3 Red Chaos

    Chaos sat in a meditate position and sensed the Chaos in the room, the number of particles were visibly more than the previous room.

    Ten days passed since he started cultivating in the new room, he was able to sense and absorb two thousand Chaos particles in the meantime.

    Other than cultivating, he spent most of his time eating with the maid and learning a punching routine which the maid has taught him.

    This punching routine improved his physique more than what the chaos particles were able to.

    But he did not know why his mother never taught him a punching routine which can improve his physique so much.

    On the thirteen day since his cultivating in the room, he sensed a strange Chaos, it was twice larger than regular Chaos and was red in color.

    Like all the Chaos he sensed, it also flew towards him on its own, but it entered his right foot instead of his right wrist.

    Confused, he stopped sensing Chaos and concentrated on his right foot, his discovery excited him.

    In his foot was a void space which now contained two drops of chaos. He understood that he unlocked the second special location in his body. in order to cultivate his second location, he would have to absorb more of that Red Chaos.

    When he told it to the maid during his meal, she just laughed, not giving the praise he wanted.

    He pouted at her lack of flattery, [ though I might not like to be boot licked by others, it does not mean I don't want your flattery.hump! One day, I will make you look at me like the man I am. You can save all the flattery for that time then! hump!]

    He consoled and flattered himself. Lately this was all he could do, his ' big sis' only saw him as a little kid who loved to show off.

    By the end of the month, he sensed three more red Chaos which naturally flowed towards his right foot.

    Fire Lord also came to check upon the kid after the month, he also felt relieved when he heard Chaos calling the maid ' big sis'.

    " hmm! Nice, you got yourself a good big sis little Chaos, grow steady, so that you don't disappoint her." Fire Lord said as he entered the room.

    Little Chaos rolled his eyes at the geezer,

    [ why must I work hard for your daughter to be not disappointed, I should work harder not to disappoint my mom.]

    His mom was the only one he respects, this geezer was more like a friend to him.

    " well, it is good that you gave up on her, if her fiancée knew about you trying to make a move on her, he might have already killed you." Fire Lord said with his tone half joking and half serious.

    " hump! Who can kill me while mom is still alive. Even if he can, I am just three years old, talk about a lame grudge." Chaos countered. Who kills kids for liking their wife, doesn't that mean they would have to kill their own sons and daughters.

    Fire Lord smiled weakly, he wanted to tell the kid that the maid's fiancée is also a three year old kid, but he abstained.

    There was also the promise the princess gave to the maid's mother in law, which raised the maid's status more than the princess herself.

    " oh! I found my second special location, now I have a total of ten thousand Chaos in my right wrist, I am a Chaos Dog now." Chaos declared proudly, sensing your second location just after three months was unheard before.

    Sure enough, Fire Lord's mouth opened wide enough that you can stuff a football inside.

    He soon calmed down," your mom told me to send you outside the kingdom once you form your second location, she probably thought you would locate it when you reached Chaos Tiger, but you already found it in Chaos Dog."

    " we can't disobey the princess, so you will leave the kingdom to gain experience, but, since it was way earlier than the predicted time, you can take any one person this time, you must return after year, alive and meet me again."

    Chaos never saw Fire Lord get serious before, so when he did get serious, things might actually be serious.

    Chaos also had a suitable candidate to go along for this one year trip. Who else can it be other than his 'big sis'.

    He told her about the trip when she brought his evening meal. She thought a lot before replying, " sure, why not! It's been three years since I last saw mother in law, why not go there for this trip."

    Chaos Kid nodded, since he also wanted to see who was the maid's fiancée.

    They packed their luggage and put it into Chaos's storage ring. Storage rings are spatial items which are refined by the space laws to provide a limited amount of space.

    What Chaos owns is a high end storage ring, which has a ten into ten into ten cubic meters of volume, which is pretty large to just carry their clothes.


    Millennium planet, the planet formed over a thousand years, legend states that the original planet exploded, due to cultivators fighting endlessly and using a lot of destructive Chaos in the wars.

    All the legendary cultivators, who escaped the explosion, participated in forming the planet and it took exactly a thousand years for them to get all the broken pieces and once again create the planet. This was the reason, the planet is being called 'Millennium Planet'.

    'Deity kingdom' was formed by all the remaining legendary cultivators so that they can stop if any other such calamity strikes the planet.

    But no other major calamity occurred and new races started to emerge on this newly formed planet. Right now, half the planet is occupied by human cultivators. While the other half was occupied by demons and elves.

    Divinity kingdom was located outside the planet and was responsible to stop wars of large scales and prolonged wars which use up Chaos rapidly.

    Chaos and the maid were headed to the 'heavenly forest' located in a kingdom owned by demons. They reached the outskirts of the forest without any disturbances.

    When he looked at the Forest , Chaos had a puzzled look on his baby face. He eventually asked the maid about it, " why are there no cultivators hunting the beasts in the forest."

