8 Encounter 1

    Tian Li was in a cave within a forest, he came here because this area and around a hundred meters around it had the lowest number of living beings. He wanted quiet and peace to restore his cultivation and this cave was perfect for it, two months had passed since he arrived at this new world and he came to accept the facts, he was indeed in a completely different world. The truth was evident and there was no point in denial. Tian Li had many questions however there was no answer or at least no plausible answer, and so he decided leave them be for the time being and focus on his goal to return home.

    He was able to retrieve seven of the storage rings that he put in his core. That actually astonished Tian Li, at the last moment he threw them in there out of desperation, he didn't think that it would actually work. Thus he saved seven out of ten as for the lost three, he had no idea what happened to them and for some reason he couldn't observe the inside of his core though it should be because of the cracked state it is in. And so he was saved, this world had no qi! Without the treasures he plundered and stored he probably wouldn't be able to restore his cultivation at all, the ** he would've been in would have been ten times stinkier. That moment could even be classified as a moment that changed his fate, when he threw the rings to the core.

    However something happened as soon as he restored his power to early foundation establishment the immortal 'chain' which wasn't a chain at all and was in the form of straight lines moved out of the slightly fixed core and into his body forming 'springs' in all his limbs, torso and brain. After he reached mid-foundation establishment no matter how much he cultivated he was stuck as if he couldn't move any further, as if all that qi just disappeared, where did it all go? He had no idea.

    he even used one of the 50 high grad spirit stones he collected, which did not exist in the current Milky Way star system, even the Tian family which was one of the top three powers didn't have as many, Tian Li planed to keep them as heirloom for the family until he was ready for an important breakthrough but that would be at least five thousand years later anyway. But even as the priceless high grade spirit stone turned to dust in his hands nothing happened...

    This could be because the humans of this world had slight genetic differences compared to the immortal world so even though they call themselves humans and have human skin they are certainly not. Even then this was just a hunch and he didn't have any evidence. During this time he went through the most basic information about this world from Klein's memories. Klein Dorzone was the previous owner of Tian Li's body from him Tian Li learned many things about this world.

    Apparently this is continent called Orfitel, a continent of magic, and in the past during three eras each lasting more than two hundred thousand years, the mages dominated the continent especially during the magic expansion era where they achieved a greatness never seen before. This was what attracted Tian Li's interest the most, apparently the mages of that time discovered that Orfitel wasn't the only plane in existence and that there are other planes out there, they called Orfitel the main plane and made the first ever interracial alliance between the humans, dragons, elves, dwarves, orcs and spirits. They built gates that allowed them to enter and conquer the other planes. These gates sounded too much like the astral gates back home, perhaps the mages of this world were the way for him to go home...

    So he decided to stop cultivating as nothing would come of doing so anymore, perhaps some fresh air and time to think would do good for himself or it's time to establish contact with the inhabitants of this strange, new, frightening and existing world. So he went out of the cave to explore the world. And so he, got lost.

    As Tian Li walked, he looked around and found a small river and decided to take a bath, although as an immortal he was clean and smelled good all the time he got the habit after he mingled with the mortals in the seven island region on earth for twenty years so he just went with it. As he walked he thought that this seemed somewhat familiar aha! It should be, some beauty must be using the river to wash and he would get to see her naked and later save her dying father and train her useless brother all the while developing a relationship with her and by the end of the arch she would become a new member of his harem and after he sleeps with her a few times she will be forgotten and never mentioned again...

    But reality wasn't so sweet, he didn't see anyone in sight, sigh anyway the water was cool and full of strange fish and other creatures, Tian Li was in the mood for food so he dived down to the bottom of the river and saw a monster snake it was 30m long, black with lantern like eyes that released yellow light. When it saw him it just opened it's mouth to swallow him hole in boredom, forming a tornado right to its stomach. Tian Li snorted and the tornado stopped and the snake froze in its lazy pose, Tian Li wasn't hungry enough to eat it whole, so he just cut three meters tail before he left he looked at the frozen-in-fear snake and said slowly "If this is not good... then I think I would just have to try the head part"

    Tian Li got out, took out a new set of robes, red over black with a golden dragon drawn on the back and front, fixed his hair and took the grilling equipment and put the tail on the fire with the seasoning and some fruits. This was indeed much better than just burning spirit stones. As he waited for the meal to be ready he heard human voices and hooves of horses coming his way, out came a group of five. Two women in grey hoods surrounded by three men in armor, they looked injured, tired and worn out.

    They got down to drink water as they calmed themselves and let the horses rest and recover, finally they seemed to have noticed Tian Li. They all looked tensed at him the three men grabbed the hilts of their swords.

    And looked at one of the women in the hoods, she raised her hand and the loosened up, Tian Li could hear them speaking.


    "He isn't one of them, we already lost them they couldn't have possibly have found us so fast.." said one of the men hesitantly

    "He might be or else how could he just appear here like this? I say we kill him just in case."

    "God, opened your eyes jimmy he is cooking something meaning he was here way before we even got here" replied the first man more confidently.

    " something isn't right with that guy, we should just do our business and leave as soon as possible" said the only middle aged guy among them.

    " what? Are you a coward now ser Colb? Has these days of running stripped you of your senses, even an apprentice like me could tell that man has no life force, he's just a normal peasant" snapped the woman to the left.

    The woman on the right, clearly the leader of this group, just started walking towards Tian Li without a word, the others hurriedly followed her saying things like " m'lady!" "Its too dangerous!" As the men surrounded her in formation. When she was in front of Tian Li she took off her hood, golden curls fell to her shoulder, blue eyes came to view...
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