7 Angered to death, and pill of regrets!

    Tian Li who who couldn't move anything but his eyes looked with venomous hatred at the previously heroic, now snot nosed soldier, as he put him on something like a cloth between two wooden poles, and proceeded to pull after tying his body to that thing.

    He was pulled to a far away place, and he wondered why he was brought here, wasn't a wizard coming to heal him? Don't tell me.. this whole thing was a ruse and it was a plan to kill me?. It was a possibility, for Tian Li who experienced the schemes of cultivators didn't think it was far fetched at all. Fuck! my luck is ** these days, indeed one man simply can't go against heaven, ** it, if heaven wants me to die then I have no choice but to die...BUT you better not think this father will die without a fight!

    In his time Tian Li was schemed against, tricked, betrayed and fooled many times but the most humiliating time was on the first day he left the mountain, every time he thought about that time he would curse the fact that there is no pill for regrets, by the way why isn't there a pill for regrets? Isn't the grand dao supposed to include everything in the world?. He hated that idiom more than anything, whenever he would complain to someone they would just say[there is no pill for regrets] like that made them feel clever or something  and so he decided he would definitely create a pill for regrets just so that whenever he hears someone say that damn idiom he would be like "but there IS a pill for regrets!!" Yeah that would be the day.

    During this time Tian Li wasn't just reminiscing, he was increasing the speed of the possession technique, anyway he was just being extra careful since he couldn't sense any killing or malicious intent. "Hmm" it seems that someone was heading this way. Soon that person arrived he was wearing soldier uniform but Tian Li could sense the energy of wizards from him.

    "Ah, hmm, a.. your.. ah amm" stuttered the wizard as if he didn't know how to address the soldier who was now back to his heroic and valiant bearing.

    " Ahem, just call me Mark" said Mark, the wizard was silent for a moment and then said" yes your- I mean Mark" his face went pale and he started sweating after replying like this. Tian Li was a little impressed as he watched the exchange, looks like even wizards had to respect the royal family.

    "Use [heal] on this person" commands Mark,

    The wizard came closer and inspected the wounds on Tian Li's body, especially the arrow still protruding out of his chest and finally he shook his head "I'm afraid that this wound is beyond me, sir". Mark didn't answer but just kept looking at the wizard, the poor wizard continued to sweat heavily " honestly sir, I cannot, I haven't recovered enough mana. Even if I had full mana, how this man isn't dead is beyond me sir, this person should have died long ago... Darker powers might be at work here sir, I suggest we end his suffering swiftly".

    You and your sir are my suffering! If Tian Li were to actually die by the hands of these mortals, he would be unable to show his face in purgatory or the reincarnation cycle. He would be better off just killing himself, at least he would keep his head held high in the reincarnation cycle.

    "His body is giving off heat and there is no negative energy whatsoever and for some reason his heart has stopped bleeding and is working just fine. I don't care how is it possible nor should you" Mark then took something like a bottle. The moment it was out the wizards eyes shined with greed and his body began shaking in excitement, Tian Li was a bit puzzled since he couldn't feel anything from it anyway he wasn't exactly in his best shape.

    "This will solve your mana problem, I'm sure" saying that he still didn't give it to him but held it in his hands, the wizard just kept nodding and although greed was apparent in his eyes he didn't make move. It seems Mark wasn't afraid of that too, even with his broken arm...

    " your hand" ordered Mark, the wizard stretched out his hand without hesitation. Tark used his teeth to unseal the bottle, immediately a unpleasant smell spread around, but neither Mark nor the wizard seemed to notice or care for that matter. Mark used his good hand and out slid a single drop that fell in the hand of the wizard but it wasn't liquid anymore it turned almost solid but not quite.

    In no time the wizard swallow it, then the energy from around ten meter radius started to gather into the wizard, half an hour later he opened his eyes and smiled with overwhelming happiness "I will use my only remaining heal to the best of my ability, it's not certain that he will survive but this will give him a chance! the rest will be unto fate". He spoke so confidently that he seemed like a different person altogether.

    The wizard then started mumbling and Tian Li watched on carefully so as to not miss a single moment, after one second was watching intently after two seconds he thought this spell might actually help him and reduce the time needed to heal this body even though it would only take two more hours for Tian Li, the faster he left this place the better but after three seconds passed he immediately coated himself with some of his divine sense, no healing spell would take that long, as far as Tian Li knew at least.

    After thirty five seconds he heard the wizard shout [heal], under his watchful eyes a fist sized green light headed to his heart region, Tian Li removed the barrier after he was sure it would do him no harm then a similarly green light enveloped his whole body, which under his dumbfounded gaze did nothing! the small scratches and bruises did heal but the real problem like the gaping hole in his heart left by the arrow did feel ticklish but nothing worth mentioning. Now Tian Li was sure the intention behind that was indeed to kill him just not in the traditional straightforward way but by angering him to death.

    Tian Li thought that play time is over there are two reasons he put up with this in the first place the first and foremost is naturally that he needed time complete the possession technique, there are ways to know if a body had been possessed especially by stronger experts. Secondly again time to heal this body, finally he had to learn as much as possible about this world ASAP so he wanted to see the magic of wizards although he was sorely disappointed.

    Tian Li softly spoke [Sleep], suddenly there were two thuds after the two people fell to the ground sound asleep, Tian Li then closed his eyes to complete focus. [Sleep] was of the lowest level spell possible, he wanted to see if it still worked here, thankfully it did. two hours later Tian Li opened his eyes, smoke was eerily coming out of his body, as he rose up, "Alright! The easy half is done" Tian Li released his divine sense and looked at a certain direction and started to walk but stopped halfway. Looking back at Mark he sighed, even though he didn't actually help he still tried to, Tian Li was not one who forgot favors, he raised his hand and pointed at the sleeping Mark and a transparent mark of a weird looking symbol flew to Mark's left hand.

    As Tian Li walked away he breathed in the night air freely no one could see him as he almost brushed shoulders with them even the insects and animals couldn't feel him as if he was walking on a different ground. Exploring this world as tempting as it may be has to wait, Tian Li would do nothing before restoring his cultivation.
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