16 Chaotic Kidnap

    The eagle dropped Jake straight unto the rocky cliffs. The fall was over 60 meters, when he made contact with the ground, all of his bones shattered and he died due to his internal organs getting squashed, his heart also got torn apart. The biggest wound was when the top of the head opened up and his brain jolted out of his head then flew straight into a pointy cliff, which then pierced the brain. The scene where Jake fell was grotesque as blood flew everywhere and limbs on the verge of detaching, it could make nearly anyone puke.

    "Ah, my meal slipped out of my claws!" The eagle far up in the sky said in what seemed to be another language. "It's not my fault for it being so bloody slippy."

    The eagle then merely glanced at the grotesque scene before noticing something.

    "Wait! Is that a zombie!? I can't believe it! I'm extremely lucky, a zombie is inedible for nearly all creatures. Holy feather!" The eagle started uttering sentences in each being a different language and the last being the one for humans.

    The Eagle then turned around and flew full speed, which is 3 km/s breaking the sound barrier easily. In no time it was right above the center, but unfortunately, everyone behind the eagle heard a boom, but that's not all. A shockwave appeared when the eagle abruptly stopped blowing all the camps off the ground and increasing the temperature around the eagle to an alarming degree. Some stuff even began to burn like clothes, weed, and wood.

    Before the people even reacted to the loud boom, a shock wave generated which blew the weaker ones (about 15% of the army was close enough to get blown up into the air) up in to the air, most just got 10 meters but the ones way too close to the eagle were less unfortunate and flew well over 20 meters before falling unto their fellow soldiers and dying while some exploded when they fell on to the stronger ones.

    Louis Cyr and Grigor were just patrolling the outer regions of the army before a deafening boom alerted them. They were extremely quick to react, but unfortunately, there was nothing to react upon, so they just drew their swords and glanced at each other. Louis was about to say something, but then a soldier almost crashed on Louis, but Grigor was quick and kicked the body intending to redirect but all he did was kick the lower body of the soldier away while the upper body crashing into Louis. This surprised Louis, in a bad way, as it crashed into Louis, it exploded. However, the broken bones remained and some scratched the face of Louis while some scratched his exposed biceps and only one of the bone fragments managed to pierce one of his eyes.

    "AAAAAH!!! Louis screamed in agony as the fragment caused him to bleed severely in the eye. Luckily for him, the fragment didn't make all the way through. He fell to his knees and cried out."F*cking sh*t, my eye! AAAAH, my eye!"

    Grigor's eyes were closed as some blood managed to get into his eyes. He opened them when he heard screams and what he saw shocked him. The strongest man in the world was right now on his knees crying and bleeding in his left eye.

    "At least, it's your not your magic eye," Grigor said while wiping some blood from his face. (AN: When an individual gets strong enough they develop a magic eye which lets them see the flow of magic and mana. It's both a passive ability and an active skill. When at max level you could use it to manipulate mana and magic.)

    "Hah, hah, hah! *Heavy breathing*. Do you have a potion or healing ability to heal me? Because I'm pissed and I'm gonna kill whoever dared to cause this trouble. Killing is not enough, I'm going to take him to the black tower and torture him personally!" Louis screamed in anger.

    Grigor nodded and threw Louis a potion. Louis caught the potion and drank it. His eye started to heal.

    "Grigor, let's see who or what did this," Louis said as he slowly stood up while emitting a menacing aura.


    While Louis and Grigor were talking the Eagle proceeded to take a few strong and healthy humans and flew away fast but not too fast.

    The army camp was a complete mess, burning tents and burning trees. Nearly 20 percent of the army was dead and 30% were severely injured. The rest had either minor injuries or were unharmed. The army pretty much had to return as there was no way they could proceed.

    While Louis and Grigor were getting closer to the center, their faces darkened. They saw dead bodies everywhere. Some were fatally burned, others were severely injured with at least one missing limb but most of them were either a puddle of blood, organs, and meat on the ground, or they were on the ground dead with broken necks.

    When Louis and Grigor got to the center of the army, their jaws nearly dropped. The center had a huge circle of 20 meters in diameter in which there was nothing except charred remains of people and tents.

    "What happened!" Louis shouted at a soldier which was nearly completely black burned and on the ground crying.

    "*sob* It hurts! *Cough* *Cough* I don't want to live. I ca-" The man started begging to die but then he passed out due to extreme pain.

    "I don't know whatever came but I'm sure we can't continue like this. How about we go back, Louis?" Grigor said while shaking in his boots and sweating violently.

    "..." You could see on Louis's face that he was enraged to the point that he'd gladly rip someone's arm off. "We are not going back unless we find out who did this or we find a clue."

    But then a vampire jumped out of a nearby bush and jumped at Louis. But Louis didn't let his guard down and tackled the vampire down while holding its arm. He then ripped the arm off the vampire.

    Before the vampire could scream in agony, Louis knocked it unconscious by banging its head extremely hard.

    Blood spurted out of the vampire and some came on Louis's face, but he just calmly took a napkin out of back pocket and dried it off.

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    "Grigor, stop the bleeding of this b*tch and tie him up afterward. We'll take him to the black tower to interrogate him" Louis turned around and walked away while talking in a menacing tone.
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