5 Possession

    Tian Li was entranced somewhat by the scene the greeted him when he reached the battlefield, the soldiers and the barbarians were not mortals as he first thought, although they definitely were not immortals they were also not mortals. They only seemed like that when they were not fighting, but when they were, weird energy would be released from their bodies giving them power beyond mortals. Some even released colorful glows from their weapons and bodies and some were able to send long ranged attacks with the colorful glows, there were two clearly special ones they were mounted on crimson horses that were twice the size of normal horses and wore a stylish armor, more importantly they released a remarkable golden colored glow around them and even pressure of increased gravity three meters around them these two rarely made a move and had similar power levels to peak qi condensation. However, the energy they were releasing was different from the one he sensed at the castle, which truly intrigued Tian Li.

    He looked around more carefully and saw a group at the rear of the army, this group was clearly different as they were garbed in long robes that covered their entire bodies and had staves at least as tall as they were, at the tops, some kind of stones were fastened. Wizards!! Tian Li could hardly believe his eyes, they were almost exactly the same as the games and novels made by the mortals of earth and he felt the same energy from them that he sensed on the castle. They were apparently casting spells but not on the barbarians instead on the soldiers of their side. The wizards would murmur softly and fast and then say clearly and loudly things like [courage],[fear resistance],[ protection] and [Boost] from his limited understanding, these were supporting spells.

    Tian Li continued to watch for some time but soon got bored, this was clearly a small scale battle or most likely a small conflict at most. There were only twenty wizards and they were only casting support spells and extremely low leveled ones at that. Not one of them even cast a single fireball, anyway this wasn't the time for idling around, the main reason for coming here in the first place was to get a body.

    He descended to the battlefield, right now he was 3 meters higher than ground level moved his divine sense to scan the soldiers below. When his cultivation wasn't damaged his divine sense could span 10 kilometers if his focused all his power on it, now however it could only cover 500 meters or so around him, if he was doing a general scan but he was doing a more detailed scan that made it only 100 meters, he was after-all carefully examining their body's health, constitution and many other things.

    As he was searching he discovered to his shock that most of these people were easy to possess, most of their bodies had very general constitutions that can be easily altered to his convince, the connection or rather the attachment of soul to body was weak to begin with, after confirming this he had to admit that he might have indeed been overthinking earlier. While he was looking through, suddenly the barbarians made a surprise attack to the left flank of the army, after the first defensive line was pierced through the left flank fell into chaos, the commander who was about to give the order to retreat had an arrow through his head, Tian Li judged that it must have been shot at least 600 meters, out of curiosity he went to the left flank.

    That side was weaker even compared to the rest of the army, other than the first line of defense that was already broken the rest were a group of children with no discipline or order, after the commander was shot someone else took his place, he was shouting to retreat but most of the soldiers were trying to flee, Tian Li thought that this should be their maiden battle, complete newbies! Is what Tian Li thought.

    "Aha! What do we have here?" As he was casually checking these people out, he found someone interesting, that man was in the middle left of the barley forming formation. He was shivering on his horse and looking left and right clearly for for an escape, he could just make for it but it seems he still held on and decided not to go, he was talking urgently with the soldier to his right, but that soldier seemed unfazed and had determined eyes coupled with his somewhat handsome looks he released a heroic aura. The shivering soldier was still trying to convince the heroic soldier to leave. The one that caught his attention is the shivering solider, after carful examination it looks like he was not wrong about it after all. " hehehe I didn't think my luck will finally turn for the better here, I knew the grand dao would not give up on me, I could seriously be the blessed son of heaven indeed, hmm that should be my dao name, son of heaven" as Tian Li was fantasizing about the day he would summon the clouds and the rain with a turn of his hands, the battle below was raging and intensifying more and more.

    Tian Li woke up from his daydreams and decided to start moving, he could wait no more, he flew directly into the head of that shivering soldier, before he could start the possession he first had to get rid of the original soul of this body. He saw it, it was formless and primitive at best, anyway Tian Li was feeling generous today and because of this guy he could get his hands(soul) on this body, so he decided he would just send this soul to the reincarnation cycle, he was also clearly with no background but that's not bad, it meant he had no enemies and someone insignificant whom no one would ask about if he disappeared and would just assume that he died in battle, after all he needed to recover his cultivation in peace, he didn't want to be a main character or anything like that, he read enough novels to know that, it was fun to read about them but to be one was basically torture even for an immortal being like Tian Li, if he were to take over the body of a main character he would be chased by disaster all the time, time which was needed to be spent on peaceful cultivation and to find a way back.

    He tried to be as gentle as possible after all this will be a bit of a painful experience, " this will hurt you more than it will hurt me" he started the possession technique, wisps of his divine sense moved like the waves of water and surrounded the soul slowly but surely, in the soul region there was something like a tree trunk connecting the soul to the body, this structure was unique to this world, that's also why Tian Li thought that it was easy to possess these people, all he looked had to do was just to remove the soul from the tree trunk like thing and replace it.

    The technique was used to make the body relax and put down it's guard, there was bound to be rejection from the body, this would make sure that the body resumes its basic functions. Now this was the deceive moment, the divine sense moved carefully to severe the connection"kzz" it resisted!! Tian Li couldn't believe it. "I was merciful and this is the result, to think this mortal would actually dare to resist". Tian Li was impatient and just absorbed the resisting soul, with little effort on his part, before there could be any adverse effects he replaced the old soul with his, as he was integrating and assimilating his soul with the body, he noticed something wrong, the body was fatally wounded, by the look of it as he was going on with the possession something happened outside as he couldn't spread his divine sense to observe the situation outside. Anyway no matter the injury he could easily restore it in no time once his possession succeeded.
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