18 Chapter 18

    Jake woke up and heard the good old robotic voice.

    [5 levels are deducted. 20 of your strength, health, and agility are deducted. Reasons: You died.]

    'No wonder I feel so refreshed.' Jake told the system while standing up and stretching his back out of habit.

    He looked around and saw blood and a half-eaten human (?) brain on the ground. He reflexively backed and also saw some rotten limbs on the floor.

    'These disgusting scenes don't bother as much as before.' Jake thought to himself while frowning.

    'Maybe I should go see a physiatrist? Jokes aside, maybe I should find a way out of this forest. It is quite dangerous. Although I do have my immortal ability, I don't know how to use it. Sometimes I recover immediately other times, hours pass.' Jake pondered.

    [When you battle, it will revive you shortly. You can try and control it, but it's a matter of will. Which you lack in general.]

    Before Jake could ask any more, a boar the size of an elephant appeared. It was injured with a huge gash wound on it's left side.

    Jake reacted just in time and dodged the boar slightly, but received and minor cut wound on his left arm.

    While he was releasing some poison gas. The boar continued its rampage and destroyed some trees far off in the distance.

    Jake then jumped into a nearby bush and lied as still as possible and he then saw two weird looking humanoids walking leisurely.

    "We have to clear this area daily. It's starting to get annoying, if it weren't for the occasional *intellectuals (AN/// means humanoids and humans in their language) I would have quit already. The women are so damn juicy and the men are so meaty. Aaah, I would even settle for a zombie right now (AN/// obviously a joke)."  said a handsome male with horns, a tuxedo outfit, and red skin.

    "Yes..." A blue man with bulging muscles, chains on his back and hands. He also had horns, but instead of a tuxedo, he had tight yoga pants and no shirt. He was at least two and a half meters and had an unbelievably ugly face.

    Jake twitched when he saw the ass of the giant. This caused the bush to rustle slightly which alerted the guards.

    "Come out! Or else I'll send nixer to bash your head in!" The red man said loudly in the voice of a devil (raspy, dark and cold.)

    Jake shuddered which again rustled the leaves. The red man gave the black man a signal and flew up 10 meters into the air. The blue man summoned two poleaxes half its length and charged at the bush. Jake jumped out and started racing away. He wasn't quick enough and got cut into three pieces. Waist and down, stomach and arms and lastly neck and head. Blood oozed out but quickly stopped since the blue man drained a liter of blood with an average looking syringe.

    "You.. say... zomb meat. Want some." The blue man said while tearing out a chunk of meat from Jake.

    "WHAT NO, YOU DUMB PIECE OF SH*T!!! I was just joking." The red man said in disgust.

    "Okey." The blue man proceeded to gulp the meat.

    "Well see you at the tower." The red man said then flew away.

    "Okey." The blue man started to fade away.

    Jake started reviving. From head to toe in a mere 10 minutes.

    "Gaaagh" Jake uttered that as he jumped up with wide-open eyes.

    'Where are they?' Jake asked as he frantically looked around.

    [Gone. They left 10 min ago.]

    Jake heaved a breath of relief. He saw his body parts laying around and then he got a good idea.

    'System. Can I eat my own body parts?' Jake's hungry zombie side started to take over.

    [Yes. It'll slow down the rotting effect. You'll also gain a wicked achievement.]

    'What is it?' Jake while still being aware of his environment.

    [It'll increase all of your stats except luck by 10 every level up but your luck decreases by 3 and you can't increase your luck stat anymore. At first, it'll increase all of your stats by 20.]

    Jake launched at his stomach (on the ground) and started devouring himself (literally XD).

    [Achiviement unlocked: Art Of Eating One Self.]

    {status update: All stats except luck decreased by 10 due to death. But all of your stats except luck increased by 20. Your luck stat is decreased by 3 and is also now not possible to increase. To remove this debuff you have to update your System or obtain a better version}

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    Jake ignored the status update and was consuming his body. When he got to his genitalia, he licked it then ate it up.

    [Achievement unlocked: Licky Licky on my blicky uh.]



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