17 Break your legs

    BACK TO MC (and System) POV (3 hours after the Carnage)

    'Ah, where am I.' Jake stood up with eyes closed, but unfortunately slipped on his blood and fell from the mountain. bumping on stones along the way.

    Jake then opened his eyes and reacted quickly and grabbed a rock stopping himself from falling further down. But his hands were slippy due to blood and his hand slipped.

    "A-*cough* *cough*!" He tried to scream but couldn't because of his blood which was stuck in his throat.

    While falling he remembered a video on yout*be which told him that if he was falling, he should fall on trees, a swamp or snow. He should also land on his toes and legs to absorb the impact.

    He followed all of the instructions, first an X formation to slow down and steer, when close to the ground, he pulled himself up and landed his toes first.

    "*Loud thud* *Bones breaking* *Blood spurting*"

    Jake felt so much pain that he just opened his mouth in agony.

    {Regeneration leveled up} X2

    {Pain Resistance leveled up}X2

    {Physical Resistance leveled up}X4

    {Rotting resistance leveled up}X2

    The pain decreased but it was still overbearing and Jake was still paralyzed from pain.

    The pain started to decrease after 2 minutes.

    {Regeneration leveled up}

    The pain kept decreasing slowly but surely.

    Jake became able to think now.

    'The pain. Oh God, the pain. I wish it ended. This is torture. I'm not going to endure this for some levels and stats.' Jake then tried to bash his head but by trying to move his arms he suffered extreme pain and nearly passed out.

    "ROOAAAR!" A roar sounded and it was shaking the ground and making every weak being pass out.

    Just as it sounded numerous weirdly shaped birds fell from the trees.

    Even Jake was affected and he was barely holding on.

    'I need to get away.' That's all that was on Jake's mind but unfortunately, he couldn't move much less escape.

    His vision started fading away and before he passed out he heard some people talk in a completely foreign way.




    'Hah! It's so satisfying to toy with humans. But I should restrain from doing that again or I'll awaken the human overlord. That sucker is basically a God. I think that, as long as I don't endanger the planet or the major species. The heroes are going to keep being sealed.' The eagle was thinking until it got interrupted by a loud and mighty roar.

    "ROOAAAR! Xavier get down here, NOW!" A Lion looking beast demanded.

    "Ah, sh*t. Here we go again." Xavier (The Eagle) rolled his eyes as he dived down and tossed the paralyzed humans he had in his claws as he was nearing ground level.

    "Did you attack the human army?" The Lion asked in a cold tone.

    "Um... No?" Xavier said tilting its head trying to trick the Lion.

    "Do not lie to me. I am your superior. I will report you to the Divine Federation if you attack the humans once more. ARE WE CLEAR!" The Lion shouted at the eagle.

    "Yes. Can I leave and eat my meal now?" Xavier said while holding its head down.

    "Tsk. If your dad were not one of the heads I would have punished you already." The Lion then turned away and walked before vanishing.

    "Divine Federation? More like F*ck Federation." Xavier said as it smashed one of the humans in frustration.

    "Remember that the Divine Eyes have spies everywhere." An invisible being said before scurrying off.

    'Nowadays, I can't even talk anywhere without someone reporting me.' Xavier was clearly frustrated at what happened to their once glorious empire before it was torn apart by overlords and heroes.



    Hi. I just noticed what was wrong with my novel. There was a guy who took his time telling me what was wrong with it. After some thinking, I have come up with four choices I could take (there are more but they either suck or take too much time).

    The first one is, ignore everything and continue with this story like an idiot.

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    The second one is to edit my previous chapters.

    The third one is to drop this story and make a new one.

    The final one is to drop everything and give up on writing (Obviously a joke).
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