9 S class encounter

    "Ok, are all of you ready! We are about to enter the gala forest!" Said a knight with full body armor looking like the leader.

    "Yes, we heard you goddamit no need to scream out so goddamn loud you prick." Said one of the S class adventurers who was gathered here to exterminate the demon.

    "Show some respect you damn vermin!" Said another S class adventurer.

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    "Tch, I apologize." The S class apologized when he saw that people got irritated at him.




    After a while of walking, they reached the Gala forest.

    "We finally reached our destination, does anyone want or need to rest?" said the leader.

    No one said anything and the leader took that as a no and they started to march in.



    {Evolution complete}

    Jake finished evolving.

    'Aaah, I feel so refreshed. Damn, I wonder how I look like now.' Jake wondered.

    When he stood up, his head hit the roof.

    'Did the cave get smaller? Oh, wait, I'm the one who got bigger.' Jake was surprised at his growth, he was at least 70cm taller and he also looked somewhat bigger and more muscular.

    {Level up}

    {Level up}

    {Level up}


    {Intelligence is unlocked}

    {Wisdom is unlocked}

    'Oh, sh*t! Why am I leveling up so damn much!? What are the things that just unlocked?' Jake asked with a little excitement.

    [The amount of experience gained from killing that demon leveled you up to LV 52]

    '...' Jake was speechless.

    After a moment of thinking, he said.

    'Show status'

    [ Name: Jake Smith Age:0 Race: lesser poison zombie



    Health-34 > 55



    Strength-86 > 146

    Agility-62 > 78

    Stamina-83 > 111

    Mana- 0

    Luck- 10 > 11

    Titles: Former human, Clutz, Rotten Zombie, being from another world, kin killer, unedible

    Skills: Zombie turn LV:4 > LV:6, intimidate LV:2 > LV:4, revive from the dead LV: MAX, poison fang LV:2 > LV:4, Berserk LV:4 > LV:5, pack leader LV:3 > LV:5, Poison mist LV:1 > LV:3, Poison slash LV:1 > LV

    Passive skills:Poison attacks +20% > +40%

    Resistances: Poison resistance LV:3 > LV: 5, Rotting resistance LV:7 > LV:9, Physical resistance LV:2, Pain resistance Lv:3]

    [You have 128 points to allocate]

    'OH SH*T, I HAVE SO MANY POINTS! Wait the Mana is unlocked!?' Jake became ecstatic both for the points and that Mana is unlocked.

    'Allocate half of it to Mana and use the rest of the points on Intelligence and Wisdom.' Jake always loved the magic the MC in novels uses.

    [Ok, Mana is now 64, Intelligence is at 98 and Wisdom at 53]

    '*sigh*, now I feel like I'm actually playing an RPG game.' Jake uttered.

    He stood up, as soon as he did his head hit the ceiling and he fell straight on the ground.

    But, he then heard someone and when he did he froze.

    "Hey, what is that noise," Someone said from the entrance.

    Jake turned around to look at the person who was there but he became blinded by the light and only saw the silhouette of a male.

    He sighed and tried to talk.

    "Axnmcibfka, qwbeol-"Jake couldn't utter a single coherent word. His words sound like grunts and whimpers.

    "Wait, did that lesser zombie just try to speak to you?" a female silhouette exclaimed.

    "Guys, it might actually be the evolved intelligent zombie we heard about before." Said another male silhouette.

    An arrow got shot out from behind the crowd.
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