14 The strongest man alive

    [Hey, host. Can I take control of your body for a while? Of course, it's just to defeat this army for you.]

    Jake didn't have time to answer as the arrows penetrated him but luckily didn't kill him.

    "Gaah!" Jake could only groan as the arrows hit his stomach.

    [... Never mind] The system remembered that it doesn't know how to control Jake anymore.

    While Jake was falling down, he got struck by a bolt of electricity which sent him flying away.

    Jake landed quite far away from the army but he lost all of his limbs and a chunk of his stomach. He was dying but at the same time he was healing up, albeit slowly. He was also unconscious and really vulnerable to any attack.

    {Regeneration unlocked}

    {Regeneration LV:1}

    The regeneration couldn't keep up, so he was doomed to die.

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    [No, you can't! You can't die, not like this, sh*t! If I just didn't need to get his permission to use the points I would have used them to save him.]

    Before Jake died, an enormous eagle picked him up and flew away... out of the forest.

    [Huh!? Wait this is a great opportunity if this Eagle could just take him as far away from the army as possible]

    The Eagle flew away into the mountains far East of the Gigantic forest.



    A SS class adventurers (Louis Cyr A.K.A Strongest man alive) POV

    "We need to find this SSS class Zombie or it may as well be the end of the world!" Louis shouted at his men.

    "Yes, sir!" the men shouted in unison.

    "But for now, let's rest so we can search effectively tomorrow!" It was night and dark so the army had to rest otherwise they won't be able to survive here for more than 3 due to fatigue and monsters.

    The army has been searching for Patient Zero for 3 days now and has found nothing (AN: I mean traces of Patient Zero.) The strangest thing, however, is that an SSS class was found near the entrance to the south, actually, it's even strange that it was found. Because all people who see SSS class monsters die. But that makes even less sense as to how a Patient Zero was found here. The only way for a zombie to become a Patient Zero zombie, it needs to gather a humongous amount of EXP at once and then they need over 1000 days to evolve. Unless it was a lesser or smaller type of zombie species which none even gave a thought.

    While thinking, another SS class adventurer came from behind him.

    "Howdy, Louis!" The adventurer said.

    Louis turned his head around and then saw an all to familiar face.

    "Dominic Grigor Cho! Your mother had a weird sense of humor, didn't she." Louis messed around with Grigor.

    They greeted each other with a hug and chatted for a bit.

    "Will you never get bored of that, huh? Anyway, how're things going? If I didn't know better, I'd think that you always have been a commander of an army." Grigor chuckled.

    "Well, yea."Then turning into a more serious tone, Louis continued."Anyway, what do you think about this."

    "What?" Grigor was confused as to why Louis turned serious.

    "I mean, Patient Zero. *Gulp*" Louis turned nervous at the thought of seeing that monster. "Do you think that we'll be able to take such a monster down?"

    "We do have strength in numbers, but we did lose 10% of our soldiers to a pair of SS class monsters 2 days ago. Even more, if you didn't show up to aid the army." Grigor turned pale while thinking about how he nearly lost his life fighting those monsters.

    "I personally think that if we manage to take Patient Zero down. We will not be able to come back because the remnants of the army wouldn't be able to take down another SS class monster." Louis sweated a bit thinking about a strategy to take it down with the least amount of casualties.

    "Well, we only need to look for another 4 days then we'll be going back. So let's pray that we don't meet it."

    "Anyways, the camps should be done by now. Let's go and get some rest.Hmm, on second thought let's stay guard tonight. I get a feeling that something may happen tonight." Louis said catiously.

    "Sure, thing!" Grigor replied.
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