2 Wait im a zombie!?

    'I don't understand anything that's happening .' Jake stands up only to fall to the ground immediately. 'OW! wait a minute i didn't notice before but why doesn't my voice come out?'

    [Jake is currently a newmade zombie so he can't move that efficiently]

    Jake then suddenly remembers all those light novels about systems. He then tries something bold,

    'show status' Jake didn't expect much but he got surprised by what he saw

    [ Name: Jake Smith Age:0 Race:  minor zombie







    mana- Locked

    luck- 8

    Titles: Former human, Clutz, Rotten Zombie, being from another world.

    Skills: Zombie turn LV:1, intimidate LV:1, revive from the dead LV: MAX, poison fang LV:1 Berserk LV:3.

    Passive skills: none.

    Resistances: poison resistance LV:1, Rotting resistance LV:2, physical resistance LV:1.]

    'wait what?' he screams inside his head after seeing a blue text appear in front of his face.

    'It actually came up, huh? Why does it say I am 0 years old?'

    [Jake was recently created so he is currently 0]

    After observing some of the details from this game like screen he noticed that it said the mana was locked. 'Hey, system why is mana locked?'

    [Jake is currently a minor zombie so he cannot use mana]

    ' what's with those damn titles'

    [Jake is from another world and he also used to be a former human, you died by an accident and you're rotting]

    Jake panics when he sees his hand, weirdly it doesn't smell but it still looks really hideous so he asks 'how do I remove the rotting?'

    [Jake is a zombie so the only way to recover from rotting is by eating raw flesh either from humans or animals]

    Jake immediately tries to puke when he heard the word human, but accidentally pukes out his internal organs. shocked at the scene faints. Hours later Jake wakes up and the moment he sees his internal organs he puked one more time and again his internal organs. Jack wakes up one more time. 'what is happening!?' Jake tries to not puke because of the pain.

    [A zombie's internal body is weak so you could puke your organs out]

    'wait why didn't I die?'

    [whenever Jake dies his body recovers and Jake comes back from the dead]

    'Oh,' Jake then tries to stand up once more. He succeeds standing up, he feels hungry to the point that it hurts. 'ah, my stomach'. He sees an injured rabbit with horns. 'what's that...' but then Jake's mind goes black and full with rage. Jake attacks the horned rabbit and starts eating it, raw. Jake snaps out of it and when he sees the rabbit's corpse half eaten and blood spilling out of it, he pukes.
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