10 System bugging

    The arrow flew right past the crowd and hit Jake straight in the face.

    "Gaah!" Jake fell right down on the floor, he barely even bled, since he was a zombie.

    "Done, instead of arguing with each other, you could just kill it and be done with it. Let's go as there's nothing here apparently so get going!" A woman with a big and thick crossbow said.

    "I don't take orders from you b*tch!" Said a man with two daggers and a cape.

    "What did you say!" the woman said while aiming the arrow at his throat.

    The man took out his daggers and stopped them just 5 millimeters away from the woman's head.

    "Break it up, now you two!" A man that looked like the leader said.

    "And Emma, we should have captured the zombie before killing it as we would have gotten more rewards that way." The leader said while staring at Emma (the woman with the bow).

    "Tsk, ok. Listen, you douchebag, you're lucky this time. Next time you call me a b*tch, I'll **ing kill you!" Emma said while staring daggers at the man.

    "Oh, yeah I-" The man wanted to continue but the leader stopped him.

    "LEAVE IT!" The leader didn't want any dispute happening between the members on his watch.

    "I'm sick of you treating me like this, I'm leaving and none of you b*tchs can stop me." The man said and started to walk away while pointing the middle finger to everyone.


    His body fell lifelessly on the floor with an arrow sticking out of the back of his head.

    "The back of your head looks ridiculous!" A man in blue clothes and a hockey mask said from the crowd.

    "Why did you kill him!?" The leader said after he took out his gigantic sword and pointed it at Emma.

    "First, I warned him. Second, He tried to bail on us. Third, I don't like him." Emma said.

    "Well, your second point is the only valid one. But still, we could've just punished him back at the guild, there was no need to kill him." The leader said anxiously since Emma was nearly as strong as the leader.

    "Well, it's done now. How about we just continue, huh?" Emma started to get a bit frustrated that no one was at her side.

    "Fine, but if you kill anyone else, you'll get branded as a criminal." The leader decided to give it up as the dead guy was a bad guy before, and it wasn't worth risking it for him.

    The group of S class adventurers started to walk away and look for the Demon that was in the forest as reported.


    _____ BACK TO MC'S POV

    'Gaah, damn. I just dodged a bullet, if that woman hadn't shot me, I could've gotten kidnapped.' Jake heaved a sigh of relief since the adventurers just left.

    'I just wanna rest ri-' Jake wanted to take a rest but something interrupted him suddenly.

    {You have dropped one level}

    {You lost 5 points of your health}

    'Aw, **. You scared me **less.' Jake was only startled a bit and didn't care much as it was only one level.

    'Anyway where was I, oh yeah' Jake wanted to have some time to think by himself as everything was going too fast.

    'Hmm, my first priority was food and water, but I don't need water and I ain't going to be hungry for a while.' Jake started to think about his priorities.

    'And I don't need to get shelter as I am a zombie. Ah,' Jake then leaned back,' I really do miss the security and safety I feel at home. Ok, my priority except for food is shelter. Wait, that's just backtracking. Dammit, my head will hurt if I think too much.'

    Jake relaxed and breathed in and out.

    'Hah, I'll just try to evolve and maybe find a way to get home.' Jake finally found out what he should do.

    'Yeah, I'll just try to evolve and become a God-like being and get home to my-.' Jake said happily, at least until the system interrupted him.

    [You won't be able to travel back home as you'll have to become a sovereign or higher to break the law of realities.]

    'Oh, then how did I get here?' Jake asked curiously.




    'What the hell!' The sound turned from the Japanese voice to a mechanical sound which was really loud.





    'Why did it take so long for 1%?' it took nearly 3 minutes for that 1%.


    [Do not disturb or you will be eliminated]


    Jake was startled and scared **less. He didn't doubt the system at all and really thought it would kill him.





    "Hey, that zombie is still alive! Wait, that is a Lesser Poison Zombie! Kill it!" The adventurers came back.


    [Threats have been marked and will be eliminated in three seconds]

    "Gaah!" An adventurer fell.

    "AAAAAAAAAAH!" Another fell.

    "Wai-" The leader fell too.

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    One after another, all of the adventurers fell.

    [Accumilated Exp exceeds the 10000 point threshold I can hold]

    [All Exp will be transferred to Host]

    {Level up}

    {Level up}


    {Too much Exp at once}
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