5 Primal Chaos Body

    Two months passed since Chaos Kid and 'little Apple' coming to the core of heavenly Forest.

    In a place filled with huge rocks in the forest, you could find a small kid with nothing but leaves on his body, hiding behind one of the smaller rocks.

    His whole body was covered with a green juice, which concealed his actual odour and made him smell like forest itself.

    He looked over the boulder and a nest came into his view, this nest was his target for the past one week.

    Two weeks back, he finally broke into the Chaos Elephant realm with the help of his master. He revolved the chaos particles one last time, which refined all the unused medical energy stored in his body from all his priceless meals.

    This was also the reason his master made him break through to Chaos Elephant realm.

    Now that he is an elephant, it became harder to advance without feeling his body aching, one of the consequence of his weak body.

    So his master decided to teach him how to improve his physique. Chaos's master wanted Little Chaos to improve his physique and make it strong enough to withstand the absorption of more chaos.

    His master took him to a huge tree that day. They concealed themselves in the cover of the tree roots, and waited for three days without coming out.

    On the third day of their wait, a huge bird flew out of the tree's top. It surveyed the locations around the tree for a good one hour, finding nothing out of place, it flew away to catch food.

    Half an hour later, his master came out of hiding, and started climbing the tree rapidly.

    When he came back down, he had two head sized eggs in his hands. His master then plucked out some weed from his surroundings and crushed them to retrieve their juices, he applied the juices over the two eggs.

    They then traveled for half a day before his master stopped and smiled at him.

    "What are these eggs for, master?" He asked. Something that made his master wait a total of three days to obtain was not going to be simple.

    He only got know his his master's actual strength when he stayed and cultivated with him.

    One day, he woke up early and found his master still sleeping. He thought he would give his Cultivation a try without his master for once.

    He closed his eyes and tried to sense the Chaos, he soon felt a large amount of Chaos like all other times, but this time, the large amount was concentrated on his master's body.

    He waited for the Chaos to float towards him. But even after a minute passed, he did not find Chaos entering him.

    Puzzled he tried to pull the Chaos particles towards him for the first time in his life. He used his superior soul force to pull them towards him.

    But the Chaos particles whichbwere condensed on his master's body ignored him. They acted as if he was a beggar begging them to enter him. An hour passed to no avail. He was forced to give up after using a large amount of his soul force.

    His soul force slowly recovered as he meditated. When he mentioned this incident to his master, his master just shook his head.

    Little Chaos had no idea why the Chaos particles that loved rushing towards him, became cold and distant suddenly that morning.

    But he understood one thing, If his master wanted to stop his cultivation, his master could do it without batting his eyelids.


    His master laughed at his question, "these eggs are the ones that old bird laid out recently, they contain a huge amount of nutrients which can improve your physique."

    " beasts are born with strong bodies, and it is these nutrients which help them develop such strong bodies, normal humans can't digest these but it is no problem given your Primal Chaos Body."

    Little Chaos digested this new information, he understood that his master was trying to teach the benefits and usages of his physique.

    "But Master, why did you wait for three days for these eggs? You could have just plucked them right under the bird's eyes, it did not seem strong any way." Little Chaos asked, his master was so strong that there was no need to steal, but why did he waste three days on it.

    His master tapped on his head lightly and asked, "where are we right now?"

    " the heavenly forest." The kid answered.

    "What is it called a heavenly forest?" His master asked again.

    "because it is a paradise to the beasts." He answered again.

    " how can it be a paradise when you pluck things from them and attack them or kill them?"

    "Oh!" The kid finally understood the reasons behind his master's actions.

    His master started a fire and cooked the eggs. It was little Chaos's first time tasting an egg, half cooked. It almost made him throw up, but he endured with his strong will.

    Then his master explained him how to steal the eggs from the beasts.

    First Rule, you only steal eggs of sentience beasts or lower, since they don't have the concept of numbers, they would hardly notice the reducing eggs.

    Second rule, you only steal the newest of the eggs and must not steal eggs which are about to hatch.

