8 Slaying a demon

    Jake got up slowly, to not alert the demon. When he got up, he started to slowly walk towards the demon. Step by step, slowly getting closer to the demon. He took out his fangs, and he bites the demon injecting both deadly poison and the weird thing which turns someone into a zombie.

    {Zombie turn FAILED}

    But apparently, the poison worked, he didn't stop there and released poison mist alongside using poison slash to cut him.

    "GAAAAH! HOW ARE YOU ALIVE, YOU DAMN ABOMINATION! WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE!" screamed the demon, he fainted when he finished that sentence and just seconds after he died.

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}


    'Aw **, I leveled up so many times! I'll probably evolve with just this.' Jake thought inside himself.

    [Congratulations Jake, you reached the requirements to evolve]

    'AW, yeah!' Jake was ecstatic because he was wondering what he would evolve into.

    {Minor poison zombie ready to evolve}

    {Do you want to proceed}

    'YES PLEASE,'Jake screamed inside his head.

    {You can evolve into, lesser poison zombie}

    'What!? Why is there nothing else to evolve into!?' Jake asked.

    [Jake can evolve into other things when he reaches lesser poison zombie or reaches the hidden requirements to evolve into special kinds of zombies]

    'oh. Makes sense.' Jake finally understood why he only had one choice.

    'Hmm... How long does it take to evolve?' Jake asked curiously.

    [It will take about a week to evolve into the lesser species]

    'Huh, why so long?' asked Jake.

    [Because evolving requires transforming the body and that's why it takes so long, but when you evolve into higher species it takes less time]

    'sigh, sure, just evolve me' Jake said.


    'NO, WAIT' Jake panicked when he remembered that he would be put under a coma.

    {Are you sure about not evolving or do you want to postpone it}

    'Postpone it, sir' Jake said.

    {Postponing evolution}

    {Say "Evolve me" when you want to evolve}

    'Ok,' Jake said.

    Jake took a look at the dead demon and walked away.

    'I should go and look for a cave or something else' Jake thought.

    Jake walked around for a while until he saw a hole in the ground in which he crawled inside.

    'aah, I hope there's nothing here. Evolve me,' Jake ordered the system.


    {You will be put under an induced coma under the time you are evolving}

    'ok' Jake said nervously.



    "How long will it take to form a party of S class adventurers?" A person which looks like a person of authority said.

    "It should take approximately 2 weeks to bring all the S class adventurers from all over the continent," Said someone who looked like he was under the other person.

    "I'll give you exactly 1 week and 1 day to do it, and no less!" Said the person of authority.

    "Ok," Said the other person.
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