11 Patient Zero sudden transformation

    [System Rebooting]



    {System shutting down}

    'Eh!? What is happening!?' Jake was speechless at what was happening.

    'Hey!!!' Jake was screaming inside his head, or at least he was trying.

    Everything went quiet inside his head. Before he could talk inside his head and it at least sounded like something but now he could only think.

    'Did something happen due to my question!? Was it something I shouldn't have asked?' Jake started to panic as this system helped him a lot.

    "*Breathing deeply in*, *Breathing deeply out*" Jake managed to calm himself down, thanks to his increased wisdom which let him think faster.

    'I'll have to wait for the system to turn on again, then I'll see. But for now, maybe I should go and hunt some for some food.' Jake felt hungry since he did not eat for quite a while so he stood up and started to walk out of the cave.



    Emma's POV (during the slaughter and after)

    "Hah, they let me go out to scout just cause I'm some "danger" to the group. Hmph, those pathetic bastards with the delusion of doing the "right thing"." Emma started to complain.

    "I hope they all die, pathetic losers." Emma kept on complaining about how weak all of the S class adventurers are.

    Emma is 29 years old, she is usually called a genius because of her young age. Nearly all S class adventurers are above 50 years old and most above 60. so being 29 and S class is an amazing feat.

    She also is 1.7 meters tall, has short dark hair, a green tight shirt and pants made from leather. She also had a great figure.

    "Gaah!" she heard a scream from the direction of the adventurers.

    "AAAAAAAAAH!!!" another scream was heard.

    "What is happening over there!?" Emma became fear stricken by the screams.

    "Wai-" the leader also was heard.

    "AAAAAH" She kept hearing screams over and over again.

    She even heard someone beg to be spared.

    Only 10 minutes after the screams passed did Emma go to check out what the screams were.

    She first crawled on the floor to stay unnoticed. When she came to the scene, she became petrified.

    There were dead bodies all over the place and the strangest thing is that there was not even a single drop of blood on the ground, just bodies lying around.

    "*Heavy breathing*" something was breathing heavily inside the cave.

    Emma nearly jumped. She walked back slowly as to not make noise, but when she heard footsteps she froze. When she turned around, she was frightened.

    It did not look like the zombie from before as this one was over 2 meters long and did not even closely resemble the Lesser Poison Zombie from before. This did not even resemble any species of poison zombies.

    "Patient Zero" Emma's heart pounded like crazy because she just witnessed a SSS class monster which has never been seen before.

    "God, save me." Emma murmured then passed out due to fear.




    Jake started to walk out of the cave, but when he came close to the entrance he noticed that he was now way bigger than before and he could smell things now.

    'Wow, I didn't notice before but I couldn't smell things, but now I can smell various different smells. What is that!" Jake got the whiff of what would be sweat and a person moving.

    "Patient Zero," The girl said trembling and sweating.

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    "God, save me." She murmured under her breath, then passed out.

    "Hey!" Jake said a real word for the first time.

    'I can talk, I can talk!' Jake became ecstatic.

    "Ahahahaha, I can talk!" Jake screamed in joy.

    Jake proceeded to jump around, screaming and even talking. He talked to the trees, the dead bodies and even, after a moment of gathering confidence, the unconscious girl. When he calmed down, he cut a tree down and sat on the stub. He then heard the mechanical sound again.

    {System turning on}

    [Jake, I am unable to adapt to your current body so I'll have to de-evolve you]

    "What, NOOOO!!!" Jake screamed out.


    {Host is put under induced coma}

    "CANCEL! Stop! AAAAH!" Jake started to resist but he couldn't.

    Jake then went into a deep coma that lasted for weeks.
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