6 Plans

    "Do you all trust me?"


    "Since it's like that, then why don't you call your husbands and wives? If many more survive then it's better. After all they also saw the flashbacks from my memory. More importantly we are all family in here, the Evolution ia not easy at all and we need a lot of helping hands we could get."

    After which the room got more crowded.

    "Okay, since I briefly explain already on what the miasma could do, I will talk about on what are we gonna do now. But first let me tell you all that it's not that I'm not willing to help the whole world, I'm just a single person. Even if we tell the government do you think they will listen? Even if there's a chance that blinding light that projects some of my memory ever happen again how much is the possibility that they wouldn't use us or even make me as a lab rat?" everyone understands what problems it could bring to their family.

    " The time I estimated before it reach here is about 3 years. Before that we have many things to do. And for not to complicate things I will personally come to you if I need help. Our goal is to make preparations so that we could adjust right after the miasma shrowded the earth. I know that there are many people that you want to help in your minds, and it's not a problem. It would cause panic and public outbreak when the miasma are already visible or many individuals that have thier own telescope observed it. Then at that time there would be atleast a month left before it swallows the earth. Before that, all of you should've already come back here."

    "The first thing we need is a place where we would be safe and could fit all the possible survivors. And with my knowledge and skill we could gather a lot of wealth easily to make a base. I chose the base to be here in the country side because of the population. There would be less possibilities of having huge wave of zombies at the start. About the mutated animals, there are many things in nature that could counter them so it's not a problem too."

    "What about the food? Since the world's would enter a phase of chaos, then I think that food production will stop the moment everyone is in a panic. Also if were gonna help many people, even if we have tons of reserve, it wouldn't last for a long time." Walford asked. He surely thinks about the accommodation of the people.

    "It's surely a problem if we pursue the gourmet but people won't think about it at that time, having something to eat is already blessing from the heaven for them. Grandma could help us enjoy staple food by using her specialty that would just get better!"

    "Mark, when did I have a specialty? Don't exaggerate things! " Grandma said while slightly blushing after bieng praise in a serious discussion in front of her own family.

    "Grandma, I'm talking about your fish sauce and shrimp paste. It could bring flavor even if we just boil some edible leaves and I know everyone here agrees in that since we all experience it!"

    "Yes, hahaha! I still love and sometimes even miss it. Even though we have a lot of money now and can afford meat everyday, we wouldn't forget to add fish sauce or shrimp paste in the dining table!" Hener exclaimed.

    "I remember when we are still poor and all we eat were 1kangkong and we still fight for every leaves left." Imelda reminisce about the past.

    Everybody alse agrees.

    "Yes, I have here a method to make those two not spoil and even get more flavorful as time pass. We just need to twist a little bit the process of your technique grandma."

    There's a burning passion in the eye of grandma.

    "Okay, our discussion ends here. Just a reminder, I recommend for all of you to exercise and improve your stamina. We all need a good foundation to survive in the Evolution. As for those who have illness, I will slowly heal you all." Mark said as he stand up and head for his room. Although he came back with lots of knowledge. His body in here is still a little weak for bieng in bed for month.

    Thinking about this, Mark would start his exercise, or should be better to call it body tempering tomorrow.

    1kangkong- or water/chinese spinach.
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