1 prologue

    "what an incredibly unfortunate child, we can't just leave him like this, we have to do something"  a beautiful woman dressed in purple said.

    "what would you have me do, the world has severed its connection with him. it's not like I can revive him"  replied an old man albeit in a frustrated tone.

    "we could ask chronos, he does owe us a favor. I'm sure he'll be happy to pay us back after eons of holding it over him."

    said the woman in purple

    " what?!! you want us to waste that on a single mortal?,  I mean don't get me wrong, sure he suffered through out his life and was murdered.  but he's not the only one to have faced such injustice, tell me, will you save everyone in a similar situation?" said the old man.

    "..." the woman said nothing to refute. Seeing this, the old man sighed

    " look Mahuea,  I get that you take pity on him, but do you really want this? "  the old man said to the goddess now known as Mahuea

    "Fenrir, this is what I want. do this for me"  Mahuea said  steeling her determination. fenrir saw this and sighed.

    "You owe me"  the old man said seemingly aging 10 years  and one has to know that he's a god and can't age.

    " thanks!! Fenrir thank you so much, you won't regret this. I'm sure he'll entertain your boring life" she said with a sly smile

    "yeah sure..." he said rolling his eyes. "well let's bring his soul and talk to him"  he said stretching his hand to the void,

    and made a pulling motion. the a red orb appeared out of nowhere.

    "young soul,  regoice for we have given you another chance at life" Fenrir said to the soul and as if it understood him,  it formed the outline of a boy.

    The boy looked around the void and saw two figures,  an old man and a beautiful middle aged woman dressed in purple.

    the blank look on his face  turned to horror as he screamed and started running to God knows where.

    but he suddenly froze and was pulled back by an unknown force.

    "calm down young soul we will not harm you" Mahuea  said to the soul.

    the young soul wasn't having it,  he became frantic "who are you people?,  where am I?, wait...  aren't I dead?" the boy threw question after question to the people in front of him.

    " calm down young soul,  to answer your first question. I am Fenrir the wolf God and she is Mahuea goddess of fire,  you are currently in the void and yes you are dead "

    the boy looked around the void once more,  the looked at Fenrir and Mahuea for a moment  then asked

    "so what will happen to me now"

    " as I have said before we will grant you a second chance at life , but we can't send you back to earth, for it will reject your soul so we will be sending you to another world,  a world where magic thrives, dragons exist,  and many other species exist." Mahuea said to the soul

    "as she has said, the world you will be a world where you can use your strength to control your fate, and we will be sending you with some powers. but as we are gods of our own domain  and you have our blessings, you will not be able to posses any other powers but you will definitely not lose out to anyone " Fenrir said with a little pride in his voice.

    "I am Fenrir the wolf god so I will grant to the power to transform in to a wolf at will and I also grant you the senses of a wolf"

    "I am Mahuea the goddess of fire so I'll give you maximum affinity to fire " said Mahuea

    "but all this depends on if you agree " Fenrir said looking at the soul.

    the boy pondered for a bit ,but then realized that this was the best option  cause even if he could go back to earth, he wouldn't  have anyone to return to, he was an orphan by abandonment. his parents are alive but the left him at an orphanage cause they wanted to 'live life to the fullest' and didn't want a kid to hold them back. they never returned for him.

    but one thing bothered him, he wanted to know why they were helping him.  he hadn't done anything notable in his life,  all he did was live frugally, until he was kidnapped and murdered .

    and as if reading his thoughts Fenrir said " we are doing this cause we took. pity on you, for you endured suffering that was beyond what a mortal should endure so we grant you this chance to seize your fate"   the young boy was moved when he heard 'seize your fate'    he then Steeled his resolve

    "I accept I want..... no I need that chance" Fenrir nodded in approval when he saw the souls resolve .

    "then we'll send you on your way,  make sure to live your life to the fullest, young soul"

    a bright light then surrounded the soul and he was sent off.

    " Fenrir I thank you for granting my request " Mahuea  said while bowing slightly

    "don't talk like we are strangers Mahuea, of course I'd help you "  Fenrir said waving at her . his figure then vanished from the void.

    Mahuea the looked at the direction where the soul was

    "I hope you live a fulfilling life, young soul "

    she then vanished as well
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