2 A good author doesnt start with time-skip ? Ok, Im new as it is.

    Looking back at the Library and all the books there Han cannot help but remember a few quotes from his previous world :

    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

    "Knowledge is power"

    Then thinking back at the difference between the two lives that the old pedophile monster lived, Han cannot help but agree that knowledge is the most important thing right now.

    Having been thrown in another world with no friends, family or even an acquaintance Han has no choice but to take things slowly, hence he decides to build a strong foundation while he's at it, as the saying goes one cannot build a skyscraper without a good foundation. Thinking so Han decides that he will spend the next 2 years solely focusing on his physique and learning everything he can at the library.

    The very next day Han sets out carrying a basket filled with stones on his back while traveling all around the outer edges of the city where he believed Nei Li and his friends might have trained their body, while doing so he also picks up a few stalks of herbs like the Purple Haze Grass and a few others that grew nearby. These herbs did not have their true uses known by anyone within the glory city which caused them to not be valued by anyone to the point that they even grew like weed all around the city and could easily found after looking for a while (though there were not that many of them growing like weed).

    "Hmm... maybe I should make some weight increasing Inscription Pattern while I'm at it just like the one's in Dragon Ball, it would obviously be extremely inferior compaired to the version of the clothes which Whis made for Goku and Vegeta murmers Han."

    Arriving back at the orphanage Han decided to use blood of an ordinary demon beast to create the lightning flame burst inscription pattern from the book of divine lightning flame to heat up some water and started mixing the herbs to create an elixer bath to help enhance his physique.

    "Wow the old monster was right even though this inscription pattern is the complete one it is still really helpful in heating water up, further more it heats the water to just the right temperature." 😝

    After finishing his bath Han starts to check the differences in his body and realises that his strength has yet to increase.

    " Damn it, did I mix the herbs incorrectly or did Nei Li use some different combination to get the job done. Those idiots had felt and obvious increase in their strength after their training was over, they even felt that it was just too good to be true, I mean the increase was far more than the acceptable one as everyone had their strength increase by a few points! Heck at the end of the day Du Ze had even managed to reach around 500 with his physical strength alone, and that's just after 1 month of training, the worst one among them should have had an increase of 200 at the least so that's an average of 6-7 points of strength per day for the weakest ones, well whatever maybe the amount of training I did was not enough or maybe this is a long term kind of thing. Lets keep trying and maybe the end result might still be good enough."

    And so One Month passes with Han doing nothing but training to increase his physical strength, reading books in the Library as well as visiting the Snow Wind public library.

    He later find out that the Snow Wind Public Library was set up by the Snow Wind family after the end of the dark ages, the same era where the people living in the city decided to believe that Glory city has managed to became the symbol of hope for all for all of mankind  during "the ancient times". The reason for its creation was to help children from ordinary household to study and earn some money with the knowledge while it primary objective was to provide the people of Glory city with the knowledge to help them protect the city as much as they could. It might not contain any top class secret information but it was still open to everyone for free.

    The Snow Wind Public Library was also said to be one of the reasons why commoner geniuses were attracted by the snow wind family and how the Snow Wind family later found and scouted them later recruiting those kids to the city lords mansion(Though they were only a part of those commoner geniuses recruited).

    Thinking further ahead its easier to sum it up what this place contained was the very basics of things basically which was not something worth to look at for someone like the reincarnated Nei Li explaining why it was never mentioned in the entire story.

    Glory City, Snow Wind House for Orphans.

    Han cannot help but have a poker face 😐 when he notices that after one month of monstrous and torturous training his strength has only managed to reach 50. After keeping quiet and mourning over the loss of all the Purple Haze grass and other such precious herbs that failed to show any major effect Han cannot help but let out a Sigh, while doing so he starts thinking of every plot hole in the story that he can think off to determine the authenticity of the Purple Haze grass in increasing his strength.

    "So here are all that I can think off right now" -

    •) Ziyans personality being told as competitive sometimes and non competitive during the rest.

    •) Nei Li buying so many demon spirits and no news about it actually bieng leaked. 😐

    •) Fanged panda going up one level and it revolts while Ziyun merged with a Black-Gold ranked demon spirit from the get go upon just reaching silver and it doesn't revolt.

