10 Derek part 2

    "so it seems you're looking for Scott" stiles said as he looks behind him, to see Derek stepping out of the shadows.

    "yeah, but I wasn't expecting you to come, you need to call your friend before something bad happens." Derek tells Stiles

    "uhh... no thanks he is having a good time with his date and I don't want to ruin that for him." Stiles replies

    "you don't know any...." Derek says with hostility before being interrupted.

    "easy there, you don't want to go off and start insulting people you'd regret to do so later on. Now be a good boy and lower down your attitude especially your authority persona  cause in front of me that means **." Stiles said with a domineering tone.

    Derek hearing this gets mad and his eyes change into a blue color "you don't know what your messing with kid" he says trying to scare Stiles "Are you going to call your friend now"Derek says again in an aggressive tone"

    "you know for some reason when a mutt starts ordering me around it gets my blood boiling. especially when it's a little beta" Stiles said with a grin on his face as his eyes also began to start changing color. Stiles eyes turn into a dark blue color and from time to time a small electric spark could be seen circling around his eyes.

    Derek seeing stiles behavior is different from what he expected, looked into Stiles eyes and noticed his change. as he stared into his eyes he felt a cold shiver run down his spine and he also felt like a sharp knife was pointing right at him. Putting Derek on guard right away.

    "who are you! the only wolves in this place is me and Scott, not including the one who turned him into one." Derek yet again asked in a demanding voice.

    Stiles noticing the tone in the voice smirked and said " you don't have the privilege to know"

    Derek hearing stiles mocking him, got so mad that he ignored the previous feelings of threat and rushed at Stiles, while Stiles just stood there smiling.

    "haha it seems your pride got the best of you."

    Stiles said as he awaits Derek to reach him. As Derek gets near him he starts throwing punches at stiles. trying to hit him as hard as he can, but every punch thrown stiles dodged with little to no effort.

    Derek seeing this begins to grab trying to get a hold on stiles, but he also wasn't able to do anything. then suddenly stiles stopped moving, Derek seeing this threw a punch at stiles stomach expecting to hear stiles pained voice. But instead, as soon as the punch landed he felt like he hit a wall of steel, instantly regretting it as he also felt his knuckles break and some of his fingers as well.

    "I expected a harder punch from that. ** I barely felt it." Stiles said grabbing onto Derek's hand and gripping it hard enough so that Derek won't be able to get away from it.

    Derek feeling the hold on his hand winced in pain and tried pulling his hand away but the harder the grip felt on his hand.

    while Derek was preoccupied trying to get free  stiles threw a punch at Dereks stomach. causing Derek to bend down and start coughing out blood.

    Right as Stiles was about to hit Derek again he heard running from the distance heading towards his way. (hmm I wonder who that is)

    Stiles thought.

    "it's the hunters we gotta go! let go!" Derek says

    "ohh okay then I've been wanting to see which family is in charge of Beacon Hills" stiles said but just as he finished talking he heard a whooshing sound of something coming towards him. he looks up and sees an arrow heading towards his right side. so he just tilted his body and it missed him, but when it hit the tree behind him a small blast of light came out of it. (well if I wasn't careful that would've blinded me for a bit)

    A few seconds later three men came to view. the two on the sides we're equipped with guns and traps as for the one in the middle he had a few guns and was also holding in his hands a crossbow which was aiming at stiles.

    "you know I thought Hunters should follow their codes as law" stiles said
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