    The maid chuckled, who would dare hunt in the heavenly forest? As the name implied, this forest was a paradise for the beasts. It's rules are dictated by her 'mother in law' and there was no one with enough guts to challenge her authority.

    " let's just go inside, don't worry about those beasts, big sis will protect you from them." She said while entering the forest. Seeing Her expression, it looked as if she was returning to her home, instead of a dangerous place filled with beasts.

    Chaos followed her with his little steps, he was breathing hard, his physique might have improved during the past three months, but it still was comparable to only someone of three years old.

    While they walked, the maid explained about the beasts, "beasts are classified into five types. Wild beasts, Ferocious beasts, Sentience beasts, king beasts, Divine beasts. With each being stronger than previous."

    "There are beasts, who at the pinnacle of their cultivation, have a negligible amount of chance to take on human form. These are called God beasts and can absorb Chaos just like cultivators."

    " Normally, Beasts cultivate the nature particles instead of Chaos like us. They form cores to store the nature energy. Due to these cores containing pure nature energy, they are very useful for concocting of pills, which is the main reason, they are slaughtered. Well if not for the core, for the skin or for the teeth, all we need is a reason to kill."

    Suddenly a wolf type monster jumped out of the trees, it growled at Chaos, but when it looked at the maid, it grew excited and started dropping saliva.

    It looked at the maid as if finding its master after a long separation. It wanted no more than rush towards the maid and lick her feet.

    But the maid secretly told it to attack Chaos but not to hurt him. The beast nodded its head and growled at Chaos.

    Due to his fear of death, Chaos was not in the best of his form. He was shaking from head to toe. He looked at the maid, who was also acting scared.

    " oh no! How did a King beast appear in the outskirts of the forest!? Is there a hero who can save this frail lady, this beautiful youth with the most sexiest body. Where is my hero? Where is he?" She even had the gall to put up an act.

    Poor little Chaos, he increased his courage, slowly suppressing the fear of death. He shouted loudly, condensing all the Chaos in his fist, he smacked the wolf with his eyes closed, scared to see himself fail.

    He did in fact fail, this attack was like a ant trying to hurt the elephant. the wolf looked at the maid awaiting further orders.

    The maid ordered the wolf once more, but the Wolf's eyes flashed with reluctance, how can it, a king beast lose to a three year old? But since it was her majesty who ordered, it can only fake and faint.

    The wolf made pitiful sounds, moving back and shaking his head as if he was dealt with a fatal blow before collapsing, his tongue was outside making him look as if he was actually taken out by that one punch.

    Chaos opened his eyes slowly, he found the wolf's body collapsed, but he did not dare believe his eyes, he looked at the maid for confirmation.

    Only when the maid nodded her head did he start feeling the victory brought by his punch. Well the victory brought by the maid's order to be exact.

    He hummed along the way into the forest from then on, every few hours, a beast would jump out and take one of his punches before they fall down unconscious.

    It occurred at a rate that, Chaos started to believe he was 'one punch man'. They stopped at night and slept, strangely no beasts attacked them when they slept.

    When he raised this question to the maid, she smiled and answered," maybe the beasts sleep faster than us."

    Little Chaos thought hard, only to accept her answer at last. After all, he was still a three year old kid.

    It took a month to reach the core of the forest. When Chaos saw the large lake in the core of forest, he was held up with a majestic feeling.

    There was a simple house on the other side of the lake. A young man was leaning with his back to a tree while dozing. It was the time for the sunrise and the first of rays, gave the trees around, a eternal feeling.

    The young man looked at around sixteen, the same age as the maid. He woke up to the sounds of nature, and the roars of beasts.

    He got up lazily, yawned lazily, stretched his body lazily, and went back to sleep, feeling lazy. The maid could not help but chuckle at him.

    She started walking around the lake, Chaos followed her with his little feet, all the time he was walking, he continuously asked the maid about the young man.

    He only got a "you'll know soon" reply. They walked half an hour to reach the other side. She stopped before the young man and snapped her fingers beside his ears playfully.

    The young man did not open his eyes but he replied lazily, " first sister in law, there is a lot of time left before the marriage. Why did you come back?"

    The maid replied casually, "I just came to see mother in law, hump! As for him, hump! He must first conquer me, only then will I marry him."

    The young man still did not open his eyes, but he replied, "you start preparing then, when my little brother conquers, nothing can stop him."

    The maid stuck out her tongue, "l will find mother in law to punish him for conquering me then."

    " my mother will be the who sends him to conquer, your plan might not work." The young man still did not open his eyes.

    The maid also looked gloomy upon hearing this, her mother in law was her trump card. If your best does not work, then everything else becomes pointless.

    She shook her head hard, 'deal with the problems when they come to you'. she said to herself, "brother-in-law, actually I want you to accept this little brother of mine as your disciple and train him." She said.

    He finally opened his right eyelid and measured Chaos, "weak physique, Nine special locations, probably more. Three years old body, three years old soul, fear of death, aura of the supreme, a good background, nothing else to teach."

    He closed his eye.
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