The Blood of A Witch

At the age of 6,Li AnYuan knows she is deferent form the others kids. This is a tale of a young girl who just turns 15 this year, every year Li AnYuan celebrate her birthday with friend and family in the big city. This year is going to be deferent. She travel to the Far East of the continence. They she will meet her real family, her biological parent. To her surprise, they are from a family of Warlock and Witches. She was the last descendant of the witches of KerAn Clan. The mighty clan that rule over the magical world at a long time ago. After she was born she was sent out to the human world and to live as normal human being. This is to protect her identity and for her safety. This girl holds the key to the future in the magical kingdom. At the age of 15 AnYuan is a powerful witch, with a strong bloodline in her. She can control demon and witches. Call upon any mighty beast to stand by her side. At the same time she will meet new friend and make allies with other warlock and witches. To make it more interesting, see how she meet her soul mate in the the land of magic. Of cause love and romance will follow. And yes, war between good and evil will arise too. Li Anyuan has to be strong and persistent, will she rise up high and face her destiny to build her glory in the world of magic!This is my first novel. I do not have any plan or strategy or any analysis for the novel. I just want to write and participate in the event. ?Thank you for reading. ---<@{warning!! is not edited – grammar & spelling will arise }

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