2 1st day of school

    in Stiles dream you can see an old man and stiles sitting down on the ground while talking to each other. the Old man seems to look kinda frail and with hardly any fat on his body. His face wasn't anything special either he just looked like a typical old man, and his eyes seemed so dim that it looked like he was blind not to mention his strands of white hair which he hardly had, just made him look so weak. He looked so weak and frail that if you'll push him down it is guaranteed that some of his bones will be broken.

    "so lemme get this straight, your are Fenrir the God of wolfs and the father of wolfs?" stiles asked

    "yes" replied the old man

    "and I am somehow related to you by blood, and my blood is currently going through a phase in which it is purifying itself to a one hundred percent to be like yours, in order for me to receive your blessings as well as all your power since you are dying." Stiles said not expecting a reply as he just began to laugh at how foolish this was sounding.

    "Laugh all you like, I'm just happy I was able to meet someone to inherit my inheritance before I pass. Also it makes me happy thinking about the face you would be making as soon as you wake up hahaha... well anyways it seems that it is almost time for you to wake up." said the old man

    as the old man finished talking he walked up to Stiles and slapped him right on his forehead as a dim light appeared and quickly disappeared.

    " what was that for old man?" Stiles asked a bit mad since he felt a slight sting on his forehead.

    " ohh shut up you little ** that was my going away present you'll understand later on." the man said as he was beginning to fade. which Stiles noticed and a concerned face was written all over him.

    "hey old man what's goin..." Stiles was about to ask before he was interrupted

    "hahaha... kid don't worry everything is alright I'm just finally free. Ah before I go be careful around the Hunter families those ants will bite you if they find out who you are. And don't worry about the tattoo it's my other little gift, it should help you in controlling my full power any way you see fit to do with it, or simply saying you won't go berserk on people. Lastly I've seen your memories don't be a punk and let little **s bully you around you're going to be a God so act like one..." the old man said as he finally faded away leaving a stunned and extremely confused Stiles.



    Stiles alarm rang as he woke up startled and quickly reaching over to turn off the alarm.

    as he pressed down to turn it off he somehow crushed it leaving behind scrap metal.

    "What the Fuck!" said Stiles clearly surprised by what he just did. as he sat there on his bed he suddenly got a huge headache which caused him to close his eyes in pain as memories and information suddenly rushed right into him from God knows where.

    As it subsided he opened his eyes, when he opened them a blue color Iris with red Sparks around it flashed right before turning back to normal.

    "huh so that crazy old man wasn't lying to me, then that also means the tattoo he mentioned!" stiles suddenly realized as he looked towards his right arm where he could see a black stain.

    while he turned his arm around slowly to see what the stain is his heart began to beat fast and loud. but then it stopped for a second and then it began again but much faster.

    "oh **, oh **, oh **" Stiles kept repeating, as he looked at his tattoo which was in the shape of a wolfs head with horns and it's body  in a shake of a hook which looked quite nice actually. [ search Viking Fenrir tattoo] But his head wasn't thinking about how cool it looked, he was just thinking on how in the hell will he explain this to his Dad.

    he got up from his bed and rushed straight to his restroom to try to wash it off as he turned the faucet on he began to scrub but to no avail as it wouldn't come off.

    (** I'm **ed) was all he could think of.

    As he looked up into the mirror another surprise came. In the mirror stood stiles but the difference is, is that his facial structure looked more chiseled. he still looked like himself yet more handsome.

    then he noticed something else his chest looked more bulky so he quickly took his shirt off and a lean body appeared with muscles that seem dense and filled with power, every muscle can be seen. simply put he looked ripped as ** [ imagine gokus body when he goes God mode] .

    Now this was a surprise but he also felt scared since how will he be able to explain his body change. Then it suddenly hit him (I could just wear a sweater or jacket to hide the tattoo and body at least till I find an excuse for my dad, as for school I can just say I worked out during the summer. yeah let's go with that.) Stiles planned out in his head.

    A few minutes later a refreshed stiles comes out of the house with his car keys in his hand. " ** I ain't walking to school" Stiles said happily


    when he got there he saw Scott and ran towards him.

    "hey Scott wait up!!" Stiles exclaimed

    when he got close to Scott he saw him with a weird face like something bad happened.

    "you alright" asked Stiles.

    " no man some animal bit me last night, when you left me at the woods by myself. thanks by the way" Scott said as he lifted his shirt to show the bandaged part with blood.

    Stiles was about to reply when he saw the girl he liked Lydia walk towards him. well more like the entrance of the school.

    " hey Lydia" styles said


    Lydia pov

    (ughh hate mornings especially when that guys always tries to get my attention) I was thinking when I hear that annoying guys voice.

    "hey Lydia"

    I wanted to ignore it but my head suddenly turned towards him as if someone forced me to do so. but what I saw was the same annoying guy but he looked different more handsome and I can see his body structure changed, but I was instantly captivated by his aura it felt like I was staring at a king. without knowing it a blush appeared on my face.


    Stiles pov:

    (why is she just standing there is something wrong.)

    " Lydia are you okay" I asked her which brought her out of her faze as she just simply looked down and walked away ignoring me. yup just a typical day then .

    "Yo Scott let's go inside the Bell is about to ring" I told Scott which he simply just nodded.

    when we got to class I noticed Scott acting a bit weird, but then it hit me within my new found memories I kinda knew what's going on with him. (I have to make sure what I'm thinking of right now is true and if it is, I got to keep an eye on him and find out who bit him.)

    As I was thinking about this a new student comes in and instantly I smell a weird aroma coming from Scott. ( ** this must be my new powers coming into action, and from what I can see that aroma is Scott getting the hots for the new chick)
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