17 Bloodlines! adventurers guild?

    Three weeks have already passed since then but Tian Li of course didn't kill Lorecs, whom he decided to call the kid withe the punchable face, Tian Li wasn't one to act purely on feelings, and killing the kid with the punchable face wouldn't bring him any benefit, in-fact it might do the opposite if the son of the head butler were to die in this peaceful town, and it might bring unwanted attention, although that possibility was unlikely it was still a possibility nonetheless and Tian Li worked hard to forge this identity to blend seamlessly into this world, he wouldn't jeopardize it for silly feelings.

    Besides Tian Li found it enjoyable to punch him every time he saw him, it was a great stress reliever and a wonderful exercise. Tian Li's whole life was mostly fighting for treasures and his life, and cultivating. Although he spent peaceful time while in hiding he was mostly cultivating to reach core formation as soon as possible. But here, now he had to actively interact with these mortals and couldn't even cultivate and it was driving him mad! It was already sunset and he was done with work for the day, and he should return to the barn.

    Ah! He almost forgot, he promised old Meclenzi he would sneak some fresh butter to him everyday at sunset, that man was old and his teeth don't work as they used to, so he could only eat bred if its soaked in butter, his wife died three years ago when their son didn't come back after he went to Redstar city to work as a mercenary but old Meclenzi always believed his son was alive somewhere and he was certain to see him before he kicks the bucket. Tian Li didn't ask for the story but somehow in this town everyone knew everything about everyone else, the women always whispered about embarrassing things when they thought Tian Li was just a ten year old.

    When he was back to the barn, Jeen was already waiting for some time, her face was as expressionless as ever but Tian Li saw it, from time to time she would smile, somehow that relaxed him a bit. Although two weeke ago when she came back from the market she started calling him "big brother Li" which sent shivers down his spine when he first heard her. The meal was simple, of course Jeen didn't notice when Tian Li added a few 'seasonings' to the meal.Tian Li noticed the signs when they first met, but couldn't confirm until later on, this girl possessed some sort of bloodline, moreover it was a first generation bloodline which astonished and scared Tian Li when he first confirmed his guesses.

    Bloodlines in the immortal world came from two sources, either from a powerful ancient beast or when one of your ancestors achieved the third phase which makes all who share his blood possess the bloodline, in the second case your lifetime of dao comprehension and core spells would transform into a bloodline, however the conditions for that are not really well known, sometimes it wont happen. The first case is because these ancient beasts have melded into their natural habitat and were able to send their memories and dao comprehension to their descendants through blood, in time it turned into an ability or specific spell of course along with the accelerated growth rate.

    Tian Li couldn't tell which was it for Jeen, but one thing was for sure, the bloodline was too strong for her body, if she hadn't net Tian Li she would be destroyed by her own bloodline... although Tian Li wasn't an expert, he didn't know how to solve this problem in the most correct way, but his thinking was simple enough since her body couldn't withstand the power of the bloodline he should just make her body strong enough! In the last few weeks her situation improved significantly.

    Hmm looks like something interesting is happening at Lord Morblee's...


    The Redstar castle.

    Lord Morblee was eating dinner with some of his children, wives and concubines while the chief scholar of the castle was reporting the many events in the realm. Apparently a large kobold tribe attacked the towns to the far north of the free states, the griffins of the royal family were seen flying to the east and the underground gangs in the city were making suspicious movements and so on and so forth.

    "Now, the matter of Svenrock city, it looks like things got better recently... the scouts reported that the goblin tribes and gnoll tribes seem to have evacuated the area, it seems the attack by the BoldYeen squad had forced them to leave, now the area they left can be reclaimed by humanity. Paramount lord Almeric has ordered to continue to watch the situation". Reported the chief scholar.

    "Of course that old fart is too careful to fall for a cheap trap, well it looks like one but it could also be that I am too careful to be happy, anyway, send a congratulatory gift as soon as possible to him, next!" commented Morblee in between bites.

    The chief flipped to the last page only to widen his eyes slightly, it didn't escape Morblee's notice. " ah, this is just a rumor but apparently it has been spread widely. Some claimed to have seen the firecloud hero in the surroundings of Svenrock city, many believe it to be true and have left to Svenrock city to beg for his tutelage" said the chief while gulping.

    For the first time lord Morblee's brows locked, it would seem this was completely unexpected to him. "Well this is all very far from here it has nothing to do with us... none of you are allowed to even think of going, you can sneak away I won't stop any of you, if you can actually do that it would mean you've got some talent". Lord Morblee warned his children with a stern look.

    All the while, Tian Li who was listening to all this only had one question.... where is your adventurers guild?!? Right! Ever since he got here he was thinking this world was a bit different than the one in fantasy books. In this world the lords use their armies to fight monsters and there was no such thing as an adventurers guild and that made sense. How could the lords allow such a group to exist? And independent, powerful, popular armed group in their lands? Even if they operated under a million laws it would still be a thorn in their necks, for the nobles anything that threatens their control over their lands is not allowed to exist. The people are only living on the land of the lord ultimately and they themselves are property of the lord.

    Anyway hearing such exiting news Tian Li was happy, it looks like Svenrock city is all the rage in the empire now, not to mention he could meet someone truly strong there, it is time to blow off some steam.
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