5 Zombie pet aquired

    Jake injected the weird liquid into the snake to make it become a zombie pet.

    'I hope this works' Jake wished it works because if it did it would make everything much simpler and easier, like for example when hunting.

    {Zombie turn FAILED}

    'Wait why did it fail!?'Jake was flabbergasted because he thought it would work because it was lv 2 but it didn't.

    [Zombie turn failed due to the resistance the enemy possesses]

    'huh? How strong is this snake!?' Jake became sad since he really wanted this snake as a companion.

    Jake tried to inject the weird thing again but this time it didn't come out.

    {cooldown 52 seconds}

    'aah so that's why it didn't work, system, if i keep trying, will it work eventually?' Jake asked the system.

    [Chance of it happening is around 1%]

    'ah, yes, some hope at least' Jake was a little sad at the low percentage of it happening, but if he kept doing it should work.

    Jake waited for several seconds for the cooldown to end.

    {Zombie turn ready}

    The cold and mechanical sound gave Jake some hope.

    He tried using it again.

    {Zombie turn FAILED}

    'aaaah' Jake said disappointedly.

    'I'll try again when the cooldown is done' Jake thought inwardly.

    After several tries, Jake finally succeeded.

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Minor zombie ready to evolve}

    {Do you want to proceed}

    'YES!'Jake really was happy because he was gonna evolve.

    {Do you want to evolve into a lesser zombie, minor poison zombie or minor acid zombie}

    'hmm...' Jake thought.

    'System what are the benefits of these 3 choices?' Jake asked curiously.

    [If you evolve into a lesser zombie you will get bigger and a big boost in strength and health. Mana will also be unlocked. Minor poison zombie would be able to release dangerous but not fatal poison mist and use poison-related skills. Minor acid zombie can emit acid mist which could melt some metals and use acid related skills]

    'Oh! The lesser zombie is really tempting but the other ones are more useful.' Jake thought for some time about what choice he should make, as this will decide his fate.

    'I'll choose Minor poison zombie, thx!' Jake chose this as he didn't think he'd get out of here any time soon and there are mostly beasts here, or so thought Jake.


    {You will be put under induced coma under the time you are evolving}

    'Wai-'Jake didn't think that would happen and was going to command the system to suspend it because he was still inside the snake.



    "Hah hah hah! Guys, i don't think it is following us anymore!" One of the guys (Guy A) Jake saved said.

    "What was that even? A minor zombie that has such a high intellect!?" A girl said.

    "We might have to report this to the higher-ups!" Another guy says (Guy B).

    "But, i think it might have tried to help us!" The girl said unhappily.

    "Girl, are you dumb!? A zombie doesn't have emotions nor does it 'help' anyone! It kills for no reason." Guy B said angrily at the girl.

    "Who are u calling dumb, huh! If it weren't for the monster that we faced along with the countless of horned rabbits that came out of their hiding for no reason, i could have easily killed those minor zombies ALONE!" The girl said clearly frustrated at what that guy said to her.

    "BOTH OF YOU CALM DOWN!!! We can't have a fight amongst each other and especially not now! But what you said James (Guy B) is true, we should report this to the higher ups. Let's go to the base." Guy A said.

    "Yes sir!" both James and the girl said.

    They started to walk away cautiously, so they don't run into any more dangers.
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