12 Emma


    "Ah," Emma started to wake up, "what is happening?"

    When Emma sat up she saw a Medium Poison Zombie laying on the ground.

    "Hah, hah, hah. *Heavy Breathing* Where is it? *Gulp*" Emma was panicking.

    She looked around for a while and was playing dead. When she made sure that it was not here anymore, she heaved a sigh of relief.

    "*Sniff* What's that smell, God it's disgusting. *Puking* Blaargh!" Emma puked.

    She was not used to the smell of dead bodies, although she's used to dead bodies but not the smell as it takes usually almost a day for it to smell.

    "Hah, I should go and report this to the Guild." She stood up and started to walk north.

    'I think I'm supposed to go this way. I'll just hope it's west or any way other than north because the S class demon is supposed to be there.' She prayed a little and kept walking.




    While walking she smelt a stench far worse than a dead body.

    "What is this smell, oh, sh*t!" Emma said startled by the smell.

    She walked to the direction of the smell and she found the dead body of a demon... and rabbits.

    "Wha-What is this!? Wait, it must be Patient Zero's work!" Emma shuddered when she remembered it.

    "Wait! NO, I have to run away!" The thought of it being here struck her.

    'This way must be north as the demon is here so west should be left.' Emma pondered.

    She then immediately started to run away in a steady manner as to not get tired too fast.




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    She reached the entrance to the forest and saw some guards patrolling the area around the entrance.

    The guards noticed her and greeted her quickly.

    "Good evening, Emma!" The guards said in unison.

    "Hi, have any of you seen my horse? I need to get back to the Guild!" Emma said hastily.

    "Um, Madam, what happened and where are the others?" One of the guards asked.

    "I asked nicely, don't make me repeat myself! Or you will face dire consequences." Emma warned them.

    "Ok, ok, I'll bring it to you. No need to get violent." The guard who spoke said with a tinge of fear in his eyes.

    He then went away for a short while and came back with a black horse with the symbol of lightning on its right side.

    "Here you go." The guard with the horse said and gave it to her.

    "Good, now hold guard and don't run whatever you see, or else!" She looked menacingly at the bunch of guards.

    'Hmph, I guess it's ok, too sacrifice these worthless bunch. Although there is the chance of them turning and becoming stronger due to the strange power of Patient Zero.' Emma was thinking.

    She then hopped on her horse and rode off.

    "I hate that b*tch the most."A guard said.

    "Me too, by the way, didn't she seem like she was on a hurry?" Another guard responded.

    "Yes, very strange. And now we should get back to work!" A third guard said popping out of nowhere.




    Emma arrived at the entrance to the nearest Guild, so she can report. She went ahead and opened the bar-like doors and went in. The first thing she noticed was that everything smelt pungently of ale and alcoholic beverages.

    "Ah, sweet home, I guess... NOT! I NEED THE GUILD MASTER IMMEDIATELY!!!" She shouted at the top of her lungs so that everyone can hear her.

    "Who are you, sweetie pie?" A muscular man asked mockingly.

    "None of your business, now would you move or do I have to use force?" She threatened.

    "Whoa, now you are trying to pretend something you're not! Now if you don't ask for forgiveness and become my lady, I'll-" He lashed out, but before he could finish, someone interrupted him.

    "Shut up! Barry, that woman is an S class adventurer and I promise you, you don't wanna mess with S class adventurers. Especially her, she is the 5th strongest, but the most brutal one." The Guild Master cautiously.

    "Wait, do you mean Emma?" stuttered the muscular man.

    "Yes! Ah, poor you."

    "AAAH! I'm terribly sorry for my wrong-doings! If there's something I can do to make up for it, tell me." The man was now trembling as fear struck him.

    "I'm not in the mood, luckily for you, so move!" Emma demanded.

    "I'll never bother you again." He then proceeded to walk out of the Guild.

    "Oh, I guess this must be something extremely important for you to spare someone." The Guild master said jokingly.

    "As a matter of fact, yes! I have extremely important matters to discuss with you... can we go somewhere more private?" Emma said sternly while hinting at him that they should go to his office.

    "Oke doke. Follow me." He then showed her the way to his office. He sat down in his office chair while letting Emma sit on the guest chair.

    "Now explain what happened."
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