16 Time at Blenklouis

    "About the war, father, it seems Velrong is losing badly this time, its true that we are gaining alot because of that but wouldn't it be too bad if they loose too badly, after all we cannot allow one of the United Kingdoms to actually fall. It would give them hope to unite all of the kingdoms if that were to happen it would lead to the emergence of a problematic situation" inquired Yovon.

    "Hmm actually I don't know what's happening ...the situation in Velrong has been too chaotic in the last couple years but every time we thought they would fall they somehow manage to surprise us" replied Morblee.

    "That's true, its just illogical how the king is building fortresses and defenses in random places! These areas  would never get attacked, if I were one of them I would kill him before I allowed him to squander like this, sure as sunrise" swore Yovon, but Morblee was silent, this matter didn't concern him and he didn't think too much about it.


    Meanwhile at one of the five churches lesson halls of the peaceful Benklouis the history lesson was still on going.

    " he saw the only way for humanity to survive the catastrophe that is to come, he went to the mother of the sea who was pregnant at that time as a result of her union with the holy beast the red-eyed white lion, and told her of what he saw, that he saw a great catastrophe that will envelop all of Orfitel from the sunset isles to the broken mountains, all life will face the great catastrophe and the gods will die and turn to ash one by one, the sky will fall, the earth will fold, all light will be gone and darkness will cover all. Now only she can save humanity".

    "The mother of the sea knew what she had to do, in her love for humanity and in a bid to save her son she sacrificed herself and destroyed the body of her growing son in her womb to send the soul of her son to the future to save humanity, her son was to become the first human empire and establish the greatest nation in the world, our very own human empire. And the catastrophe struck true, from that point on all magic disappeared, the warriors were also created by wizards who implanted magical items in the bodies of regular humans allowing them to cultivate life force, but with the disappearance of magic the warriors died one by one, the other races were no better, even worse like the fairy race that outright went extinct, but, some were indeed better like the dragon race that went into hiding in the depth of the earth in a timely manner and sure enough humans without magic or life force were unable to even struggle in such a world,  that undocumented period of time is called the dark era. For obvious reasons like the fact that the sun went off and even more obvious like the destruction of all human civilization.

    At that time humanity was reduced to 90%, the dark era lasted for an unknown amount of time, and the experts would all argue about it, when humanity was about to face the same fate as the fairy race a change occurred. A human ignited life energy on his own defeating a magical creature and saving his life. That person went on to unite all of the survivors and establishing the human empire. At last humanity had hope, he defeated the sea giant Ocrbers, took the heart of the demonic tree, and split the last stand mountain in half which released the blue river that condensed to form the blue lake upon which the first human capital Artimenter was built. He was called the demi-god supreme as well as the human emperor, he ruled for five thousand years, he was a teacher, a master and a father to all, he was loved by the commoners and revered by the nobles. He ascended into the stars on the ascension day and on that day the sun shown upon Orfitel once again, that is also when the god star first shown upon the continent".

    Tian Li was listening attentively and memorizing everything he heard the pity is that she didn't carry any books with her, otherwise he only needed one scan to memorize everything in the book, he found the history of this world quiet interesting and if what she said could be taken seriously then it means that at some point there were indeed truly strong beings on this continent, the human emperor himself was one of them if he could truly walk in space then he must have at least reached the ascendant stage and that was twenty thousand years ago. Who knows what kind of power does he possess now...

    The lesson ended soon after, all the kids picked their food and went to eat, most kids eat in groups, as far as he could tell these groups were divided according to social standing and not personal power which Tian Li found laughable. Power was all. This was one of the things you learned as soon as you are born in the immortal world. For example Tian Li decided to kill a kid named Lorecs he was twelve this year and he would use his fathers position as head butler of the noble knight of this town to steal the food of these poor children here and beat them bloody while at it, taking all their money after that everyone her would see it but no one would say anything, he would harass the girls and bully the weaker kids.

    But the thing is, Tian Li didn't actually care about any of that, for all he cared Lorecs could do all that due to his father's position which is also a form of power, the reason he wanted and will kill Lorecs is simply because he didn't like how his face looked, it wasn't anything complicated just that he couldn't stand that face, it was the type of face that would warrant a punch every-time you see it, Tian Li didn't feel like punching him every time he saw him so he decided to spare the boy the suffering and simply kill him. Sadly he would have to wait for at least three weeks for that.

    Again they went on to help in the barn until late noon, after that Tian Li went to help the wood cutter James for some extra cash, then night fell and he was back to that storage room. Time passed by and Tian Li kept to his routine like clockwork and more and more information was transmitted by the spirit demons in red star city. Currently other than following his routine Tian Li was working on a semi clone every day he would spend more time on it, luckily he got this half ready semi clone from the damed ruins or who knows how long it would take to make one. Once its ready it can take his place here and he would be free to go to a certain place mentioned by Lord Morblee, the information he kindly revealed were fairly interesting, and he thought he shouldn't rot in this town for too long.
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