10 Dream

    Ai had been sleeping soundly since last night.

    Liu was attending from time to time to check the mana that flows in his body, his body was reeking mana since he fainted which naturally is saying that his body is adjusting the level of mana capacity in his body.

    A body that didn't contain mana since born, had no storage for mana at all, the 4 little matters must have been helping his brother to adjust and not explode of the oversize mana in his body.

    That is the theory which came up on Liu's perspective while observing this guy.

    Ai woke up 3 o'clock in the afternoon. He was sleeping almost a day!

    Back then when Ai had waked up in midnight, he was pulled back to his consciousness by the 4 little matters in his mind.

    ( let's call them elements)

    Ai was stunned.


    Why was he pulled again in this region of his mind.

    The 4 elements seemed to have sensed again his presence after their effort.

    They excitedly go near Ai. Then the green element touched eyes forehead and


    Gust of winds had developed in the area, loads of information was transferred in to Ai's small speck brain, due to the excessive amount of information about Wind Magic, Ai was forced to kneel down because of the pain his mind was experiencing. Naturally something big that goes into a small hole would be painful and would bleed then.

    Ai grit his teeth, to endure the pain that almost like ripping his brain apart. It was like he was undergoing some graduation or baptism to manhood. Just that he's the one being done. HAHA

    The Transter didn't last long, it was just 1 minute, a minute that Ai thought he was gonna die, he was relieved when the pain was gone, but then

    he remembered that there were four of them.

    'Oh God! Not No! NO! NO!' Ai screamed and ran around afraid of this freaking monsters

    'Your daddy isn't a masochist! Hey! Ah! Ah AAAAAAAAAHHHH!' still Ai was outrun by these elements.

    The scene were they would play tag after one was done in transferring information would be seen. And the elements seemed to like play tag with this idiot owner of them, knowing that this idiot owner of them wouldn't even outrun them so they played along.

    After A load was thrust into that man he would cower, cry in agony, scream in fright. His so-called heavenly handsome appearance was really pathetic to be seen. His own self was like a man that was ravaged by multiple monsters, the snort in his nose was all over his face and tears were flowing nonstop, that eye with no emotion that seemed to have died already was seen.

    He was laying in that floor with no emotions

    ' I was abused!' Ai cried in grief,

    The elements seemed to have hear his thought,

    well they were in his thought so anything he would think would be heard.

    How idiot Ai is?

    The elements came again close to him.

    Seeing these again Ai was nearly peeing his pants. Covering his body,

    Now you mentally abused me, you're gonna use my body!?

    Ai was ready to fight but he woke up.


    "AAHH!!! ****!" The first thing that gone out of Ai's mouth

    "Hahaha ****? Fuck that shameful dream of your's" Liu smugly retorted Ai

    "With that appearance of yours? you're not even one bit handsome as me, it should be me whose afraid of being raped not you" Liu teased Ai again

    "** you and your MAMA! whose not handsome?! I AM MUCH MORE HANDSOME THAN YOU! YOUR FACE IS MUCH MORE UGLY THAN MY CHERRY!" Ai was infuriated at Liu's teasing so he lashed out

    " With that words of your's you seem to be fine, okay eat up, you almost slept a whole day," Liu patted Ai's shoulder

    In Liu's perspective Ai was gonna burst from those fumes coming from his head.

    Ai is really angry

    Liu thought, ' but its true that he's not even one bit handsome as me' hmph


    Ai was gonna rebut Liu again but his stomach slap his face

    "OI you better eat you god damn bitch! Im hungry you know! HUNGRY! Stop with your YIP YAPPING!" words that seemed to have come out in his stomach.

    "See you're hungry so eat and also go take a bath, you stink, TSK!" Liu again with his teasing.

    "Fuck you! Just Die!" Ai shouted and head to the kitchen

    "Yeah yeah, just eat already, I'll go take a stroll for a bit" Liu said while leaving

    Ai thought to himself that this brother of his is very thoughtful, to cook for his lunch he was really lucky for Liu, but also he hate Liu temperament,

    'Fuck whose ugly? Whose not even one bit handsome? tsk! I'm way more handsome than him!' Ai thought while eating.

    Sniff sniff,

    " I do stink" Ai nearly burst out of tears of this foul smell his body emitted


    "Ahhh~ its really great having bath~" Ai said while having a bath. Liu's bath isn't something  normal bath appeared to be, its like a japanese bath, the interior is like a Hot Spring bath,

    Ai relaxed his self while having a bath, it was so good in the feeling.

    Earlier when he was washing his self many black specs that came off his body was washed out, he was stunned on what was that.

    It was his first time seeing that, and the amount was many, ** I was that impure? Ai thought

    With Ai relaxed he recalled things that happened in his dreamland.

    He decided to talk about all those things to Liu and ask him. And specially that black mass his body produced, man that wasn't normal! what was it!

    My pure virgin body cannot and should not emit impure mass at all!

    He was a heavenly handsome man and possessing the most beautiful body to all, it was embarrassing to think that there was something like that in his body!
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