1 The Beginning

    On the colossal St. Ancestral Mountain range, sunlight shined through the gap between the mountains into the deep canyons. On the hillside beside the valley, some snow remained.

    Even though it's already the early summer, the snow has yet to melt. The cold here is exceptionally long. The roars of beasts can occasionally be heard.

    On the surface of the valley stood a magnificent city.

    The world outside of the St. Ancestral Mountains has been occupied by the beasts. The people living in the mountain range have not contacted the outside world for hundreds of years.

    The people who live in the city are unsure of the situation of the outside world. It's been recorded that at the most glorious period of mankind, having thousands of Legend rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists, the humans established many empires in the vast continent, but those empires have been wiped out.

    The city, due to being stealthily located geographically, was well preserved from the Age of Darkness. They would occasionally encounter attacks from powerful Snow Wind Beasts within the St. Ancestral Mountains, however, after going through numerous devastating conflicts, the city was be rebuilt again and again.

    These motley walls were an indomitable monument.

    This city is called Glory City, and it is a symbol of hope for humanity.

    Glory City, The Snow Wind Orphanage.

    A child roughly 5 years old opens his eyes, his eyes show deep confusion😵 and after a moment they light up going into a deep contemplation.🤔

    After pondering for roughly an hour Han finally shows an understanding expression.🐣

    "From the memory of this body it looks like I am roughly around 5 years old😲... and the city I live in is called Glory city and from other information it looks like I've reincarnated into the world of TDG."😳

    "I Remember this story like another story had a lot of beautiful chicks I could pick up."🤤

    "Holdup lets look a bit further and I'm orphan again.... 😐 wow ok lets look for a bit more information, well I've got black hair and eyes and my name is Han... where did I hear this name before." 🤔

    "Wait wait wait don't tell me ... Ye Han !" 😭😭

    "Looking further into the memory of his new body Han finds that he is living in an orphanage where his parents abandoned him and he hasn't been adopted by the Snow Wind family yet hence he does not have the family name Ye." 😬

    "Ok, so far so good lets move forward, I'm the only child here without a family name(Surname) as most of the kids of the orphanage could have their ancestry chased back as their parents passed away instead, next lets see I do not have any friends and I'm often bullied by kids including those who are older than me." 😐

    "So looking at things from another angle I can assume the orignal Ye Han was a kid with a severe inferiority complex, had been an orphan, never had any friends and only got bullied his entire childhood, this kid later gets adopted into the city lords mansion as the adopted son of the city lord and is forced to cultivate his entire life while other than the city lord himself there is no one who acknowledges his hard work and accepts him as a child would wish for, while all he wanted was to be loved and acknowledged by the rest of the family 🤥.... damn this guy might have had a different past than expected but his personality was still too messed up."

    "So far I have yet to be taken to the City Lords mansion so his wife should still be alive, that means if he gets a son after Ziyun he might not adopt me with the objective of forcing me to devote everything to the good of Glory city, only for Nei Li to come and take everything away later 😒. Speaking of that old pedophile monster I wonder if I'm reincarnated into his first life or the second one ." 🤔

    "Well either way it doesn't matter as I would rather prefer picking chicks up and roaming around the world while enjoying life, with all the Demon Beasts around nature🏞️ should still to be in a way better condition compared to Earth's🗺️ and this should have loads of beautiful places to visit." 🏖️

    "So its decided I'll build a harem and just go and enjoy everything that this world has to offer." 🤹

    Suddenly Han feels a terrible headache, he feels a tremor in his head as he hears a sound of ancient bells striking in his head.

    "The heaven and earth are callous, treating all beings like dogs..."

    "The sun sets and the moon wanes, an imperfection appears in the heaven and earth..."


    All kind of profound adages shocked him giddy. Following which, a giant palace appears before him in his head. On it, five words glow brightly.

    Library of the Supreme God.

    Opening the door, he walks in. Countless bookshelves stand tall and mighty with all kinds of books on them. The end can't be seen at a single glance.

    "Wait wait wait is this a rip-off of The Library of the Heavens path ?" 🤔

    "Doesn't matter as long as it can help me survive and enjoy my self I'll take it." 😅

    Moving towards the books Han notices he can touch them which was not something that a person with the other library could do.

    Feeling interested Han decides to start studying the book he picked up which happens to be a book about various languages of the world, after an hour a deep shock can be seen on Hans face as he realises that he can understand and remember whatever he reads very quickly 😵 it only takes him a few moments before he realises the fact that his learning ability and his comprehension have skyrocketed🚀, well this might be interesting and welcoming change. "Now all that I have to so is make the most of this gold finger, thinking of this Han starts reading book after book."

    17 hours later Han realises he has stayed in here for a long time and in order to take things slowly and steadily he decides to withdraw and take his time doing things.

    After leaving the Library Han looks at the watch and realises that only 17 minutes⏳ have passed while 17 hours⌛ had passed in the library, there is a sixty times the time difference between the library and the outside world realising this Han has an evil glint in his eyes and decides on how to spend the next two years.😈
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