9 Encounter 2

    [ Just a warning this chapter is somewhat graphic and violent if this isn't your thing don't read further ]


    From what Tian Li could gather they were escaping from someone and happened to bump into him here. However he could perhaps get information about his whereabouts maybe even a map, thinking this far he decided to talk to them and exchange it for something they might need.

    When he saw them heading his way he smiled, them coming to him is different than him going to them.

    The woman who took off her hood smiled as she said "Good evening sir", he returned the smile as he replied " Good evening to you too". The group around her looked appalled at him for some reason, Tian Li thought that he was polite enough. But the blonde didn't even flinch and continued to smile brightly as she said "forgive my rudeness good sir, but I couldn't but wonder what a gentleman like you would be doing here all alone?" She was indirectly asking if he was alone, but Tian Li had nothing to hid so he just said "There's nothing to forgive, I'm here for training and to hunt some magic beasts to fill my pocket."

    " goodness where have I left my manners, our journey has left me weary and weak that I have forgotten to ask your name?" The woman said out of nowhere. "My name is Tian Li, I too have been out here a long time that I neglected to inquire of your name m'lady" replied Tian Li. The people here talk all weird and he hadn't gotten used to it yet.

    "Not at all, my name is Melody I'm afraid I'm no lady, I am a merchant from Velrong of the United Kingdoms, I was traveling in a convoy to the free states when a band of nefarious bandits attacked which led to the state we are in now." She went silent after this, Tian Li thought maybe she was waiting for him to say something, when he was about to talk, she already beat him to it "Tianlin is quite a unusual and unique name, you must be a warrior of great might, I would like to request of you to come with us and protect me on the way back to my home, once we are there you will be greatly rewarded with enough gold to last a lifetime, It is not my wish to boast but our guild has considerable influence and if you wish you will be given a high position wherever you desire in Velrong, this I vow by the supreme god!" she ended dramatically.

    Tian Li's brow furrowed as he said " my name is Tian Li, not... what you just called me" this was his name, given to him by the Tian ancestor and he would never change it no matter what world he was in as for the original owner of this body,humph, that guy was already dead, was he supposed to take his name and pretend to be him? Are you kidding me? Tian Li was the one who killed him in the first place he wasn't going to go around taking care of this guy's mess in life or take care of his family for him, forget about it. Tian Li's goal is to find a way back.

    "I can't go with you but, if you would be kind enough to lend me a map of this area I could give you a medicine that would restore your stamina and heal your wounds, you could be on your way within the hour" offered Tian Li generously. But what faced him were weird stares from everyone, aha! how could he be so inconsiderate! He clapped "I'm sorry about this, the fish yet to finish cooking, You would have to wait a bit for that but if you could only let me see the map in the time being I would be grateful"

    "You...you... did you just refuse?, ah may-haps you didn't believe me just now, I meant what I just said" she stammered, as if she couldn't believe her ears, her confidence and bravado gone, and then took something out of her pocket, some kind of emblem " this is the proof! The three headed statue is undeniable proof", as she smiled smugly. However from the beginning Tian Li didn't care about their story or if they were telling the truth or not he just wanted to make an exchange with them.

    He smiled to diffuse the tension and said "of course I believe you but I'm afraid my answer is still the same. You probably don't need me anyway I'm just a low rank warrior, I will probably slow you down so I'm going to offer you the medicine instead, it will be of help I'm sure" the atmosphere became cold after his words died, with how this is going it might turn ugly.

    After a silence she spoke again although stiffly " I will think about your offer and get back to you with an answer shortly" and then they all turned around and returned to their horses.


    " what do you all think?" Asked Melody.

    "We should kill him, he is a man who doesn't recognize the goodwill of m'lady!" Exclaimed the youngest of the guards who wanted to kill Tian Li the moment he laid eyes on him, when he thought Tian Li couldn't hear them.

    "I think we should take his offer, we wont lose anything and might be able to increase the distance between us and them further, one can't be too safe after all" came the calm and steady voice of Coleb the middle aged man.

    "I have no opinion, I will follow m'lady that's all" replied last one.

    "We should fool him into intercepting them for us and delaying them further" replied the only other woman in the group.

    " I think we should leave, if we leave now we won't have any conflict with him and when the assassins catch up he ought to delay them anyway" decided Melody " but what if he told them where we went?" Asked the woman. " then they will have to decide if they believe him or not, they may even have to split their forces..." she said with a sly smile, and then talked to the woman again " Urlet dear, I assume you already memorized his face and can draw it any time? ...Good because he saw me in this situation he simply cannot be allowed to live... and because he refused my goodwill he can't be allowed to die easy either hmm he should first be raped by ten guys and then locked and starved until he drinks his own piss and eats his own ** and finally killed by fire" everyone else shivered and lower their heads they remembered how this princess tortured her enemies and how this was the end of three of her own sisters.

    Tian Li heard everything however he wasn't angry at all nor did he feel anything, every ones in a while he would hear ants talking amongst themselves did he have to bother with what they said? the obvious answer was no. Tian Li stood up, looked at the fish, hmm it should be ready in ten minutes, this wont take long.

    They saw Tian Li coming to their side they ignored him at first and then they felt it, the feeling of primal fear, suddenly all sounds stopped around them the fish in the river swam down, the birds in the sky stopped mid flight, the insects didn't make any more noises. Somehow they all knew they were going to die but they had no more control over their bodies, no matter how much they told themselves to move they couldn't, they were prisoners in their own bodies. The next moment four heads fell, Tian Li wasn't some sycophant he didn't enjoy killing but didn't mind it either, when he killed he would end it fast.

    Except this one, since she was a princess she should have a royal death, the pressures disappeared as if it wasn't there to begin with, as if it was all a dream but the four corpses around her told a different story, the first thing she did after regaining control of her body was to relieve herself from both ends at the same time, a pungent smell spread, Tian Li looked at her in disgust, with a wave of his hand they flew in certain direction, Tian Li just wanted to show her around and let her look at the view from the sky, apparently flying was extremely rare in this world, "opps" while flying over a goblin tribe's territory she accidentally fell in the middle of the tribe and her legs broke, oh well. When he returned the grilled snake tail was ready, in his hand was a map of the area.
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