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    Tian Li began to check himself first, at his current state he could not use his cultivation at all, and most of his divine sense was destroyed, now, he had only 10% of his divine sense at the moment if he used more, his already unstable cultivation will be crippled and he wasn't going for the re-cultivating and starting over rout at least not in this life!

    Next he put a mark on the corps underneath him and then Tian Li flew high in a straight line at first, he figured since there was a body here there must be some other humans here close by. He wanted to check the background of the corps for safety if he was going to take that body, and frankly he wasn't inclined to take the body of a 14-year old, his original body looked like 22-25, he wasn't some kind of pervert, Furthermore the whole thing stinks like a sewer!

    Tian Li, although not the most experienced and still barely old enough to be called a teenager but still he WAS 100 years old, at least he wasn't inexperienced. Possession was not an easy thing at all, it has many restrictions and needs preparation, it is true that Tian Li was out of time since he needed to restore his cultivation and figure a way back home as soon as possible, but, that did not make him carless, if his spirit form had hair it would be standing on end, after checking out this body, it turned out to be almost perfect for possession and this boy had some kind of dark attribute that would make simulation extremely easy. Tian Li thought it was too good to be true, he just found the thing he needed the most in his most desperate time? It was creepy to say the least, he could be overthinking but it certainly seemed suspicious enough, so even though he was desperate he would first check out this corps before anything else, that was final.

    After he was three hundred meters high he spotted a mortal settlement to the south of his current location and flew right over, he was surprised the speed was faster than expected after-all he was in spirit form and in one hour, he reached there. Most of the mortals were sound asleep at this time of the night but still there were some who were up and about. This was the business district and Lanterns were alight. He didn't do anything he just floated there in the most crowded area and listened, he needed to learn their language first, and although immortals had only one language mortals developed many languages due to their many limitations and Tian Li did mingle with the mortals of earth and knew at least this much.

    After about half an hour he reached some what of an understanding to the language spoken here. Soon he learned that this was a small town called Beyonzelot at the very south of a country called the empire, which empire? The locals only called it the empire. It was also that time period of middle ages when civilization was just around the corner( of course it was). This was a feudal society and the nobility ranks were easy to understand, from the lowest to the highest it was: knight, lord, high lord, paramount lord and the emperor.

    Tian Li would like to continue to listen and learn of where he was more however he couldn't stay for long, he had to leave to recover his cultivation before anything else. Tian Li flew again to the corps of the boy, now he could get a grasp of the situation, from the way the boy dressed it was apparent that he was a noble of decent standing, another look also revealed that he was beaten with the intention to kill as his clothes and belongings were not stolen. Tian Li striped the boy and found a few papers of identification, Tian Li could not understand everything written nor could he read everything but he got that this boy was the heir apparent of the Bonclue family of the south a family of lords.

    From what Tian Li could gather that it was some uncle or relatives or even enemies that are currently plotting against this boy, just from this it was not worth it to take this body, it was too much trouble without any clear benefit. From what he learned this place had continuous battles and skirmishes were yearly at the border to the east of here with the mountain barbarians. What better place to get a body, Tian Li could get whatever body suited him the most and nobody would be the wiser.

    Luckily This town was close to the site of battle, the fort of kasmen, and they were also tasked with sending a certain amount of supplies to aid in the battle effort, there would also be merchant convoyes going to and fro, therefore a clear road was built and Tian Li only has to follow it to get there easily and so he did. After making sure he was one the right way by checking one of the merchant convoys that was camping on the way, he picked his speed up and in four hours when Tian Li saw his first dawn in this world he finally saw fort kasmen.

    It was a fortified castle of three walls, the first was ten meters tall, the second was twenty and the third was a staggering thirty meters  tall, three main gates each with a portcullis and each tower had tree walls attached to it. Ballesta and catapults at every tower, all walls were filled with infantrymen, crossbowmen and pikemen, it was indeed the definition of a fort. But none of this caught the attention of Tian Li instead it was the soft glow that surrounded the walls, the gates and the portcullises, it was some sort of protective barrier and although it was weak, it was the first unnatural power he saw since he arrived here.

    When Tian Li first arrived he was scared, the reason being that he felt no qi in the air at all, yet mortals were living here like nothing was wrong not to mention humans even animals and plants were fine too! This threw off what Tian Li knew as common sense. As any sane person would tell you: life can't exist without qi! This was a fundamental law, one of the basic laws of existence, it was also the reason  that planets that show qi deficiency would immediately be abandoned.

    Tian Li  let out a sigh of relief, finally he felt that something was right at last, this place must be supported by some other kind of energy, although it was not qi, it should be something similar. On the other side of the castle, many carts were leaving hurriedly presumably carrying supplies to the soldiers and Tian Li just followed along. On the way he felt the aura of slaughter and blood, he heard the screams of agony and chaos, of courage and valor and he felt better than ever.
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