    The sixth day...

    The chores and works every day were changing, sometimes were complex ones, sometimes were simple ones.

    For example, going to the river to get some water, either for the watering of the plantings, watering of the flowers, moisturize the earth, or just for house commodities, a work he shared with Mary and her friends, he didn't teach them, because they were truly proficient on this work, as for its relation to qi cultivation, it was related to the cultivation on itself, the recollection of qi and the purification of the body, "Moisturizing" the "ground".

    As for the complex work, he went for hunting to the demonic forest with some young hunters of the village, he didn't do anything, he just taught and observed the young hunters. Most of them were good at it, however, they also made obvious mistakes, however, the best of them was the naive guy he met the very first day he entered the village, Marcus.
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