6 Man proposes, heaven disposes

    After some time he was done with the initial stages, now the bus pretty much drives itself and in a few hours it will be done. Once again Tian Li marveled at how easy this was. At least now he could spread his divine sense out again. What he saw didn't surprise him. The chaos of battle was over, his new body was left in a pile of dead bodies, now he could finally open his eyes again.

    At this moment he saw someone running to the bodies frantically, searching through the bodies after a carful look it turned out to be the determined soldier from before, his left arm was broken and his eyes were bloodshot, but he still searched until he saw his body and started to cry slowly as he caressed Tian Li's face, and jumped back in terror when he saw his eyes move. After a moment he came back to his senses and pulled Tian Li out of the pile of bodies, checked his breathing and body heat, and breathed out a sigh of relief.

    "Thank the supreme god...you are alive, if you hadn't jumped and protected me at the last moment, I would have surly died" he said this in daze as if he was mumbling to himself, he then got up and ran away, a minute later he came back running again. "Hold on alright, I called a wizard who can use heal", he saw the arrow protruding out of Tian Li's heart and knew the medicine of man would do nothing only the power of magic could have a chance to save him.(Just ignore me and go do your thing! I'll heal just fine on my own! Just leave!!) was what Tian Li was thinking, Tian Li decided to close his eyes. "No no!!!" They boy became frantic," you cannot... that's an order, You must not give up on life!! I swear if you live through this... I will make you a knight of the royal family!" So he spoke.



    The royal family? It has nothing to do with me, I'm just a normal nobody..


    To lord Kasmen this day was like any other, at first light the barbarians began their attack like always, the terrain was not advantageous to the southern army, but also not too advantageous to the barbarians either, the difference was that barbarians were used to the mountain terrain, which is natural since the live all their lives in the mountains to begin with. His main worry was that the newly enlisted soldiers would get reckless and break command.

    Thirty years ago, at that time he was only a lord, not a high lord, kasmen noticed something worrisome, the barbarians on the annual attack increased to twenty thousand, previously their numbers would not exceed ten thousand, and so he reported to the emperor directly, explaining his worries of a full scale attack from the barbarians, the emperor generously allowed him to recruit more soldiers from the peasants in his dominion, and with the addition of one thousand soldiers from the other high lords of the south that year, to help while he train his new soldiers.

    Fortunately his fears didn't come true, however every year since, their numbers would increase a few hundred more, the rest of the nobles would send their descendants in the name of contributing to the empire, in reality it was only to gain military merits and experience blood early and in a safe environment and so Kasmen decided to rake-up some benefits on the side and charged the nobles who wanted to send their descendants to the battle, with the excuse that he didn't have enough provisions to feed such a large number, it turned out to be a brilliant idea, through this he could deepen his relations with the nobles and form allies and pressure his enemies plus earn a hefty sum every year.

    It was like this that he was able to build a great city around the kasmen castle and more importantly, he used his-then experienced and strong army to explore a magi ruin and finally after years and countless sacrifices and even more luck, he obtained the inheritance of the ruin, through it, he could creat his own force of wizards, and in but thirty years he turned the barren far south into one of the strongest and most prosperous of the entire south.

    Thinking up to here, he thought about his most pressing issue *sigh*. If only his sons weren't all battle maniacs, he would be able to die without regrets, although he was only in his seventies he felt like he was a hundred and thirty already, fortunately his third wife was pregnant again, and he decided if it was a boy he would send him to be fostered at lord Manwell's domain, his father-in-law, so that he wouldn't pick up the bad habits from his brothers.

    That way he would be educated and grow into a fine successor. Kasmen knew that he wasn't the best father in the world and didn't blame his sons for their incompetence, in the past he gave all his time to work to achieve all this today but he also paid a painful price for it, however Kasmen had no regrets and would do everything over the same if he had the chance.

    The reason that Kasmen would not let the barbarians attack and just kill them at the walls, was naturally, the greatest of the seven sins, pride. The fort could certainly withstand a siege for a year or two against a hundred thousand while the barbarians would not attack with that much power at all, they are formidable in their own right and every year there would be several thousand as casualties of these skirmishes in avarege and high lord kasmen could cut the casualties to a few hundred were he to let the barbarians siege the castle, but If he allowed that to happen the other lords would take it as a sign of weakness from him and despite his status as a high lord it would seem as if he didn't have the corresponding power and courage to face the barbarians on the field. Basically he would become a laughingstock for the rest of the nobility, and the death of a few commoners could preserve his status and prestige, adding more merits to his name and house not to mention showcasing his tactics and commanding ability to the world.

    Every year there would be some casualties among the young nobles, but kasmen felt nothing from it, Even if some of the young nobles get killed in battle, they couldn't blame him as he didn't force or ask them to participate, but they came of their own free will and even paid for it. He had no responsibility to them. Although that was true he would always put them in one squad and leave them in the most safe region on the battlefield, after all they are still the descendants of many lords if something happened to a few of them then it was fine but if something happened to more, then even he would be hard pressed to face the consequences.

    Suddenly an officer entered the tent hurriedly "The barbarians made a surprise attack", this wasn't a shock or anything, but Kasmen knew they wouldn't report something this insignificant. The reporting soldier took a deep breath and said"they attacked the left flank.." the tent was live with murmur and whispers, even Kasmen's brow furrowed but soon returned to his usual calm " send the special squad no.13 to cover their retreat" he commanded, his calm and reassuring voice brought an end to the noise. With this everything should be fine but Kasmen still felt that something was off, his good mood disappeared without a trace.

    "Bowen, take your men and decimate the barbarians scum" A man with an average appearance stood, everyone knew his mood had worsened when they heard him call this man.

    "By your will" Bowen smiled.
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