15 Red star city

    Red star city, it was named like this by the red star knight when it was just another part of the forest, tall trees, uncultivated land and home to various magic creatures. Here was the ancestral land of house Morblee, now it became a decently sized city with all the hustle and bustle you would expect from one. The business was thriving especially since lord Morblee the kind was loved by the people and greatly trusted by them. Many polices were enforced to better the lives of the populace as a whole and not only in the city but all of his domain was like that. Yesterday special guests arrived and the whole city was celebrating and partying as the winds of spring blew.

    The rays of the sun shined through the small gaps of the curtains, lord Morblee woke up on this warm morning like usual, his back hurt and his joints ached, however none of that disturbed Karl Morblee like the missing left arm and slash close to his heart. It has already been more than eighteen years since the earless knight almost killed him, on some days he wished he did. It was healed immediately right in the middle of the battle by court mage Ocbert on the orders of his grace the emperor himself, and that saved him, he remembered what the old mage said as he struggled to withstand the pain, he said "the pain will be gone when you wake up", after that his cultivation dropped from knight to peak expert and he had to live without his left hand, even breathing became a chore.

    When he woke up mage Ocbert was gone but the worst of all is that the pain didn't stop at all even after eighteen years, he asked for help from all the lords who had a wizard tower yet the pain never stopped, finally the emperor summoned him to the capital and the imperial grand mage Rodrik took a look at him but in the end his answer was no better than a riddle to Morblee "the pain is all in your head m'lord , yes, yes it is. No magic can heal that wound only you can heal it, yes, yes it is so..." but that didn't help Morblee. Was he supposed to get over it after that? How did that help him? All the talk of wizards and their mystical power, in the end it came to talk of sorcery and tricks. If that hadn't happened to him he would still have thirty to forty years to live healthily but now...

    This year lord Morblee was eighty two years old, and all the scholars and wisemen told him his time is almost upon him, as if he didn't know himself! He knew he only had about five years or so, but it didn't scare him in the least he had prepared for his death long ago and had accepted it. As for his revenge for 'the rock forest' he was involved in fanning the flames between the free states and Encrasia for ten years now and he was satisfied with the results moreover he played a hand in something that will soon give the three kingdoms a lot of headaches and might even lead to their destruction, it's too bad that he wont live to see it all happen.

    The nobles who arrived yesterday were of no concern to Morblee, they were lesser noble's descendants passing through here to go to the United Kingdoms to sell weapons and drugs, the taxes are lower than elsewhere so they pass through here. The truth was that such moves are supported by bigger people, making sure the conflict continues over there was the idea and at the same time making sure no one actually wins in this war is the goal, anyway Morblee hated every other country other than the empire so he allowed them safe passage. What really intrigued him was that this was the fourth time this year, and every time they brought more weapons, it looks like business is good and the war has reached a climax as of now...

    After his morning routine he opened the door, his son Yovon was already waiting, Yovon was his heir. He chose him years ago and groomed him since then, among his twenty sons he was the one that fulfilled Morblee's ideals, he was already put to the test many times and proved himself worth his grooming, his brothers and sisters were given other posts in the house. Everyone plays their role for the house as for the greedy and scheming ones? He already disposed so such useless characters he also did the same to their mothers. Who knows what a grieving mother might do? Morblee did not underestimate women at all, that was also the reason he disposed of them immediately so that they would be able to reunite in god's eternal kingdom.

    As they walked along the corridor they chatted about some trivial things about the weather and some servants needing change because of their advanced age.

    "Lord Lombark asked to see you again today and said if he didn't have the honor of seeing you he will not leave the city" Yovon reminded, " the dragons take him and his honor, he just wants a private meeting with me, why are all the young ones so windy these days" complained lord Morblee.

    "-Ah! Right, father what do you think we should do about the bandit attacks down the borders, they have become more insolent and arrogant by the day, ever since the clean up three years ago they behave as if we don't exist, two weeks ago we got news that they even burnt a small village and killed all the villagers..." stated Yovon seriously. But lord Morblee was quite for a minute and then said "since you said all this you must've already investigated this... hmm but I don't have any ideas. Do what you think is right but don't go overboard, something isn't right, all this time were unable to locate them and their moves are extremely orderly, send only one squad no more"


    The spirit demon was a weak creature, it has no special abilities or skills other than that it can meld into the shadows and its great observation plus, it can be easily created by any cultivator, and it can also be detected by any cultivator who has divine sense, meaning it's useless on anyone above the 14th level of qi condensation. Basically this creature is useless in the immortal world except for showing off to mortals or new immortals. But Tian Li still sent 20 of these little devils to Red star city because even though he didn't know much about the methods of powerhouses of this world he figured they too  didn't know much about his methods so this all is just more of an experiment if it succeeded then he will gain much but if it fails it won't impact him at all.

    Now twenty spirit demons lurk all over red star city, currently five were focused on the lords castle and five others on his guests the rest are all over the important personal of the city, business guilds, the garrison, the underground gangs and finally the brothels, all they hear and see is being transmitted real time to Tian Li.
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