19 Breakdown

    After eating for a while, he noticed what he was doing.

    'Wait, what am I doing. Why am I eating myself? Oh, boy. Just a few days ago I was eating properly and even had a bed. Now, look at me. What's even the point anymore. I should just die and let it all end.' He started experiencing a mental breakdown. He didn't know what to do anymore and just wanted to die.

    [Achievement unlocked: Depression. Effects: Health decreases by 10. [Redacted] decreases by 2.]

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    He got up and dropped the meat in his hand. His body was hungover and he looked extremely depressed. He walked over to a tree and sat down at its trunk.

    He started pondering about the meaning of life and why he was chosen.

    But suddenly a humanoid in the form of a tiger was leisurely walking through the forest in front of Jake.

    It took notice of Jake and stopped in its tracks and then looked at him. He tilted his head and seemed to be wondering about something. But Jake didn't even notice and continued to contemplate while looking extremely sad.

    "What's your service number?" The tiger humanoid asked in a weird language consisting of grunts.

    Jake understood what the tiger human said for some reason. But, honestly, he didn't care and just kept looking down.

    "Maybe a lying underdog or whatever they call it. Oh well, later sucker." The tiger humanoid just turned around and walked away as if nothing happened.

    Meanwhile in Jack's mind.

    'Should I try to kill myself? Nah, I can't die. Maybe being an immortal ain't a good idea. I wish I could just die, and let it all end. I don't know what to do or what to think. The only path available to me is dark and full of blood and death.' He kept sulking and being suicidal.

    'You know what, I got a second chance at life. Albeit it being a Zombie life. At least I'm special.' He stood up and looked in the sky. He then clenched his hands.

    "GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" He screamed to the top of his lungs.

    'I have decided. If there is no good path for me. I will pave a path for myself. No one will be able to stop me.' He regained his confidence. 'Anyone who comes in my way will get killed.'

    He looked straight ahead into nothingness with a deadly expression and smiled creepily while releasing a tinge of blood lust.

    He heard some rustling to his left and directed his whole body towards the noise. He got into battle mode and readied his poison fangs. The moment he saw a green looking humanoid appear, he lunged at it and released his poison mist when he got 1 and a half meters away.

    The humanoid who didn't expect anything just got bitten on his right shoulder and got tackled to the ground.

    Jake started using poison slash with his right arm while pinning the humanoid to the ground with his left arm. He kept slashing for a whole 10 seconds before stopping.

    {Poison Slash leveled up} X2

    {Poison mist leveled up} X3

    He turned off his skills as they started to tire him out.

    'Ah, it feels so refreshing. I should do this more often. Never knew killing could feel this good. Maybe I should try finding something else to kill.' He released the humanoid and looked around.

    *Stomach Growl*

    'Well after I eat this sh*t.' He looked down at the corpse. It barely resembled its prior state. It looked like a failed experiment with its limbs almost detached and blood all over the ground.

    He flinched a little seeing the scene he has created and didn't know if it was safe to eat. But ultimately decided to just to eat it to sate his hunger. He sat down close to it and started eating it raw.

    'Delicious. Maybe it would be even more delicious if I cooked it?' The taste of the meat could not be compared to his normal meals, heck, not even the best meals he has eaten.

    Jake took 2 min to eat the upper parts of the body before stopping.

    'I heard that when you die, your muscles relax and you fart, poop and pee so I should probably not try to eat more than this, lest I want to eat sh*t.' He thought.

    He stood up and licked rest over from his fingers before walking in a random direction. Just after 10 seconds, he saw two more green humanoids.

    These humanoids look like a goblin from he's the previous world except that they also looked a little more like hobgoblins. They had loincloth and a wooden chest plate. With jagged teeth and short stature, these guys didn't look stronger than your average teen except that they looked like they were gonna eat you right then and there.

    This time the goblins (green humanoids) noticed Jake and readied their copper swords, they stood there anticipating an attack.

    Jake however just stared at them.

    'If my knowledge from my previous world is correct. Then goblins shouldn't stray that far away from their nests. That means that there is a nest nearby. Maybe it's not safe to get close to a goblin nest.' Jake forgot about the system but quickly remembered. 'System, can I revive from anything?'

    [No. Jake can't revive if your soul is destroyed. But you can revive from any physical attacks.]

    Jake nodded and looked straight at the goblins. He started releasing Poison Mist and readied his fangs.

    'This time, I'm going to try to convert them to become Zombies.' Jake wanted to convert the goblins so that he could use them to convert others in the nest and ultimately make the nest his.

    The goblins said something to each other and one of them threw a rock at Jake. The rock missed Jake, but it was enough to distract to look at where it landed.

    'That was clo-'

    One of the goblins pierced a sword right through Jake's left lung.

    This infuriated Jake, which is why he activated Berserk.

    He turned around before the goblin could take out the sword and held the goblin by the throat. He then used his full strength to punch it in the face causing its skull to crack slightly. The goblin became unconscious and Jake threw it to the side and ran at the second one who dropped it's weapon just staring with disbelief at it's fallen comrade. Jake punched the second who knocking it out in just one punch just like its friend.



    A side note from the author.

    To all readers reading this. When I was finishing this. I felt like my screen was sucking me in. It also felt like my eyes were zooming in and out at anything I looked at. I don't know what this is, but I hope you guys can tell me.
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