    Third rule, disguise the scent of the egg stolen, to avoid being tracked.

    Forth rule, if caught in the act, you leave the egg and run.

    Fifth rule, you can only steal one egg for every ten eggs present.

    Sixth rule, avoid contact with mother beast at all costs.

    After explaining the rules to steal a egg in the heavenly forest, his master left him so that he could catch eggs on his own.

    Now, Little Chaos threw away his clothes, used leaves to cover himself, applied grass juice all over his body to erase his scent.

    For the past week he observed the situation of this nest. The mother beast leaves for one hour in the afternoon to catch food for the newly hatched kids.

    He confirmed its routine once again, it left on time again today, he waited for fifteen minutes before slowly making his way to the nest, he saw around twenty eggs, and two newborn beasts.

    He slowly made his way to one of the newest eggs and took it, when he was about to leave, greed overtook him, [ why don't I take two, there are twenty eggs anyway.]

    So he took another egg into his arms, when he turned around, he was faced with the two newborns who rushed over to see what Chaos's was doing.

    "cute kids, give way to big brother. I am not someone suspicious, I was just passing by while I found these white rocks, I am helping you move them." All the time his face was calm, he did not feel guilty to take the eggs away.

    He slowly stepped around the newborns without scaring them. It took him a full ten minutes to execute it perfectly.

    When he left the nest, he felt proud.

    [ I just stole two eggs, hump! hump! Even master stole only two last time. Doesn't this mean that I have reached master, in the art of thievery. hump! It can't be helped. I am just the best in the world.]

    While our little Chaos was running with the eggs feeling narcissistic, the mother beast returned to its nest.

    It first smelled the nest, and nodded to itself, indeed this was her nest's smell. Then it looked at the unhatched eggs with her motherly love.

    Then she took out the prey she caught for her newborns to eat, but the newborns started acting strange, they continuously made sounds turning to one direction.

    The mother beast also turned towards the direction they were pointing and raised its nose, soon a savage expression appeared on its face as it charged in that direction.

    Our little Chaos had forgotten to mask the smell of the eggs. He was also carrying two eggs almost the same size as him, with his weak physique, he could only run a kilometre by the time the mother beast returned to its nest.

    When the mother beast smelled her eggs in this direction, she was immediately enraged and charged towards Little Chaos.

    Soon the mother beast saw Little Chaos carrying her eggs and roared speeding up even more. Poor Little Chaos, he turned around only to see the Mather beast charge at him rapidly.

    At this second, his fear of death kicked in and he  forgot to run! The beast slammed into him in fury. His body flew into air by that slam and when he fell, the eggs cracked open.

    The mother beast let out a pitiful cry seeing its eggs get crushed by the fall. Soon, it turned into bitter hatred towards Little Chaos. It wanted nothing more than to let Little Chaos accompany its unborn babies.

    Little Chaos's body flowed with blood, he was hurt so badly, he could not stand. He was rapidly losing his vision but his fear of death helped him stay awake, his heart started to race at an unbelievable rate.

    All the chaos in the surroundings started gather. As the beast charged towards him once more, all the Chaos in the surroundings attacked the beast.

    This was a kind of a self defence mechanism. In this moment Little Chaos's Body emitted a strange glow and the Chaos particles in the surroundings determined our little kid as their owner and moved on their own, to protect its owner.

    Chaos particles automatically attacked the place where the mother beast was present. No one knew what was happening inside that storm of Chaos Particles. It roared continuously for quite some time, but eventually calmed down.

    Little Chaos has long been in a unconscious state, when the storm subsided, a young man walked out carrying the mother beast on his shoulder.

    There were no injuries on the mother beast, but it was also in a unconscious state. The young man first returned to the nest and left the mother beast there.

    He then picked up little Chaos and tapped in sixteen places. Little Chaos opened his mouth and spat out a little blood, his face was pale, but it was returning colour fast.

    Chaos particles started merging with his little body, helping and strengthening it.

    The Little kid's master sighed. At last, all the Thirteen Primal Bodies have been acknowledged.


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