    •) Ziyun and Ninger are much more talented than Du Ze and the rest and even have soul forming which the others did not yet all off them reach Legend rank on the same day.

    •) Only one in a thousand demon beasts have a demon spirit ?

    •) Nei Li brings up the name of a random book in the start to target Shen Xiu and her family and a student just happens to be carrying it on that very moment.

    •) He goes to a random auction house for the first time to kill time and gets the nightmare pot , speaking off which they mention nightmare realm while no one in the city know's off other realms (-_-) ya right,

    •) further he goes to a gathering of various sects and that ancient painting comes out and what's more no has ever heard of it ? fine fine the last few part's can be explained as plot armour.

    "Han can't accept the fact that his increase is times lower than even Lu Piao who doesn't even try to train and almost explodes, after he finally managing to calm himself down he starts pondering on what can the possible differences be."

    "So I either have the wrong combination of herbs here, or it might be because I am not cultivating my soul force like they did, or it might be because I am far too young compared to them when they started their cultivation."

    "Wait wait I got it!"

    "Nei Li must have given them a body refinement/cultivation technique, a top notch one at that! It must have been the main cause because of which everyone of them had managed to drastically improve not just in their soul force but their physical strength as well."

    "After realising this fact Han cannot help but look towards the Library like an abandoned puppy."

    "It has been 3 weeks since Han finally realised that he cannot access the entire library as there is an invisible wall blocking him, the portion he can access it too small and does not even have any cultivation technique within it, Han however does have some ideas on how to access the rest of the library, it should be related to temporal Demon Spirt book as he remembers that in the novel that there was a mysterious library within the Temporal Demon Spirit book and it was related to space time as it was stated not much time passed outside while Nei Li had finished spending centuries in the library reading books."

    Han also notices the fact that his library was completely different from The Library of The Heavens Path as he went to the training ground near the Orchid Institution and there were no flaws detected by the library as he saw people practice, however it could correct the cultivation techniques that he read."

    Since he could not do anything about this Han decides to let things be and continues building his stable yet strong foundation while planning to take the Temporal Demon Spirit book before Nei Li gets it.

    Two Years later.

    Glory City, Snow Wind Orphanage.

    A child roughly seven years old can be seen meditating, the child has jet black hair and as he opens his eyes, if anyone were to look at his eyes this moment the would not be able to help but take a second look as those starry black eyes appear to extremely attractive and full of wisdom attracting everyone who saw them.

    At this point the guy from another world has finally managed to get rid of any and every remaining thread that was blocking the link between his body and soul they were in reality the threads of time which bounded and created the flow of destiny and fate, hence controlling the fates and future of not only himseld but those around him as well. Him removing it would also influence the destiny of those around him as well.

    [Hans note to self : The Temporal Demon Spirit Book might have removed it for Nei Li ].

    As he opens his eyes Han cannot let a smile leak from his face, he believes that during the last 2 years his physical strength has managed to reach the peak of silver rank, while he has also finished reading all the books which were available for him to read in the Glory city's Snow Wind Public Library a year and a half ago, well he had already read most of the books in the Supreme Library anyway while many of the books were still usefull.

    "I have finally managed to learn all the books in the Supreme Library now I can say my knowledge in medicine and theoretical's about alchemy far supercedes Nei Li, my knowledge related to Inscription Pattern may not be as good as him yet but atleast I have managed to learn 90% of the inscription pattern that could be found within the Tiny world as many from those from the Draconic Ruins Realm. My control over my physical strength as well as soul force should be not be on the same level as that old monster but it should be better than those of the younger generation of the Draconic Ruins realm. Now I Lord Han shall no longer keep a low profile and the time has come for me to go and shake this city to the core and offcourse set the foundation for my future harem. Well my main goal is still to vanquish the Sage Emperor and protect the whole world."

    If anyone were to say everything that the shameless guy from the orphanage did was only to ensure he has a big harem and lives a blissful sexual life he would surely deny it with all his might.

    What Han has yet to realise is that his experience and ability to detect others is still far too lagging comapred to Nei Li's and yet to be trained as there is an elder in grey robes who happens to be currently looking at him with full of interest, what is even more surprising is that this elder has been keep an eye on him for the past 6 months which is slightly close to the time when he stopped going to the library.
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