4 The Murderous Heart of The Sister

    At least most of the True Qi of the Nine Hells came from the Moon.

    In ancient times, people worshiped the moon and by practicing meditation, they were able to cultivate. True Qi not only strengthened the muscles and bones, moistened the viscera, prolonged life and prevented diseases, but it could also cause great destruction when gathered in one place.

    Since then, cultivating had sprung up and spread widely. Generations upon generations of powerful cultivators found new ways to utilize and accumulate True Qi, allowing them to create countless Martial Arts techniques.

    It can be said that the reason why the Nine Hells had such flourishing martial arts was because of the Moon, which was also called the "Eye of the Moon"

    Shen Zhenyi said that in order to cut through the moon and fly like the immortals, they had to destroy the Moon's Eye. How could Chu Huoluo not stare and stumble?

    She frowned and thought for a while, but she still couldn't fathom the level of strength it would take, and gave up.

    "Come on, you'd better teach me a few ways to save my life first... When I'm sixteen years old and living happily, then I'll try to surpass the Mortal Realm."

    Shen Zhenyi suddenly listened and shook his head. "Someone is coming."

    "The Abandoned Sword Villa's Law Enforcement team?" Chu Huoluo became so frightened that she tried to find a place to hide. The Abandoned Sword Villa had strict rules. If she was caught sneaking into the back hill, even if she was a person of the Liyang Mansion, she would not be able to escape punishment.

    "No," Shen Zhenyi looked down the hill. "The aura of the visitor is very similar to yours. It's probably your sister coming to see you."

    "Chu Zhu Xi?" Chu Huoluo exclaimed, "How did she know I was up here?"

    Shen Zhenyi pointed to her dress, which had a small and extremely concealed white mark that couldn't be seen clearly in the bright sun. This was a trace left by your sister. "She was able to secretly put that mark on you. She's probably a few realms above you now."

    Chu Huoluo's face was white, and her body could not help trembling.

    Last night, Chu Zhu Xi silently left an impression on her clothes, and she didn't even realize it.

    But suddenly, Chu Zhu Xi appeared at the end of the mountain road. She was dressed in black, and even at the same age as Huoluo, she was one head taller than her. Zhu Xi's appearance was also very gorgeous, and her figure was more concave and convex, much more developed than Chu Huoluo was.

    Chu Zhu Xi stared at the Chu Huoluo. Her eyes were filled with disgust. She said coldly, "I was worried that you had learned swordsmanship here."

    The five sword techniques were Chu Huoluo's first moves in their fight yesterday. Chu Zhu Xi easily defended against them but was secretly shocked in her heart.

    The Abandoned Sword Villa always paid attention to inheritance, and would never share so many sword techniques to Chu Huoluo in one breath. In order to trace the origin of her new sword techniques, Chu Zhu Xi put a mark on the corner of her dress and followed her.

    Stepping into the back hill, Chu Zhu Xi wondered if the Third Prince Shen had passed on his sword. Now when she saw Shen Zhenyi and Chu Huoluo together, she was positive that he did.


    Chu Huoluo swallowed her breath and bowed in salute.


    Chu Zhu Xi responded coldly. Her eyes swept over Shen Zhenyi's body. She looked at his disabled legs with ulterior motives, and her mouth twitched slightly.

    She regained the posture of a teacher and sister and said impatiently, "Do you think that's it's okay for you to waste a Sword Sequence from the Liyang Mansion and then start worshipping and playing around with the Abandoned Sword Villa? Come back with me right now."

    "What do you mean play around?" answered Chu Huoluo tremblingly, "It's for the sake of learning the sword from the Third Prince that I came to this hill."

    "Learning the sword?" Chu Zhu Xi sneered, "Was that your flamboyant swordsmanship last night? How can you appreciate the subtleties of the sword when you can't even fully understand it? It seems that you really do intend to abandon yourself and throw away your own life.

