12 Spli

    Ye Yuyan sat in lotus position with his eyes tightly shut, in his mind revolved the mantra of the heartsword code. The formulas for sword force stirred the various nomological forces around him. Ye Yuyan's mind would scan over a sword truth that drifted in the air currents before moving on to another truth.

    The heartsword code was special because it started from the inside. Where most practitioners started on the outside by absorbing the sword forces and forming intents and even legendary sword hearts, the heartsword did exactly the opposite.

    It confirmed the sword truths with the desires of the user, with Ye Yuyan it examined each sword truth looking for blood. Each sword truth was engraved with a character, some were a slaughter, others were power and speed. Each conforming with a human desire, but only the blood would be absorbed.

    After a moment the sword truth would engrave itself on the red lotus, the chrome slowly extended along the second leaf. The original 10% had already risen to a stunning 40% because he had been cultivating nonstop since he received the sword code.

    Even when he was talking he was still practicing the mantras and formulas of the heartsword. All that was left for him to do was sit down and absorb the necessary essences. Each stroke of sword truth looked like a sword slash on the increasingly chrome leaf. The leaf emanated an aura of sharp and bloody domination.

    The sword force originated from the powers of metal but has become a special type of force due to the Sword Bearer.

    The Sword Bearer was a legendary bearer from antiquity who founded the first chivalry school and changed Metal into a Sword. Because of his actions, the sword can now support any school even a blood school.

    Ye Yuyan's eyes flashed open with a sharp metallic light, gathered around him were even more sword forces. Ye Yuyan's robe looked worn and partially scratched up, this was due to the sword forces that seeped into his body.

    Ye Yuyan snapped his fingers as snowflakes appeared all over his robes, slowly repairing them back to their pristine black appearance.

    "I might be able to reach the peak of Rank 2 soon, I'll have a lot more assurance that way." He mumbled to himself, he couldn't help but recall the fight against the Third Prince. The prince held back and although Ye Yuyan looked calm, in his heart he was pressured by the prince's power.

    Using only his frost powers he couldn't beat him. He could have drawn out more of the prince's power using his sword force, and maybe even his red lotus. But such revelations could have brought more tribulations rather than blessings.

    This had to do with the cultivation in this world. There are 9 ranks, Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3, and etc all the way to Rank 9. Among humans, there are 3 conventional paths, Sealing, Bloodline, and Chivalry. With all the paths, the 9 ranks are split into three big watersheds.

    The first 3 the focus is building a foundation, the second is mastery of laws, and the final is laws as a world. In each system, there are specific titles for a warrior at that rank. A rank 2 Chivalry Practitioner is respectfully given a Knighted Nickname.

    Maven is an old man who started cultivating late in life but showed immense natural talent. With his great talent, he went from a Rank 1 Apprentice to the peak of Rank 2 and gained the title of Knighted Maven.

    The common denominator among all the systems is the basic foundation. In the foundation, the goal of a Rank 1 is to absorb an essence. For Chivalry that means getting a sword code, with Sealing that means absorbing slaughter qi.

    For Rank 2 experts their goal is to cultivate a totem, totems are special in that they help a practitioner focus their energies. For sealers, they need to absorb their first demon. For knights, that means manifesting a totem using their cultivation method.

    This is where the amount of essences a cultivation technique has becomes incredibly important. If the cultivation code is too weak, they can't form a totem or at best a weak totem that can't develop. With demon sealing, all that matters is having a strong demon absorbed.

    Considering how weak a sealer is in the beginning, it becomes hard to absorb any strong demons. Making the sealing path almost impossible without a strong background. But this isn't without recourse, as the laws and totems formed from demons are significantly stronger than the totems of chivalry.

    The final step is for Rank 3 experts, is to fuse their essences with their totem and create an Aspect. This is an extension of their true self and will be the key to comprehension of laws. With each rank, an expert takes a step to becoming eternal, and so each rank is a step to the peak.

    Due to totems and essence conflicts, most cultivators could only cultivate one law. Even more unlikely was a cultivator who could cultivate more than one of the big paths. The only few who could accomplish such a feat were the bearers!

    The bearers are legendary existences who established all the big and little schools throughout the world.

    They themselves were said to be manifestations of laws but such is an ancient myth. No one truly knew what it was that each bearer bore, but they were respectfully titled based on the laws they mastered. With only 8 bearers ever coming into existence in over 2 million years of history.

    It was said that the bearers surmounted the laws of the world and created their own laws. As such it made sense that they could found new schools, weeding out the old and bringing forward the new. Sadly time was cruel to all, even the invincible bearers faded into history.

    Ye Yuyan was also special like the bearers, he cultivated both sealing and chivalry. He was on the precipice of forming a totem for his sword and had his eyes on a demon for his frost totem. But his totems were special in their own ways as well, because he could create a totem from both methods at the same time. Such was the power of the Red Lotus!

    "It is all coming together slowly but surely. But to think I would get a Song inheritance so soon." Ye Yuyan said to himself as he took out the divination book.

    He flipped through the book skimming at first before he stopped at the illustration of a woman. The moon was vividly shining onto her pale face, her red lips were pursed with sadness and her long black her cascaded on her white glittery dress.

    The bottom of the dress was frilly was parted to each leg accentuating her figure. Her beautiful blue eyes were filled with longing as she looked at the moon.

    Sealing has roots throughout all of history. In Far antiquity, there was a bearer who founded the school, but the profoundness was something no human could truly comprehend. But I found a way to further the school, I call this small school divination.

    The ancient bearer used their powers to seal demonic powers, but my goal is to reverse the sealing and use the energies as a weapon. In this comes various approaches, there is expulsion, alteration, and weaponization of divined energy.

    But it all ultimately goes back to the power of sealing, for one to seal they must become intimately intuned with the powers of heaven and earth. With it, they can glimpse into the eventual ends of any action, sealing as I've theorized should one day become a far sight into the future of all energy.

    Ye Yuyan read intently as his mind became increasingly enraptured after a few hours he shut the book and felt enlightened.

    "Farsight, you could picture the future!" His eyes suddenly became like saucers as images of the past went through his mind. Suddenly matters that were filled with mystery became clear to his mind as his breath became heavy.

    'Then that means I could...' In Ye Yuyan's eyes struggled the image of a frost demon with white frosty eyes. He raised a hand and started counting his fingers, then he put down his middle finger. In his mind, hundreds of calculations went about suddenly.

    As the calculations completed, his divination ended and suddenly in his mind appeared the image of a frost demon hidden in a dark valley. Then the image of another frost demon chasing a warrior with blue fur and a greatsword on his back appeared as they ran around in a mountainous forest.

    "Hehe Illathar, you made a grave mistake. By splitting yourself like that, you've made yourself an even easier target to devour." Ye Yuyan said with a supercilious smile.

    He went back to his meditation and started to make preparations for the upcoming battle. On the stamen of his red lotus coiling a black serpent that hissed out a black flame.
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