3 Wild Ye Shuo Appears. First Edi

    It has been 6 Months since Ye Shuo (Future no.4 of the Snow Wind Family) started keeping an eye on Han and his brows cannot help but twitch whenever he remembers everything that has happened since the day he started keeping a watch on Han.

    6 Months ago.

    Glory City, Snow Wind Orphanage.

    A child roughly 6-7 years old with black hair and eyes can be seen maniacally laughing😹😹 while mumbling the words; finally I have managed to train my physical strength to silver rank 5 at this pace I might even reach gold rank before I finish digesting all the knowledge from the various books that I have managed to read so far as well finish reading the books that I have yet to.

    As he listens to those words Ye Shuo's face cannot help but have a peculiar expression, the expression on his face makes him look as is if he wishes to cry while trying his best to ensure be does not end up laughing at the same time.

    Originally Ye Shuo hastily came here running full of excitement and expectations after he heard some reports from Ye Shan (the elder responsible for looking after the orphanage) about Han.

    Ye Shuo had a tingling feeling that this child might actually be an unparalleled genius, the one who are born only once in period of a few thousand years, who knows he might even become one of humanity pillar's after he grew up. For such a genius to be born in Glory City during such difficult times was an absolute blessing thinking so this, he rushed towards the orphanage as quickly as he could, but after looking at the kid in person he feels deeply conflicted and disappointed.

    Before Ye Shuo stands a kid roughly 6 - 8 years old, this child believes that he has managed to reach silver rank 5 but has no idea that in reality he has just managed to reach silver rank, if one were to look at a bit more careful he should have reached just that rank recently to further mess things up, if one were to go further and look into this kid they would notice that his Soul Force has not even reached bronze rank.

    After looking noticing this Ye Shui cannot help but think about the fact that every Demon Spiritualist can become a Fighter as long as she/he trains their body hard and deligently enough, but not every Fighter can become a Demon Spiritualist regardless of how hard they work, thinking of this Ye Shuo cannot help but let out a sigh as he feels extremely disappoited, as well as feeling slightly betrayed.

    After calming him self down after a few minutes Ye Shuo decides to take another look at Han as if to evaluate him once again to find out if he missed anything, the first thought that comes in his mind after he looks at Han once again is that he is very young, heck he too damn young he should roughly be around 6 - 8 years old at the most however this kid had still managed to reach silver rank in terms of his physical strength this feat still makes him a rare genius though not the kind of unparalleled one that he imagined.

    Thinking further down this line Ye Shuo suddenly gets  shocked after he realises that this had kid managed to reach silver rank without any known help/guidance in short there was no one to train and no elixers to help him either so what would happen if he was trained by the Snow Wind family and given enough resources? To top things off he believes that this child can still be taught a lot and should be quick as well as a dedicated learner who knows in the near future he might even become a Legend rank fighter or Demon Spiritualist thinking of this Ye Shuo no longer stays disappointed and decides to find out everything he could find about this kid ( he does so to take some precaution from any unforeseen situation) before taking him to the City Lords mansion. He further orders every information about Han to be frozen so that the Dark Guild cannot find out anything about him.

    After a few days he finds out everything he can about Han, as per his information Han was found outside of the orphanage door without any information about his parents, no information can be found out about them till date. He grew up like any normal kid, well he did act like one till one day, about and a year and half ago, ever since that day he starting behaving weirdly for no reason at all, well weirdly might be an understatement but here is all that he finds out about the changes in Hans behaviour  :

    Han stopped communicating with the rest of the kids and all of a sudden about a year and a half ago. Ever since that day he has been doing nothing but training his body and reading book whenever and wherever he could.

    He can be seen laughing weirdly at random time intervals while whispering strange and weird stuff.

    He has been drawing some weird inscription pattern using his own blood, he has been using it make some fire to make to boil some water, while mixing some weird combination of herbs in it before bathing in it. What's more surprising is that whatever herbs this child has been mixing in his bath seem to be making him look cuter. [ A/N : He's a 5-7 at this time and apart from kids being cute can't add anything else (-_-) so don't complain about this part ].

    There is also a matter about his clothes as he keeps making some inscription pattern on it using his own blood, he seems to do it every now and then, the result being as one would expect nothing happens, and things end with this kid ending up roaring and making a scene and after a few days he's at it again! [Note: Inscription patterns are laid down with blood, though demon beast blood are the main ingredients used, human blood can also be used though it will hardly be effective and most of the times fail, but for those patterns used for boiling water it works. Example: In the original story Nei Li used Duan Juan's blood to lay a pattern in the Black tower, so yes human blood works but "only on some low level inscription patterns"].

    Well there also the fact that he's managed to almost finish reading all the books which were available to the public since all of those books were already translated they should not have anything of too much importance in it, so it should also rule out the possible outcome of him learning those inscription pattern from them.

    The news that shocked him the most most is that Han was found to have an Azure Soul Realm, thankfully this news was yet to be known by others giving him plenty of time to report it to lord Ye Mo and get some arrangements done.

    As Ye Shou continues to keep an eye on Han he notices that Han is extremely hard working and there are plenty of mature women from ordinary households who keep an eye out on him in the same manner in which a mother would normally keep an eye out for her own child. Observing this Ye Shou subconsciously forms a good impression of Han.

    As a matter of fact this happened only because a few coincidences as it was not a common thing to see a 5-7 year old training himself so diligently everyday, which caused people to misunderstand that he is training to have the strength to be able to protect the city when he grows up and all his efforts shows how far he was willing to go, since he was too young it attracted a lot of women who were overflowing with motherly love, if not for the fact that Ye Shan noticing this childs potential and awating orders from the higher ups Han might have been adopted by now.

    The reality was however different from what the others imagined, it was just that Han kept telling himself that if he does not train himself to the bone his harem along with his blissful sexual life would be taken away from before he could even enjoy it from, who knows this might even turn out to be Nei Li's second life or a Demon Beast horde might show up out of the blue or who knows if a wild Sage Emperor appears out of nowhere and his little fantasies end up without him doing anything that hus heart desires, anything could happen in this world as life stays unpredictable, so Han will do anything he can to ensure their safett and for that he has to increase his strength, so for the sake of blissful life he works on and hard.

    Well as things go for the consistency part its actually simple one fine day Han seems to have realised the fact that the city is filled with beauties heck there are too many beauties living in the city, one cannot even manage to to count them all. Han finds it a waste if there is no one there to appreciate it, however something that upset him the most was the fact that there was no list which stated which flower's were more beautiful when compared to the others or a list which identified the top ten most beautiful flowers of the city so hence he decided to take this serious responsibility on his own shoulder and do his utmost to complete this noble deed for the good of all humanity.

    If Ye Shuo or the others were to know his thoughts they would probably be thowing up blood out of anger, some might even start counseling him on ways to behave and act while there would be some people people of culture who would wish him the best or even help him out.

    Present Day.

    As Shuo keeps an eye on the 7 years old child he has finally made up his mind to take Han with him today itself, he had long since got the paperwork done and had finished informing Lord Ye Mo and the City Lord of the matter while Madam Ye (Ye Zong's wife) despite not knowing of his talent had also taken an interest in adopting him, Ye Shuo however had done all he could to help delay things as he believed that the child was up to something and was inerested in taking a look at it, however now since whatever this child had been planning should have been done he will not delay things any longer. It is still possible for the Dark Guild to gain some information about him after such a long time so Ye Shuo decided that he should take Han back with him to the Snow Wind Family with any further delay.
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