1 System downloading

    'Huh? Where am I?' Jake thinks when he suddenly remembers what happened.

    'Did I die, no that can't be since I can still think.' He tries to move his arms and legs but can't move, on the contrary he doesn't even feel his own body right now.

    Then grim thoughts come to Jake

    'What if I'm dead, maybe this happens after death?'

    He then felt sad suddenly, because he was just 24 years old and he still had a family and a job.

    'No, I can't give up! It could be that I am in a coma. Yes, why didn't I think of that! I am just in a coma probably due to the impact of whatever hit me. Hah, why was I even so greedy, I nearly died there just because of a 100 dollar bill.' Jake started to turn paranoid because he was afraid.

    Moments passed by in silence and Jake felt like he was about to burst into tears.

    'Who am I kidding, I am dead and utterly pathetic. Mom, I'm sorry, I was sending most of my money to you in hopes of you getting better from that time when dad died. How will you survive. Mom I really do miss you, especially when you used to take care of me and Paul nursing us when we got sick and feeding us when we were kids. Everything changed when dad died.' Jake got really sad since he was taking care of mom on his holidays and sending money to his brother Paul so he could take care of her.

    'Paul, I put so much burden on you when I let you take care of mom and clean her house. I even left you and mom so I could get a better salary. Even though you are still in highschool you had to take care of mom and you had to witness your dad die in front you. I miss those days when we used to go to theme parks and circuses.' Jake felt like he would be bawling his eyes out as he was reminiscing about his life.

    'A pathetic life, a pathetic death.' Jake started to mock himself.

    He got interrupted by a cold mechanical voice.

    [System preparing for download]

    [Preparation 40%]

    [Preparation 90%]

    [Preparation complete]

    [Starting downloading]

    'What the heck is happening!?' Jake thinks when he stunned by this, because of how uncomfortable it sounds. 'just give me some damn peace, will ya'




    'Just hurry the damn up!'

    [Due to host wanting to hurry it up, a precious ability could be lost, does host want to proceed]



    Jake decided to stop thinking because he got scared.




    [Downloading complete]

    [Welcome to Zombie System, host]

    'Is it possible to call me something else?' Jake got irritated of it.

    [What does host want to be called]


    [Ok Jake]

    'Another thing, can you please change how you sound?

    [Ok, how does Jake want me to sound]

    The System said in it's mechanical voice which sounded like a machine in a cold well.

    'How about like a human?'

    [Ok, since Jake has not said what type of voice you wanted one will be chosen at random]

    The System said in a Japanese Female voice.

    'Where am I?' Jake decided to ask because he started to get bad chills because it was so dark.

    [Jake is currently dead so he is in the void]

    'Wait what!?'

    [But Jake will get out in 10 seconds]

    ... 10 seconds later

    Jake wakes up in a forest, dumbfounded he decides to ask the system where he is.

    [Jake is currently in the Gala forest up north of the legendary Gala kingdom]

    Jake is astonished at everything the System said. 'The Gala what?'

    [The Gala Forest up north of the legendary Gala kingdom]
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