4 Three-headed snake

    'AAAAAH!?' Jake freaked out and fell right on his butt.

    'What is that!?' Jake immediately asked the system as he saw a strange creature.

    [That is a three-headed snake]

    'I know, but I mean why does it look so terrifying!' Jake said.

    It was about 3 meters long and a meter thick with three heads, each head had its own colour.

    The one the right is green, the one in the middle is yellow and the one on the left is blue.

    [It has three different types of venoms, the one on the right is acidic venom which burns you once it touches you, the one in the middle is paralyzing venom which will paralyze you once it touches and the one on left is hallucination venom which will make you hallucinate.]

    'That is OVERPOWERED!' Jake told the system since he thought he had no chance against such a monster.

    The snake didn't let Jake keep thinking as it started to spit venom at him. Jake managed to dodge the blue venom but once the yellow one touched him, he immediately fell on his butt.

    'I'm dead, for sure' Jake thought inwardly. Once the green one touched him, he started to burn.

    'AAAAAH!' Jake tried to 'scream' when he saw that he lost his left arm.

    The snake immediately slithered to Jake's position breaking branches that were in the way.

    Once it came close to him all three mouthes opened showing their fangs.

    'no no no no no' Jake started to curse in his mind as the snake got closer to him.

    The snake bit him and Jake died due to both the acidic venom and the snake's bite. It tore him into pieces and swallowed him up. After swallowing him up it slithered away to it's home so it can rest.

    The snake arrived at its destination, it was a cave with several skulls outside it and dents on the cave wall. The grass outside was grey, most likely due to the acidic venom, the snake possesses.

    After several hours of trying to digest the food, the snake found out that there was something wrong.

    It couldn't digest the zombie!

    Jake woke up to find himself inside some weird sticky environment.

    'am i inside the snake?' Jake tried to ask the system since he was confused.

    [Yes, Jake is currently inside the snake]

    'huh? I thought i was dead, why am i still alive?' Jake asked.

    [Jake cannot die because he has Revive from the dead]

    'oh yeah, i forgot i had that skill. Wait a minute! Doesn't this make me basically immortal and op!?' Jake was ecstatic because now he had nothing to fear.

    [Yes and no. People can still kill you with soul attacks to kill you or render you incapacitaded]

    Just like that his hope got turned into nothingness.

    'anyway, now i need to find a way out of here. System is there a way out?' Jake tried asking the system in hope of it finding a way out for him.

    [Jake has three options, biting your way out of here by using your fangs, use your skill 'zombie turn' to turn this snake into a zombie pet although the chance is low or punching your way out of here since Jake has way more strength than any other minor zombie]

    'I can turn this into a pet!? I'm gonna try this!' Jake brought out his fangs to turn it into a zombie pet.

    He bit into sinking his fangs deep into the stomach and injecting some weird thing into the snake's stomach sack.

    'I hope it works' Jake thought inside him.
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