16 Village Mus Fall

    Amidst the operation of the residents about making a rift in the weak spot of the barrier

    The intense fight between Cai Er and the beast was reaching it's conclusion.

    Boom! boom! boom!

    Clank! Clank!

    Sounds of shockwaves and weapons clanging where happening in the stadium,

    "Tempest Turn!" "Tycoon!"

    Cai Er utilized a wind movement spell and cloning spell, the cloning spell Tycoon would grant her 7 clones adding her, there were 8 all in all now, they clones had the same power output as her, but this clones cannot cast spell, they were only useful in a hand to hand combat.

    The clones were very efficient in fighting the beast, while those clones fought with the beast, she was resting herself, the time limit of using this transformation magic limited because she prematurely used it, her body cannot adjust itself on the rampaging energies, the rank 5 mages would have a Energy Core which would regulate and stabilize energies in the body granting them to access the use of origin mana efficiently,

    Rank 5 mages where known as Transformation Part, mages in this level can use spell to make theirselves coated with magic, or transform theirselves to the element they posses, such as liquefying  one's body to enter narrow spaces and escape death, or making one's self a shadow to pass through shadows, and merge an earth magician to swim freely underground,

    This was the rift between the rank 4 and rank 5 mages,

    Comparing rank 5 mages to rank 4 mages was thousand miles apart,

    Such, using spells that were originally used to rank 5 mages to a rank 4 mage would inflict trauma and permanent damage,

    Seeing the original body resting the beast was infuriated, but somehow he can't touch the original body, these clones where as strong as the original, normally when casting cloning spells, the power output of the spellcaster would be divided thus making him/her weaker then she was, but this clones were not like that!


    Just how many unique spells does this lady had in her sleeves,

    The beast realized that this battle had only one result,

    Thus, his final trump card would be shown, his final attempt.

    He would be defeated in this manner if he cannot defeat this lady, even if he can escape quickly, the Madame should be watching this,

    And he was correct, everything that was happening was being watched by the Old lady.


    "He's gonna be defeated" a young girl commented while watching the fight between those two warriors in an array,

    "That's not a problem" the meditating old lady said to the girl who was looking at the array.


    'Time to end this!' Cai Er now moved after recuperating mana

    "You are indeed a strong combat mage, miss." the tone of the beast was now not mocking but rather serious, he was now anxious about this battle,

    "Save your compliments, it won't take you anywhere" Cai Er coldly said

    "Very well, Let's FIGHT!" The beast chanted a spell

    "Maximize Magic,"

    "Time Lock!"

    "Dance of the Blades!"

    The whole radius of 10 meters where frozen solid, and after 7 petrifying swords flew and stabbed the clones, the clones was cleanly stabbed and turned into ashes after the space returned to normal

    Cai Er thought that after using Tycoon she had the upperhand, yet they were defeated, she clearly musn't underestimate this guy, he was filled with strong spells.

    "Now its one on one again!" the beast darted and aim the heavy sword to the neck of Cai Er

    "Futile Tricks!" Cai Er shouted

    "Delay Hit!"

    The sword hit Cai Er's neck cleanly


    the beast tought that the battle now ended, his sword cleanly felt slicing a human neck, but there was no blood at all in the sword.


    "I'm here!"


    Cai Er appeared in the back of the beast, using the spear in her hand she Cut the beasts arm which was holding the heavy sword.


    The arm dropped on the ground, the beast was stunned momentarily,

    first he thought that she already killed this woman, but yet she disappeared right after the sword sliced her neck, and while he was unguarded a woman appeared in his back and spear cut his arm,

    This woman!

    Huff! huff Huff!


    There was blood spilling in her neck, and she was covering it her another hand, the cut wasn't that deep but it was deadly, loss of blood could kill people.

    Cai Er's was almost beheaded that time, the effects of the delay hit was, it would turn time but really short, it was only half of a second, when the sword touched her neck the effect came on,

    while the effects came she chanted another spell, a blink spell, she blinked at the monsters back and aimed the arm that was wielding the heavy sword.

    She aimed in that arm because she thought that the beast cannot wield weapon at the other arm,

    'AAAAHHHHH!" the beast screamed in pain

    "Ill Kill you! i'll kill you!" the beast shouted

    The beast was shouting hysterically,

    "Gate Open!"


    "Chaos Fiend!"

    "I offer my self to be the tribute!"

    Series of chants happened and a rip in the space appeared, a giant arm appeared and grabbed the beast dragging him onto the void,



    KEEEEEE!  A demonic screach resounded on the tear

    A larger tear on the void appeared, it was big!

    They appeared a knight with its mount, they knight had 3 heads, and  mount had no head, It descended on the skies, and landed where the lady was at.

    "Human," the shadow fiend coldy said

    The voice of this demon was loud, and echoed inside the sealed village,

    Cai Er who saw this demon was shocked,

    A demon!


    Cai Er turned to run but it was too late.

    "Die" a voice resounded in her ears, the demon appeared in front of her, and swayed its mace



    A direct hit landed on Cai Er, she was plummeting, shattered bones were heard after it hit her,

    "Sorry Jii-chan" Cai Er couldn't move anymore her backbone was hit, she could only wait for her death, and she closed her eyes awaitng the next strike of the demon

    But suddenly a golden runes appeared on her temple

    Shing!  It shone brightly

    "A Puny demon servant dare to lay hands on my successor," a majestic voice came out.

    Cai Er's body floated and her eyes changed colors, from blue it was now golden,

    Golden chains was floating alongside cai er's body, and her silver hair was changing intro a azure color hair,

    And a golden scythe appeared in her hand

    "I, the God of the Stars, Cosmos and Universe

    the arbitrator of life and death,"

    with a swoosh of  her golden scythe a Magical Circle appeared on the sky covering the whole village.

    Magic circles appeared one another forming a 36 layered magical circles overlapping each other,

    'Heavenly Magic! Judgement of the Light!

    The clouds on the sky cleared, revealing a Circular hole in the atmosphere, Polaris  was visible in the hole. Then it began to radiate light to the first layer of the 36 magic circles

    The 36 layers magic circles began to move, the top most layer spun slowly and begin to emit light to the next layer, the 2nd layer spun a bit faster then the 1st layer, the cycle continued till the 36th layer, it spun very fast, the converged light magic was directed to the village,

    Weng! Weng! Weng!

    The sky seemed to be crying because of the pressure of the magic.

    The once dominatin Chaos Fiend was forced to kneel down in this absolute power radiating from the stars,

    Fear was seen through those black-void eyes, it didn't move, and looked at the majestic magic coming down

    "Fall!" Cai Er commanded



    The grand magic fell and the night sky was now shining with radiance, it seemed that the sun came down, or there was morning in the night.

    The magic blasted everything into dust, the once veiled village was now gone.

    There was only a crater left, lightning were crackling in the golden crater. It seemed to be the aftereffects of the grand magic.

    A silent night came after, the night were the village of Mu is now gone to the world
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