7 The demon threa

    "So you are saying there is a demon lurking around the Gala forest!" Said a man with a muscular build and a scar across his face.

    "Sir, that's not all of it. There also seems to be an intelligent minor zombie there too." Said a man with black ninja clothes kneeling.

    "Hmm...The demon is a much bigger threat to us than a mere zombie, Markus keep on going" said the man.

    "Sir, the demon is able to control horned rabbits, and it may also be able to control other things as well." Said Markus (the man with ninja clothes). "A demon that is able to control living things must be a class A or higher."

    "Oh. If it were not for the SS class zombie residing inside the Gala forest, we could've sent in a huge extermination team to kill the damn demons." Said an old man with a wooden staff."What should we do guild leader?"

    "We might have to ask for help in other kingdoms if it becomes a big problem, but for now let's send in an S class party in," Said the muscular man that appears to be the guild leader.

    "Sir, I don't think that is necessary, we can send in an A class party in" Said Markus.

    "Markus, you may excuse your self," Said the guild leader in a cold tone.

    "Yes sir," Said Markus with a trembling voice.

    When Markus went out, a conference began.


    "GRAAAAAAH!!!" Jake roared and then started running straight at the demon.

    "I SAID, WHAT DO YOU WANT!" Screamed the demon.

    Jake didn't respond and just kept charging at it.

    The demon just evaded Jake's charge and slashed at him with its claws cutting Jake in two.

    "Hmph, it was just a dumb zombie after all. I don't even know why I was worried," Said the demon.

    What the demon didn't know is that physical attacks are futile against Jake.

    Jake got up and started to release poison mist, he also ran straight at the demon.

    The demon was surprised and didn't know how to react, thus letting Jake slash at him. Jake used the skill Poison Slash to attack him and at the same time poison fangs to inject a lethal poison into the demon.

    "AAAH! What is this, how are you alive!?"The demon was confused since he saw the zombie die. The only explanation he had was that it used some kind of illusion magic but that was unlikely since it felt way too real.

    'aah! It's using lethal poison, it seems I'll have no other choice than to take out the pill.' thought the demon.

    The demon took out what seemed to be a pill and ate it.

    {Poison fang failed due to the resistance of poison}

    Jake immediately woke up from his anger.

    'ah, what is happening?' Jake asked the system.

    [Jake was under the influence of berserk and all your stats except luck increased by 100%, but not anymore]

    'huh, wait I-I-I can remember! Now I remember everything!' Jake remembered everything again.

    'System, can I control myself while I'm under berserk?' Jake asked the system.

    [Not right now, but when Jake evolves into lesser species he can]

    'Oh, **!' Jake was in a dilemma about whatever he should activate it or not. But the demon didn't give him more chance to think about it, as it attacked him.

    "What happened, why are you not attacking anymore?" The demon said while rushing straight at him.

    Jake didn't have time to react and got cut in several pieces but the demon.

    'AAAH!' Jake experienced great pain but that was for a split second because he died quickly.

    "HAH HAH HAH! I will never ever use such a pill again. It makes me so goddamn exhausted!" The demon started to talk to himself for no reason.

    'But the thing that I do not understand is that it seemed like this zombie revived. Anyway, it surely interrupted my plan, so I'll have to wait for a few weeks to wait for these rabbits to reproduce.' The demon thought inside him as to not let anyone that was eavesdropping know about his real plans.

    Once the demon turned away and started walking, Jake revived.
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