    Shen Zhenyi figured out Zhu Xi's intent almost instantly. She didn't really want to persuade Chu Huoluo to return. It was clear that her purpose today was to attack her opponent's self-confidence.

    Sure enough, the battle for the heir of the Liyang Palace was intense. Before the fight even started, they used words to muddle their opponents heart and mind. If Chu Huoluo really believed her words, it would cause her head to bow in momentum. The fight in the future would become pointless, as Chu Huoluo couldn't win if she didn't believe in herself.

    Chu Huoluo felt somewhat guilty for her lack of skill and gritted her teeth, "The sword techniques handed down by the Third Prince were truly wonderful, but I couldn't learn them well. When I have fully developed my sword, it will be unknown who will actually die in our battle.


    Chu Zhu Xi raised her chin proudly and looked at Shen Zhenyi. "I wonder why you rushed to Abandoned Sword Heights because of a small roar from your sister. I thought you had a trump card, but I didn't know you were fawning over this useless man.

    "He was the number one swordsman in the world, but now he can't even stand up. You want to rely on him? You're daydreaming!"

    Her tone was full of disdain.

    Shen Zhenyi, an innocent victim in this argument, raised his eyebrows and stopped smiling at their argument. Since the battle with Mino, even the people of the Abandoned Sword Villa secretly had similar cold thoughts. But Zhenyi didn't care.

    Shen Zhenyi speculated about Chu Zhu Xi's psychology. She was arrogant, and upon seeing the state he was in, she tried to stab him where it hurt the most.

    Chu Huoluo, however, turned red and retaliated, "Don't be rude to Chu Zhenyi!" Even in his current state, he's an expert on the fundamentals and teachings of the sword.

    Since childhood, she had been respectful to the Third Prince Shen, but she also saw him as a girl saw a boy.

    Although she came to Abandoned Sword Villa to get stronger, Chu Huoluo was still fantasizing in her heart.

    When she saw Shen Zhenyi sitting in a wheelchair, Chu Huoluo almost started crying. Her heart was delicate. She knew that it was no use, but she is still tried to meet with Shen Zhenyi to learn the sword.

    Now hearing Chu Zhu Xi insult Shen Zhenyi, Chu Huoluo felt pain in her heart, even her usual fear of her sister was ignored. She loudly tried to argue back.

    Chu Zhu Xi's rubbed one of her beautiful eyebrows and sneered: "For a crippled man, you have a good temper. If it was a year ago, I never would have spoken so loudly in front of the Third Prince. Unfortunately now, it's not the same as it was before. If I'm rude, what can you do?

    She grabbed the side Shen Zhenyi's wheelchair and tried to push him off the mountain path. The rocks beside him were rugged and the wheelchair tripped and fell over. Shen Zhenyi could not stand, so he fell to the ground.


    Chu Huoluo cried out and dashed over to Shen Zhenyi. She immediately used a defensive fire technique to try to protect him.

    Usually, she wouldn't dare to take the initiative to start a fight with Chu Zhu Xi. But this time, she became angry and suddenly forgot her fear.

    Chu Zhu Xi looked at Huoluo slightly stunned and immediately laughed, "Wanting to block me by relying on your three-legged crap martial arts? You were defeated last night. Now you suddenly think you can win?"

    Chu Zhu Xi went on the aggressive and summoned a fiery wind with her right hand.

    Chu Huoluo couldn't resist it. She was shaken. She had already tried her best to defend but was now reduced to a wheezing and gasping state. Usually, by now, she would have looked for a chance to escape, but Shen Zhenyi was behind her. How could she run away?

    Even though Chu Zhu Xi could not kill Shen Zhenyi in the Abandoned Sword Villa, she could easily overturn his wheelchair.

    Chu Huoluo gritted her pearly white teeth, closed her eyes, and formed a circle with her hands. Her "Fire Taiji" compared with Chu Zhu Xi's fire technique was like comparing a burning match to a raging campfire.

    "If you continue doing as you please, I won't hold back in order to stop you!"
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