6 Evolution complete

    After an unknown amount of time, Jake finally woke up.

    {Evolution complete}

    {You have evolved, some skills have increased by one or two levels and you gained more skills, for more information check your status screen}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    [Congratulations on your evolution Jake]

    'ah, thank you system' Jake was still a little stunned and confused, most likely due to the evolution.

    'show status' Jake ordered the system.

    [ Name: Jake Smith Age:0 Race: minor poison zombie



    Health- 23 > 34

    Strength-50 > 66

    Agility-16 > 32

    Stamina-56 > 70

    mana- Locked

    luck- 10

    Titles: Former human, Clutz, Rotten Zombie, being from another world, kin killer, unedible (new)

    Skills: Zombie turn LV:2 > LV:4, intimidate LV:2, revive from the dead LV: MAX, poison fang LV:2 > LV:4, Berserk LV:4, pack leader LV:1 > LV:3, Poison mist LV:1 (new), Poison slash LV:1 (new)

    Passive skills: Physical attacks +10% , Poison attacks +20% (new)

    Resistances: poison resistance LV:1 > LV:3, Rotting resistance LV:6 > LV:7, physical resistance LV:1 > LV:2, Pain resistance LV:2 > Lv:3]

    [Jake has 63 points to allocate]

    'Allocate 20 points in strength, 30 points in agility and the rest in stamina' Jake said.


    [Strength is now 86 points, Agility is now 62 and Stamina is 83]

    'good' Jake thought.

    For some reason, Jake started to feel strong and energetic, but that feeling quickly turned to weakness and hunger.

    Jake opened his eyes, but he immediately remembered that he's still inside the stomach of the snake.

    'Is it just me or does this snake's stomach feel smaller' Jake wondered because he felt more cramped in here now than before.

    [Correct, the three-headed snake's stomach sack is now smaller because it has just died]

    'wait why!?' Jake immediately got angry because he was looking forward to getting something that can hunt for him.

    [The three-headed snake has died due to Jake inhabiting its stomach. The three-headed snake couldn't digest you nor could it eat anything else because it was full all the time]

    'wait, didn't i turn it into a zombie!?' Jake asked.

    [Yes, but Jake has been under a coma for 5 days and the three-headed snake couldn't hold out for that long]

    'No! Why! Now i am all by myself without anyone else.' Jake became somewhat depressed.

    [No, Jake can control other minor zombies]

    'Wait, why didn't you tell me this before!' Jake said.

    [Jake never asked]

    'Damn you!' Jake told the system in a fit of anger.

    [Jake should probably focus on getting out of here instead of cursing at me]

    'Sure' Jake started to slash and punch his way out of there.

    After a couple of seconds passed, Jake managed to easily get out of there.

    'First of all, i'll need food' Jake thought

    Jake started to run around searching for an animal. weirdly the forest felt quite empty like it was devoid of life.

    'Yes! I finally found some rabbits!' Jake thought, but what he didn't expect is that all of the rabbits would start attacking him and surrounding him. They impaled him with their horns breaking his legs and arms.

    'AAAAH! WHAT IS THIS!' Jake was startled and scared because they were way stronger than he thought.

    [These are Horned Rabbits and they are being controlled by a demon]

    'Wait, a demon!? I should probably-' Jake couldn't finish because the Horned Rabbits killed him.

    Jake woke up immediately completely recovered.

    Jake's mind went blind with rage and he started to slash and attack the Horned Rabbits, killing them on the spot due to his strength.

    "GRAAAAAAH!!" Jake growled eating and attacking all of the Rabbits.

    Something appeared from the shadows. It was tall and about 2.4 meters (7.5 feet). It had long sharp teeth and claws, it was drooling and had eyes as red as blood. It had a red mantel without a shirt or anything covering its stomach it showed an amazing 8-pack. On its stomach, there were red markings that looked like devils star (google it if you don't know what it means). It had red pants with no shoes or sandals. It was also growling and had 5 centimeters long toenails that were sharp.

    "Who are you and what do you want with me!!!" the demon said, looking furious and like it was about to start a slaughter.
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