7 new beginning

    "did you tell your mom already?" Stiles asked

    "yeah no problem, so how much do you think it's going to hurt?" Scott replied

    "hmm i don't know, but I do know I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right about now." as Stiles finished talking his hands began to change as his hand began to grow big sharp, and metallic looking claws. he picked up his hand to take a better look at it, he was a bit surprised seeing how natural it felt having this change on his body heck he felt more comfortable then anything really.

    (why is his hand changing, and those claws, do I also have something similar to that.) thought Scott as he was staring at Stiles Jan as it finished transforming.

    just as it finished changing Stiles disappears, and all of a sudden Scott opened his eyes as wide as he can, and looked down at his chest where he can see a hand right inside were his heart is located. with a sharp bolt of pain blood began to gush out.

    "I did say it was going to hurt" stiles said as he removed his hand from Scotts chest. (damn I don't think killing someone will ever be easy for me) stiles thought to himself.

    on the other hand as Scott heard Stiles he tried to say something, but blood just clogged up his throat causing him to just cough up blood.

    slowly Scott began to close his eyes, before his heart stopped indicating his death.

    "okay then lets get this started" Stiles said as he lays Scott down and opens his mouth before putting his wrist over it, and making a huge cut over his wrist so blood can flow down into Scotts mouth.

    just as the blood went down Scotts throat his body began to seizure mildly, and his body began to burn hot as the heat began to evaporate the blood on him. after a few seconds later the hole in his chest was beginning to close and heal, and his body structure was also changing. His jawline that was misproportioned ( one side was bigger than the other) was corrected, and his body began to look a bit bulkier but not too much that people would notice right away.

    after a few minutes the heat he was emitting began to fade as well as his little seizures stopped.

    a few hours later just before the sun came out  Scott began to show signs of waking up as his heart began to beat again and a groaning noice will come out, out of him.


    a sharp sound of inhaling air was heard as Scott finally opened his eyes revealing glowing red eyes, but not a regular red. it's a red so dark it's looked like blood.

    "huh... you finally woke up." Stiles said as he saw Scott sit up from the floor.

    "you **ing asshole! that **ing hurt!" Scott told Stiles with a mad voice

    "I did say, it was going to hurt." stiles replies

    "by the way it's an hour before school go shower and change into some clean clothes." stiles told Scott.


    Scott POV:

    (dam he just shrugged off my dilemma like it was nothing.) Scott thought to himself as he gets up heading towards the closet getting some of stiles clothes to put on.

    (damn I feel great like every movement I make is just right) he thought again. As he entered the restroom he took off his clothes and took a quick glance at the mirror but stopped noticing how his body changed especially his face he couldn't believe his one flaw he hated the most was gone, and his body still looked about the same size. That is if you really paid attention you will notice the six pack hard abs and bulkier chest.

    "wow" Scott said to himself


    stiles outside heard Scotts fascinated voice causing a smirk to appear (yeah buddy that is how I felt when I changed).

    almost an hour later Stiles and Scott arrived at the school while people turned to look at them, for some reason the people around them couldn't turn away from them it's like their instincts told them that this guys were top dogs, the girls felt an urge to go flirt with them, but for the guys they felt inferior to them.

    which is funny since the day before nobody paid attention to stiles since he was a loser in school, but with the little actions he did people knew he changed and even more so as he became more handsome during the summer break.

    the same thing can be said about Scott, no one paid attention to Scott before, but after the things that happened yesterday with Stiles beating up Jackson, and both of them making first line in Lacrosse. People began to ask who he was as well, and now all of a sudden he also got handsome. It pretty much put them both in the popular radar gaining fans all over school.
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