21 Land of Monsters:Night talk

    Diana went to check on Riston, his chin was badly hurt and it looked like it will hurt even more tomorrow. The rest took off their weapons and breathed a sigh of relief, the battle was incredibly dangerous especially for that last wereboar, it looked like it was powering up in the middle of the fight! And it gave such a dangerous and wild feeling, if they didn't have the surprise factor there would definitely have been some sacrifices.

    The collected the bodies in one place under a tree, intending to bury them so the smell won't attract more monsters, one of the wizards also placed a preservation and mark spells, so that they could take them on the way back or come with a carriage.

    "Stop!" Demanded Tian Li. They did as asked, looks like his advice to them to prepare had given him some credit. He didn't say anything but looked at all the heads of the wereboars, he locked his brows and frowned.

    "Did you notice that .... these monsters are all half-blind?" Tian Li asked. Some widened their eyes, if so could it be that the surprise attack worked so well was because the monsters were half blind to begin with? If not could these monsters have brushed off the effect of the [flash] spells? That thought sent chills down their spines. But Tian Li was thinking of something else, if one of them was like that then it was nothing but for all five of them to be half blind... they looked like they were just getting used to the sun, an intriguing thought.

    If Tian Li came on his own he would have definitely ignored such weak monsters, but perhaps because he was traveling with this group he stumbled upon something interesting, something he wouldn't have noticed if he came by himself. They bury the bodies and cover the opening with wooden planks and tree leaves.

    Tian Li takes them to a small lake to make camp and spend the night, even though the battle was short-lived it was intense and clearly took a toll on the team physically and mentally. While making camp some asked Tian Li about why he didn't tell them such monsters roamed the parts, he told them there were no records of such monsters before, no one has ever seen such monsters although it could be because all the attention was on the goblin and troll tribes before they evacuated.

    Some nodded their heads, they already came to Svenrock city weeks ago and investigated,  there were indeed no mention of such monsters. They asked Tian Li to take them to a place called the green lake, he sent parts of his divine sense with some birds days ago thats why he knew the region although he only had a general idea of the terrain and after seeing the green lake he knew they were definitely going somewhere else after they reach there, they were only using it for directions but Tian Li still planed to take them there but ... he will just change the direction a bit.

    The atmosphere in the camp was depressing and the silence was defining. Tian Li was sent to hunt dinner he brought a few fishes from the lake and three rabbits. Riston was cleaning his armor while cursing, the three female archers were cleaning their arrows of the blood and gore. Rolf was medicating, Ivo was nowhere to be seen and Alphonse looked like the only person who felt the tension and he looked awkward, he opened his mouth several times inly to close it without a sound.

    "I know what you want to say!! Come on let me hear it!." Snapped Christa at Diana.

    Diana didn't flench "I don't want to say anything" she replied coldly

    "Ooh is that right? You know you want to say it! Let us hear it! You were right we shouldn't have went past the weeping hill... and I shouldn't have shot that **ing boar... you all want to say it ...so let it out" it seems her voice cracked up in the last bit.

    "Yes I want to say it but now is not the time we are already here... besides if I didn't want to be here I would have left by myself, we all came here on our own no one forced us" replied Diana.

    "Right! And who would have thought that, that boar would turn out to be a dangerous monster? It was just bad luck... and if you look at it from another prospective nobody got hurt, and we will get a pretty penny for those bodies " Alphonse stood up and talked loudly and reassuringly.

    "Hey!!" Snapped Riston while pointing at his chin.

    ".... a minor injury" Alphonse said curtly.

    And everyone laughed. The mood eased, and in came Ivo carrying a bunch of fruits and wild vegetables.

    Ivo cleaned one of the rabbits and cut some vegetables and fruits into small pieces with his saber, and put them in the rabbits empty belly, everyone looked at him strangely.

    " ... what? I learned it at Oreparz, it would give a nice flavor when we don't have seasoning and it's quite heathy" Replied Ivo, somehow everybody was taken back. Ivo didn't seem like the kind of guy who would say or do that.

    Night fell, and everyone went to sleep except for Dian and Ivo, they had night duty the fist half of the night.

    "Are you from the free states?" Asked Diana

    "No, but I did spend time there when I was sixteen" Replied Ivo lightly.

    "What did you do there?" Asked Diana again

    "It was... I was looking for someone" this time he replied stiffly.

    "Ah I'm sorry I didn't mean to ask about such personal things, I was just curious, such a far away place seems unreal"

    "You should travel around, the world is much bigger than you think, hearing and reading about something is different than seeing it for yourself. My whole life I've been traveling, I saw the great walls of the endless cliff, the masked men of Ivjana, the warlocks of Egeth and the blue lake of Artiwenter. But also many terrible, frightening things, things you are better off not seeing, you should be careful of even the ordinary people" explained Ivo

    Diana felt like Ivo was hinting at something... then she looked at the sleeping Tian Li and gasped "you think we should be careful of him? Bu-but he's just an ordinary man, he can't do anything if we wanted to kill he he'd be dead already" she whispered

    "An ordinary man who convinced us not to ask about him at the city, who 'overheard us' and introduced himself at the right time and said all the right words..."

    "You think Stephen planed it?!"

    "No not that, but did you ever see an ordinary man who could talk so confidently to a group of real warriors? Who could stay so calm while observing the fights we went through? He even warned Christa before she shot the arrow, made off handed comments that turned out incredibly accurate, and helped us win. And still he didn't utter a word of wanting to leave... as if he didn't care about his life or-"

    Diana completed " -or he didn't think his life was in danger at all..."
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