13 Arrival at Benklouis and History

    Tian Li and Jeen reached Benklouis smoothly, although a bit late but for the sake of solidifying their story and learning more about the situation of the empire and the continent, it was worth it, at least now he wont stand out like a sore thumb every time he opened his mouth. Actually when Tian Li first heard them say continent, he thought that they meant a big landmass on the sea of a planet, but it was an actual flat continent in space surrounded by some kind of bubbly thing, in the days of the magic civilization it was called the main plane.

    This shocked Tian Li greatly, in the immortal world there was only one such place, the closest place to the grand dao, the home of all cultivators and one of the three holy abodes; the divine immortal mainland! The reason that star systems are called as such is because an entire star system looks like a single star if you look from the immortal mainland! A single star! A star system is at least a hundred cultivation planets (suitable for life). The milky way star system looks like a small star from the immortal mainland. All the star systems are nothing but the stary sky of the immortal mainland, it was said that the mainland stretches on to no end, infinite and endless... well Tian Li wasn't so sure about that anymore.

    Still Tian Li didn't know why everyone was talking like the magic civilization was over? He saw plenty of wizards as soon as he arrived in Orfitel they seemed very much alive and used magic just fine, especially Chuz. By asking around he learned some history about this world. All of humanity only occupied a third of this continent, the rest was occupied by other races but who are they? Or how they are divided was unknown, asking for a map of the entire continent earned Tian Li a look and he knew not to ask for such things.

    Apparently even the the government only has a map of the human occupied area and not beyond that. However the most heartbreaking for Tian Li was when he heard that there were no more expeditions into the other planes and that most of the magic knowledge is long lost,  the world gates were destroyed, the days of glory were behind Orfitel not only for the humans it was a pit all races shared, this was due to an event that happened more than twenty thousand years ago, it was called the first catastrophe. Tian Li wanted to ask more but things regarding the catastrophe seemed too much like common knowledge, the more he asked the more suspicious people would get.

    From Jeen he learned that in all the villages, towns, and cities of the empire there are those who teach the children of age thirteen and less all about these things. So Tian Li got angry and asked why she didn't tell him if she knew, dose she just enjoy seeing him embarrass himself! Her answer was that her mother didn't allow her to go with the other children, one of the reasons that she only had a few friends and so she didn't know much apart from what she heard here and there. The most annoying part of the journey for Tian Li was that he had to act like a child, he placed an illusion talisman on himself anyone of the same cultivation or lower will see him as a child of ten years.

    This town was deep in the borders of the empire, if this town got attacked it would probably be an all out war, peace has lasted for twenty years now since the war of Blackrose. Back then the residents of this town were evacuated, although the army of Blackrose never got this far into the borders, lord Morblee loved his people dearly and didn't want to take any chances, after the war he was praised and sung for by the commoners and his lesser nobles alike, later he was dubbed Morblee the kind.

    Benklouis had a population of a hundred thousand or so, had circular wall of seven meters high around it and a garrison of four thousand soldiers among them there was five hundred Calvary. It was safe, it was not too important nor was it completely cut off, this is what Tian Li wanted, it was perfect for Tian Li to spend some time here to learn about this world and spread his influence discreetly in the next few years. What? too long? A few years is nothing for a cultivator spending this time to prepare the stage for his plans is nothing if not crucial to any plan not just this one, he isn't going to venture into the big cities offending everyone and still coming out on top somehow, the order and laws established through years cant be tackled by one person! not in real life anyway.

    Now they were in a room full of haystacks and some dry food, basically a storage room, it has been two days since they arrived at Benklouis and John, an old farmer offered them food and shelter if they helped in the farm work, as a 'poor nobody' he couldn't refuse the offer. Yesterday they were taken to the town hall where they were asked some questions and soon new identification papers were issued and stamped for them. This was a much needed rest for Tian Li, it allowed him to think about what to do next and sort out some things he only skimmed through before.

    Tian Li ultimate goal hasn't changed he wanted to go back home. During this time he thought of how he could do that and came up with a few solutions each with their own advantages and disadvantages. First, he could simply focus on increasing his cultivation, in theory at some stage he should be able to cross the boundary between these two worlds. The problem with this solution is that he didn't know at which stage would he be able to do that. The accurate information Tian Li has about cultivation stops at the second phase void seeking after that it's nothing just a blank.

    The last nail on the coffin is that even through the vague information he had about the later stages he never heard of anyone shattering the barrier between worlds and discovering a another world, even those at the third phase who could destroy star systems casually didn't and most probably couldn't!! so this path was foggy and full of uncertainty not to mention, if he ever achieved such a heavenly cultivation thousands upon thousands of years would have passed! he didn't want to go to a familiar but unfamiliar world where all those he ever knew already turned to dust ... his parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts his grandfather and great grandfather, his friends and sworn brothers. Usually Tian Li would block these thoughts out and just laugh it off or shift focus but not now ...

    In fact, because of a silly reason when he came after graduating as rank 1 talisman master he went back to earth but didn't go to see his family instead he sneaked into the seven island region and hid in the midst of mortals for twenty years, even though it was prohibited to enter without a pass, he still sneaked in using his superior concealment technique and mingled with them even though the experiment of the seven island area was in its last stages, what if he impacted it negatively? The consequences would be terrible. Still every time he remembered how the mortals thought the seven island area was 'Earth' he would have a good laugh.
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