3 Cultivation

    From the information he got from the system  cultivation is devided into 9 realms each realm has 7 star the realm and with each advancement cultivator gain longevity  this realm are :

    1 Bronze realm (7 star) 100 years

    2 iron realm( 7 star) 150 years

    3 Silver realm( 7 star) 200 years

    4 Gold realm (7 star)   300 years

    5 Black gold realm (7 star) 500 years

    6 King realm( 7 star) 1.000 years

    7 Emperor realm( 7 star) 2.500 years

    8 ancestor realm ( 7 star) 5.000 years

    9 Legend realm (7 star) 10.000 years

    Nezumi under the tree started cultivating and absorbing energy The "Energy Absorption Manuel" main advantage is allowing a person to absorb any type of energy to cultivate .

    He needed a strong body so he would train his sword art later so he started with Cultivation .

    After 6 month whitout moving from his place he reached the 7 star iron realm

    he continued to cultivate for another 6 month he reached 7 star silver realm  after another year of cultivation he reached the 7 star Gold realm .

    Like that 2 year passed in those two years all he did was Cultivation .

    so it's time to adapt to his strength after one month he now can fully control his body.

    now it's the time to train his skill  first making himself familiar with the sword style THE "Battosai Deadly sword art".

    It took him 6 month to master it and be familiar with it he hunted the beast he found in the island.

    To complete his training he need to master the of his E.M.S and his Haki

    In 2 year and he mastered the use of both Haki and E.M.T including Susano .

    There is still 5 month till the start of the main story .

    ln the time he passed in the island he had gained many point every time he make a breakthrough in his cultivation or He hunt and kill beast he gathered   400.000 Sp adding the 115.00 SP that he had it is a total of 515.000 Sp .

    But he didn't buy anything because he wanted one thing that he saw in the store it was a perk that goes by the Name "Auto Cultivation" it was priced with 250.000 Sp he already thought about using the KAGE BUNSHIN JUTSU so he could master thing rapidly but The system knew how powerfull this JUTSU so it was priced with a whole 1 million Sp he was also interested in "MOKOTON" from Naruto combined with Haki it would be a powerful and if the WOOd can restrain Tailed beast Shakra maybe it can restrain Devil fruit user similar to how kayrosoki Work but it was priced with 400.000 Sp.

    In the remaining 5 month he broke to the fifth realm The BLACK Gold realm 1 star "so I can live to 500 hundred years cultivator can fly when they reach The king realm " and gained another 100.000 SP with a total of  615.000 Sp he bought the "AutoCultivation perk" with 250.000 Sp

    with 365.000 SP remaining he would buy a ship to leave The island and let the remaining point To buy The MOKOTON in the future.

    In those 5 years many change happened

    To Nezumi not only he got powerful but he also became Handsome looking at the water Nezumi could see a figure

    of a handsome youth Black hair Black eyes and a pale skin accompanied with a  refined face and a thin body and his Katana Typhon swell strapped on his left waist .
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