3 I need to save them!

    'aah, damn it hurts like hell!'. Jake says this after a few hours of passing out. He sees the Half-eaten rabbit along with his guts and blood, 'No I cannot puke again!', he tells himself. He stands up and walks away.

    After a bit of walking, he sees 12 zombies attack 3 people in the forest. 'I got to help them, hey system how can I help them?'.

    [Jake is currently stronger than other minor zombies, so Jake can most likely kill them]

    'why am I stronger than them?'

    [Minor zombies usually lack the intelligence to differentiate between zombie allies and zombie enemies]

    'So basically I can attack them without them attacking back?'


    Jake quickly then jumps out and attacks the zombies. Much like what the system said the zombies didn't even bat an eye when Jake attacked them.


    {level up}

    {level up}

    {level up}

    Jake ignored the weird sounds that came up in his head as he was punching the zombies.

    {level up}

    {level up}

    When he killed the zombies the 3 people immediately ran away when they saw the bloodbath that was happening in front of them. 'what, not even a "thank you", damn jerks!', 'by the way, what were those weird noises I heard in my head.

    [That was the level up sound that came when Jake leveled up 5 times, does Jake want to see the status screen?]


    [ Name: Jake Smith Age:0 Race:  minor zombie



    Health-13 > 23

    Strength-15 > 25

    Agility-6 > 16

    Stamina-40 > 56

    mana- Locked

    luck- 8 > 10

    Titles: Former human, Clutz, Rotten Zombie, being from another world, kin killer (new)

    Skills: Zombie turn LV:1 > LV:2, intimidate LV:1 > LV:2, revive from the dead LV: MAX, poison fang LV:1 > LV:2, Berserk LV:3 > LV:4, pack leader LV:1 (new).

    Passive skills: Physical attacks +10% (new).

    Resistances: poison resistance LV:1, Rotting resistance LV:2 > LV:6, physical resistance LV:1 (new), Pain resistance LV:2 (new)]

    [Jake has 25 stat points to allocate, where do you want to allocate it?]

    'put it all into strength!'

    [allocated all 25 stat points into strength]

    [strength is now 50 points]

    'Amazing, goddamn amazing. By the way system, there's something that's been bothering me?'

    [what is it?]

    'Can I like evolve?'

    [Yes Jake can evolve into a lesser zombie, minor poison zombie or minor acid zombie once Jake reaches LV:10]

    'Oh yes!' Then he hears something rustling in the bushes behind him.
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