moon Fire continent, the dark Forest.  two figures are seen on the floor, the figures are of a young boy around the age of 13-14 years old  and a little girl of 10-11 years.

    suddenly a red beam of light shot, from the sky, into the boy. his body seemingly convulsing and glowing red,  suddenly becomes still.

    The boys body began to heal at an outstanding rate, the formally deathly pale skin turned rosy red started turning light brown before stopping.


    I regained consciousness and found my self in a forest, I scanned my environment and vision was met with thick trees surrounding me.

    then I felt someone holding onto my hand,

    I turned to my left and saw a little girl, holding my hand firmly, as if scared I would disappear.

    the girl has pitch black hair and pale skin, really pale skin, if not for her rhythmic breathing I would think she was a corpse .

    I got up and walked up to a pool of water,  not far from me and checked my reflection.

    I was met with an image of a 13 year old kid

    with light brown skin,  pitch black hair similar to the little girl behind me, glowing red slitted eyes and light brown skin.

    <so it wasn't just a dream,  I truly died and am now reincarnated>  I thought, but suddenly everywhere went dark.

    I looked around and saw a familiar purple dressed goddess. one of the two who gave me a second chance at life.

    " hello young soul..... or better yet young boy" she said smilingly at me  "welcome to Argos, child,  this is a world governed by the God chronos, we had to use the favor he owes us to allow you to transmigrate to this world"

    she said looking at me with kind eyes

    "as we have said, you have the blessings of Fenrir and I.  and aside from the fact that you can't wield any power of this world cause of that reason, you wouldn't be able to use them either ways cause of your foreign soul"

    she looked at my face to see if I was following,   and seeing that I was, she continued

    "this world has two combat systems, the mage and the warrior combat systems.

    and cause of our blessings you have the abilities of both systems. Fenrirs gift grants you a powerful physique and mine grants you maximum affinity for fire.  as you may not be able to wield the powers of this world,  you can learn the arts.  the people of this world have a ranking system for bothering the mages and warriors. there are 8 levels and 4 sub-levels.    student mage/warrior-->  greater student mage /warrior --> master mage/ warrior--> grand master mage / warrior --> expert mage /warrior --> great expert mage or warrior --> warrior saint/ magic saint --> war god/ magic god.  the sub stages are,  initial --> mid --> advanced--> perfection.

    young boy, you are opportuned to have the ability to wield powers from both sides , don't fret if you see other mages or warriors  wielding multiple  elements or powers, cause quality is always over quantity. that is all I have to say and before I leave is there anything you want to ask,  if it's within my power I'll answer."  after explaining how the world works to me all I want to know is who the little girl is and where in Gods name am I.

    " goddess Mahuea,  I have two questions.  where in the world am I and who is the little girl I woke up next to?" I asked albeit with a puzzled expression

    " the little girl is the sister of the former owner of this body, her name is Janet, I will help you recover the memories of the previous host of this body "  Mahuea said while stretching her hands towards me.  then a memories startedlowing into my head.

    as I saw the events that occurred in the memories, tears fell from my eyes.

    "how could humans be so vicious, wiping a whole clan from existence just cause a clansmen stepped on some Young masters shoe? , the former host of this body died while protecting his already passed out sister," I said while thinking  'if she would have woken up before I got here,  she would have been alone and devastated.  I can't let that happen.  since I have taken over your body, I'll protect your sister with all my power' I said the last sentence to the former owner of this body.  and as if he heard me, I felt the restricted feeling leave my body while hearing a faint 'thank you' deep in my mind.

    "goddess Mahuea I thank you and Fenrir for giving me this chance,  I shall grasp my fate,  I shall live a fulfilling life and I shall climb to the peak of this world"  I said with all the resolve I could muster.

    "I know you will young boy, I shall be leaving now, my time here is up, take care, oh and I suggest you stay in this forest and train your powers, both powers and very destructive, especially ur wolf part, you could get a bit.....  feral, so I bid you farewell "  she said then the scene changed back to the forest.

    I turned back facing the previous owners sister...  or rather my sister.

    I walked towards her and picked her up, and climbed a tree with relative ease 'wow I haven't started training but I already have such strength'    luckily there was no predator on the tree and the branch was thick enough for two people to lay down.

    'starting tomorrow I will train my powers and leave this forest with my sister,  Janet'

    with that thought in mind I drifted off to sleep
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