3 1st day of school part 2

    Stiles pov

    (well then at least Scott has good taste in girls, I mean she ain't all that either maybe a 6/10 for me) stiles was thinking to himself as the new girl introduced herself as Alison Argent, right after that she walks towards the empty desk behind Scott. As she sat down Scott turns around and offers her a pen, which she takes hesitantly.

    ( what the ** was that Scott you gotta at least wait till she asks for one not just hand a pen over out of the blue) stiles was saying to Himself trying not to laugh at his friend.

    a few hours later In the hallways, I stand next to Scott who was staring at Alison from afar.

    " yo at least go talk to her instead of being all stalkish, plus she's by herself." I tell Scott but like his bad luck, Lydia and her **ty boyfriend showed up next to her

    "well not anymore I guess, by the way it looks like she's going to be hanging out with the cool kids now" I jokingly say to Scott


    while at the same time Scott and stiles were talking, Alison and Lydia just finished meeting each other, and Alison felt someone looking at her so she turns and looked at Scott, and asked Lydia.

    " hey Lydia, do you know that guy?"

    but she didn't hear a response

    "Lydia?" Alison asks again but this time she turns towards her to notice that she was staring at the boy next to Scott

    "Lydia!" Alison taps at Lydia's shoulder

    "huh! what? what's up?" Lydia replies absent mindedly

    " I was asking if you knew that guy next to the lockers" Alison asked again

    " ohh you mean the losers, yeah... I have know idea. By the way [ quickly changing the conversation] where did u get that sweater?" Lydia replies.

    while the two girls where talking, Jackson, Lydia's boyfriend was fuming with rage as he noticed Lydia's gaze towards stiles. For which he knew that's the same look, she used to give to him before they began to date.

    without the girls noticing Jackson began to walk towards Stiles.


    Stiles pov

    "yo Scott that asshole is coming towards us" stiles quickly told Scott.

    " ** it's the first day of school I don't want to be bullied already" Scott replies with a hint of concern

    as Jackson got closer something within Stiles was itching for a fight. he didn't notice it but he had a big grin on his face which further infuriated Jackson.


    "what the ** are you smiling at huh?!" Jackson asked full of anger

    "we're not smiling" Scott replied quickly but timidly. while also inside was wondering how come he didn't feel any danger from Jackson as he usually would feel.

    "I'm smiling cause your making a stupid face right now" stiles replied shocking Scott and the people around them, especially Jackson since he has never been told off by Stiles.

    " what did you say!" screamed Jackson as he pushed Stiles, well tried to push him but couldn't, which also surprised him and Scott.

    "hey man if you push me one more time your going to regret it" Stiles says as he felt his blood boiling

    "hmph" Jackson shrugs off the warning and instead of pushing stiles he went for a punch at his face.

    while everyone was expecting Stiles to get hurt Lydia whom was watching from afar began to run towards them with a pale face thinking of trying to help stiles from his predicament.

    on Stiles side he quickly moved back evading the punch. then rushed in towards Jackson, grabs him by the shirt and pushes him towards the lockers bending one of them as he lifted Jackson of the ground. Stiles then holds him there with one hand as he punches Jackson in the stomach making him cry out in pain. Seeing this stiles let's him down as he whispers into his ear " next time you think it's a good idea to come up to me acting like your all big **, think again. because next time I'm not going to hit you in the stomach. I'm going to go for that so called pretty face of yours and make your parents wish you were adopted."  right after that stiles let's Jackson go, causing Jackson to fall straight down on the floor while everyone around just stayed quite trying to understand what they just saw.

    with that being over Stiles coughs to get Scott's attention.

    " yo class is about to start" stiles says as he began to walk away before the teachers arrive.

    meanwhile Lydia is processing her own feelings on what just happened

    ( did I just try to help Stiles, and why don't I feel bad for Jackson but instead feel proud of Stiles for standing up to him)
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