13 Army attack

    "Wait! Patient Zero! Oh no, I have to report this to HQ! Ok, you, go and patrol the area along with the guards while I report this." The Guild Master told Emma while fidgeting with his fingers nervously. "Patient Zero, huh. This is going to become a slaughter if we miscalculate its strength." He mumbled.

    "What, are you trying to send me to my grave, huh!? I'm not going to go on a suicide mission, with no chance of success. I'm not brain-dead you idiot, you do realize that I only nearly failed the IQ part of the test!" Emma was not dumb, at least not dumb enough to even go near that thing again. She then took out her dagger and pointed her dagger at his throat.

    "I'm not going there." She threatened.

    The Guild Master was at a loss of words, he never thought that she would get this scared. He backed up but every time he took a step backward she went with him. Until he stumbled onto his office desk and got an amazing idea.

    "Hey, no need to get violent. I'm not going to do anything, in fact, I'm basically harmless in your eyes so please put that down." When she didn't back down, he picked up a sleeping dart and stabbed her in her right arm.

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    "OW! You think a mere dart can injure me!? You are gonna regret that deeply, cause I'm g-" Emma fell flat on her face, unconscious.

    "Hah, this damn woman, she's a complete psychopath." The Guild leader picked her up and threw her in the basement.

    Her body fell down a good 20 meter before a thud was heard. Just after that, you could hear some whispers and a green light down there.

    "Hah, it's Emma again, huh?" A figure said while stroking its big beard, Emma has come down here 4 times this week only, and that's because she always causes nothing trouble.

    "I guess we'll have to erase her memory." Another said.

    "Before that how about we torture her!" A third one wickedly said while rubbing his hands evily.

    The three figures started talking about the ways they could torture her and they finally agreed upon returning her memories and then start their unimaginable torture, specialized for adventurers.


    The Guild Master called his Vice-Master and told him to bring him the fastest horse A.S.A.P.              The  Vice-Master ran out to finish his task. While waiting on his assistant, the Guild Master sat down on his chair and hanged his arms on the table while thinking.

    'To defeat an SSS class Monster, we'll probably need at least a united army or two. Hah, the Gala Forest is done for, all A class and under will probably get exterminated.' He sighed and then went ahead to formulate strategies.

    After a while, the Vice returned and told the Master, that the horse was outside. The Master then took the horse and rode off as fast as possible.




    'Aaah! Where am I?' Jake was in a state of confusion because he just woke up from a coma.

    A cold mechanical sound responded [I'm sorry. But while you were in a coma, I rebooted. I lost a lot of data files and won't be able to help you much.]

    'Oh, now I remember! You made me de-evolved me just after I got evolved!' Jake gritted his teeth when he remembered what it did to him.

    'Curse you! How dare you do that to me just after I evolved?' Jake spat on the ground to express his rage.

    [Uh, oh. Well, I guess I'll have to butt in to save your sorry ass] Just when the System finished its sentence you could see an army appearing from all over surrounding Jake even if it didn't mean to.

    5 arrows came out from the army and all were headed for Jake. The arrows missed the vital points thus not killing Jake immediately.
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